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Member since: Sat Jun 15, 2013, 07:03 AM
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WHY are taxpayers still supplementing the healthcare for these do-nothings in DC? Let them pay for their own care, that is an "entitlement" they could afford for themselves. Take it away, add the savings to the Veteran's healthcare instead. Given a choice, who would choose to pay for the politicians care over a vet? Imagine how much it has cost for Dickless Cheney's care all these years, and he is a billionaire. Little Johnny McCain also.

Too bad

I doubt that the Vietnamese wanted him. He was nicknamed "Songbird" for good reasons. Deserter? Dubya was unaccounted for for almost a year while in the National Guard. He deserted, then has the gall to send young kids to the front lines to fight for his friends to make lots of war profits. Mccain is a joke, not a "hero" Read the Rolling Stone article by Matt Taiibi about his service. No wonder he has his military records sealed. His good friend, Senator Foghorn Leghorn served stateside in an office, yet spouts off about this young man who volunteered to serve his country. The gop has turned into a bunch of bought and paid for senile old men, who just want their ugly mugs on TV EVERY Sunday. The so-called "journalists" just nod in agreement, while these "representatives" read their talking points, all alike from headquarters (Fox News)

Worth it?

I doubt if the powers that be think ANY of these young people in the service are worth it. Cannon fodder, from day 1. I would not encourage any young relative of mine to enlist, and I have had two husbands serve, one army one air force. When people such as W and 5 deferrment Cheney start useless wars, let them send their own family members into battle. By the way, didn't McCain's VP nominee "desert" her position as Alaska's governor? She did the state a huge favor, and avoided prosecution, but that's beside the point. Since her abdication she has not shut her big flapping yaw about the Obama administration.


The families of all the servicepeople overseas would all say YES if it were their family member instead of this young man. If I had any young people in my family of an age to "serve" I would discourage them, it just is not worth it to fight for this country as it stands today. Not because of President Obama, but the useless politicians who have sat on their lazy asses for 6 years now, blocking anything that could have helped the citizens. Shootings on a daily basis, it is not safe to go anywhere these days, gun freaks are running wild. Everything the President does is met with "Impeach" Disgusting. It has not changed since the early days. The gop is for the wealthy (tax breaks) the democratic party is for the workers. On Sunday the gop propoganda shows will have McCain and Graham on, calling for impeachment of the President, and further dragging the USA into a cesspool.


Thank you for your service, and the good you did for your fellow servicepeople. I never agreed with the war, anyone could see it was a farce from the start. Remember Cheney "They will greet us (us meaning young servicepeople) with flowers" "The oil will pay for the war" Not after he divided up the oil fields with his energy co-horts. That war was "in the works" before 9/11. How many of those war hawks enriched themselves, while young people came home in body bags? The body bags were not to be seen, even Barbara Bush said "Who cares how many body bags there are" Her family enriched themselves. The people were sold a bill of goods. Anyone who STILL believes this was a worthy cause, well, get your head out of wherever you have it crammed.

Face The Nation ETC.

All the Sunday shows that feature the gop ranting against EVERYTHING the President does or says, would have to move their time slots to a weekday. Little Johnny McCain, Lindsey Graham, Palin and the rest of them will be bursting at the seams to spew their hatred. None of the hosts will replay the video of them all appealing to the President to get this soldier back. Why are they called "representatives"? They do not represent any people I know. "Obstructionists" would be a better title for them. Looks like they have ALL been handed their talking points since they are all deleting their posts about being happy with President Obama on this. Too bad they do not have work to do, such as job creation, unemployment benefit extension, climate change laws, campaign finance laws, you know stuff like that.


Maybe every Bible needs a bullet-proof cover? What a collection of idiots these gop meetings are. Huckerbee will not appear without a fee of $15,000. Guess he left his God behind for the almighty $$$. Doesn't it say somewhere in their bible "Cleanliness is next to Godliness"? The dynasty guys, and $arah Payme always look like they slept in their clothes.


What I find shocking is that with all this money floating around, they could not find a better candidate than rat-faced, cross-eyed Walker. He said he will be going to college to earn a degree!! WHAT?

No talent grifter

O'Keefe is full of his own sense of accomplishment. He seriously thinks he is good at this? His pimp costume was so absurd, it looked like it was borrowed from the museum of Hollywood costumes. He is a strange looking character, but since his Daddy protects him, he seems free to get involved in this nonsense. Poor little rich kid, no talent whatsoever. James, try getting a legitimate job.


Beck, like Palin does not appear without a fee. Pay for a private jet, first class accomodations, and you would get Beck or the entire grifting Palin family. Oh, also too, an apearance fee. Everyone, except apparently these dumb bustards, knows THAT.
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