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brush's Journal
brush's Journal
November 16, 2023

I do too, and McConnell's right on this. We are in the process of, and should continue, to decimate Russia's army...

without firing a shot on our own or committing any troops by continuing to back Ukraine, of which this war is one for their very existence as a sovereign nation.

This should not be hard to understand, and I'm so glad McConnell does, as for the short-sighted other republican senators who are against it...how fucking stupid can they get.

Are they so in the tank for Putin they've forgotten that Russia/the USSR and communism has been our avowed worst enemy since Lenin and Stalin and they can't see that we can put to rest their ability to challenge not just us, but western Europe's hegemony over the Eurasian continental land mass. We've shown that Putin's army is second, maybe even third-rate with the decimation of it Ukraine, with our backing, has done.

That's what's at state, not some short-sighted Putin ass kissing because they see him as another white guy like them, and not the evil mother fucker he is and who is intent on conquering the rest of Europe once he defeats Ukraine.

We and NATO are what stands in the breach against him.

November 13, 2023

I've tried to be impartial on this, meaing that I believe Hamas must be...

eliminated as Israel must defend itself by retaliating against enemy attackers. I also believe that the ongoing bombings in Gaza has reached the point of over-retaliation as 11,000 Palestinian civilians, mostly women and children have been killed. The bombings must stop.

The bombings IMO were the wrong way to ferret out Hamas, as way more non-combatants have been killed and injured than terrorists who are probably safe in their tunnels, which leaves urban warfare as the long, hard slog that must be understaken to rid Gaza of the Hamas terrorists.

I believe that is going on now and I wish the IDF success at that.

The bombings still must stop though as civilians to be killed by them.

Eventually I'm hoping for a ceasefire, then successful negotiations and finally a two-state agreement and follow through with a partitioned area for a Palestinian state too.

Finally after 75 years.

September 27, 2023

I'd like his name gone too from NYC.

The site where trump Tower is now was once where an Art Deco gem, Bonwit Teller and Company, a luxury department Store once stood.

It had a magnificent, and highly praised Art Deco frieze that trump promised the Landmarks Commission that he would save. He didn't . It was demolished when he tore down the building.

Such a bastard.

September 26, 2023

Ridiculous. Progressive boomers/Earth Day made environmental consciousness...

something that heavy smoking and gas-guzzling, heavy exhausts generating vast majorities of the greatest and previous cohorts who had no concern or idea of, become aware of, because of the activism of their children and grandchildren.

And as far as +1.5c, that's, like I said, an accumulation of centuries of human activity of generating, burning and releasing fossil fuel pollution into the atmosphere/greenhouse effect (generally acknowledged by scientists), not just during the so-called time boomers were allegedly "in charge."

How silly.

September 22, 2023

You're probably right. If Putin does manage to defeat Ukraine...

I imagine he'll wait to rebuild his forces.

It's said that the deconstructionist philosopher Alexandr Dugin titillates his Peter the Great 2.0 fantasies by preaching in his ear of a great Russian empire spanning from the Atlantic in the west to Vladivostok and the Pacific in the far east...as if the eleven time zone Russia already spans isn't enough.

September 21, 2023

Not a good look for Matinez and the other two racists.

IMO Bass played hard ball if she had something to do with releasing the tape. However it happened it probably won her some votes as many Black voters know about the racism and colorism among some in the LA Latino community, and don't like it.

Ya think those racists weren't playing rough too?

Politics ain't tiddlywinks.

September 14, 2023

Ridiculous. Hunter Biden has never been a part of the Biden admin. Who doesn't understand?

Why mention Kushner no longer being a part of a sitting admin, and adding "relative" to include Hunter Biden,as if that means anything? Joe Biden is not being charged. That case has dragged on for five years, now suddenly a special counsel is required, a trump-appointed one at that who requested SC status for himself? He has now charged Hunter Biden with 3 repetitious, felony charges that have rarely ever been bought.

I sense an agenda.

You clearly don't understand republican appeasement and what can result when you see it.

And as far as calling the WH, again, don't be ridiculous. This is a discussion board where we express out views. Have you called Garland to express your support?

And see post 77.

September 13, 2023

Romney, the only current repug senator with just a smidgeon of integrity...

but still a repug as he bows out with shots at Biden's ability, the president of recent times who has accomplished the most legislation that actually made the average American's life better...1) $1.2 trillion n infrastructure package; The $1.9 trillion COVID relief deal; lowest unemployment in 50 years; revitalized NATO to back Ukraine; the Cares Act which sent direct $1,000 payments to Adult Americans and $500 per child which helped tremendously during the depths of the covid pandemic and massive job losses; and of course the Chips Act which is bringing chip manufacturing jobs back to the US.

There's also the lowering of medication costs through negotiations now with big pharma.

Buh-bye, Mitt...still nothing but a repug.

September 13, 2023

Sorry, you left out a lot. The boomer generation was the last one to get in the street and...

demonstrate and protest against the proto-fascist of the Reagan era. Why the Black Panther Party of California went to the state capitol armed when Reagan was governor to protest the brutal treatment Black people were experiencing from the Oakland Police Dept.

There were the Students for a Democratic Society, there were all the anti-war groups of the New Left movement of the '60s, there was Abbey Hoffman and the Yippies/the Chicago Seven trial resulting from the huge anti-war protests at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in 1968.

The emerging environmental consciousness movement resulted in "Earth Day" in 1970, the last year of the decade. Credit has to go where credit is due.

The progressive Boomers fought back all right and perhaps that's why the wealth was still shared...and much of the protesting was against the conservative side of the generation itself, the young republicans who sided with Reagan, as did some unions surprisingly, and became the Newt Gingrich's Project for a New America Century faction of the '90s that further expanded the wealth and power transference upward into the W Bush years of the early 2000s.

Sad to say the generations that came after the Boomers, the GenXers and Millennials didn't follow the protest tradition of young boomers. The young , present-day Zoomers get it though, thank God.

September 10, 2023

Ever heard of Bob Lanier? His post season numbers were always better than reg. season...

but he never won a championship, same with Elgin Baylor, Pete Maravich...you gotta have enough help.

James' first stint with the Cavs he had no help. He moved to the Heat and had help (Ray Allen, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade) and won 2 championships. His second stint with the Cavs he won with help — notably the talented but erratic Kyrie Irving and also Kevin Love). His last championship came with the Lakers where he has big man Anthony Davis' help (often injured though and you have to keep your fingers crossed every time he falls in fear that's he's injured again).

Another star who didn't win until he had help is Nikola Jokić of the Nuggets. In previous seasons his key teammates suffered injuries and weren't available for the post-season. This past season they were blessed, didn't sustain injuries and won.

My point again being, you gotta have help. Magic had an all-star Showtime line-up with Kareem, Worthy, Scott, Wilkes, Cooper etc. They could hardly do nothing but win.

Koby had plenty of help, first with Shaq, Horry and Fisher, then later with Pau Gasol and Luke Walton.

Jordan had Pippen, Rodman and shooters like Kerr, Armstrong and Paxton.

Bird of course had Parrish, McKale, Johnson, Ainge and later Bill Walton, so I don't buy your contentions about Lebron James at all, the NBA all-time scoring leader btw.

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