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Member since: Sun Apr 1, 2012, 11:07 AM
Number of posts: 45,360

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Why would you think the admin, LEO and Nat'l Guard leadership will let thousands of trucks...

get close to DC after they've seen what's still going on in Ottawa, not to mention how Jan. 6 went out of control.

That will never happen. People will not be asleep at the wheel.

Something smells like corruption to me. And it's directly connected...

to Manchin. The rent is not getting paid but Manchin is.

Trying to snatch back pieces of the former Soviet Union.

This is so racist. If Asian Americans are the best in competition...

so be it. Guess whoever wrote this wants white skaters to be the top finishers. Well, they just have to practice harder and show it on the ice.

We certainly don't want our skaters to fall as soon as they get on the ice, like the white woman skier who keeps falling as soon as she gets on the slopes.

It's dumb, perhaps the dumbest political slogan ever.

And I read the post. See post 16.

She is so sharp. Would be a great candidate for high office someday.

Imagine her in a debate with a repug spewing talking points.

Poll: Best baseball nicknames.

With not much to do on Thursday night I saw a photo online of one of my favorite players so I thought this would be fun. Please add you own, and please participate.

Ever occur to anyone else how different colored animals seem to get along fine?

Brown, white, black, beige, even multi-colored, without segregating themselves, and none claiming to be superior?

Just a thought.

Ken Burns was just on MSNBC with a short list of dinner guests he'd like...

to have. He's doing a documentary on Mohammed Ali and he mentioned he'd like to have Lincoln, Ali and Louis Armstrong as dinner guests.

I can't wait for the Ali documentary. I also decided to make a list of dinner guests I'd like to have. So here we go. Pls make you own lists in the comments.

Mohammed Ali
Nancy Pelosi
Stacy Abrams
US Grant
Paul Robison
Ann Richards
Fannie Lou Hamer
Nelson Mandela
Malcolm X
Hilary Clinton
John Coltrane
McCoy Tyner

That's my list, I have to stop now. But I could go on.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. This movement needs all the progressive whites we can get.

Go, Joe and Kamala. On to the Georgia Senate race and then the White House.

God, we needed this day.
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