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Poppy Bush

What needs to be "phased out" is the retirement plans, and medical coverage of the millionaires who retire from politics. His father will live to be 110 with the Cadillac insurance he has, plus the generous pension from TAXPAYERS. Why are we saddled paying pensions, plus yearly increases to millionaires, who lined their pockets screwing taxpayers during their terms? The worst president EVER (W) now pgets $400,000 a year, plus a million more for office expenses, He gives speeches, which are closed to journalists, with fees of up to $250,000. Even bland, boring Laura charges $50,000 a speech, plus private jet travel expenses. I worked 25 years at the same company, my pension is $400 a month, no healthcoverage. No raises, it will be the same for the rest of my life. I am glad to get it, but why do these crooks retire in luxury, after not even working a full week, going on vacations paid for by lobbyists. Rember Trent Lott? He said he could not remember EVER paying for his own lunch while he was in office!!

Very true

We sat in our air raid shelter, listening to the planes drone overhead, the sirens screaming, and bombs whistling down. Terrifying. Carried gas masks to school. I remember stopping at the corner of our road after school wondering what I would do if I turned the corner, and our house was gone, bombed like so many others. Had an aunt and uncle with three sons, who were "bombed out" of their home three times, lost everything. The Red Cross helped them collect furniture, clothing and found them a place to live each time. My aunt died at 46 from cancer. I still think it was from the stress.
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