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Member since: Sun Apr 22, 2012, 09:24 AM
Number of posts: 11,417

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Just chillin waiting out the months till

the primaries are over and Hillary is nominated.
Nobody is terrified or scared
Just chillin

I was a controller of a medical clinic for a number of years

We were reimbursed by Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance and patient out of pocket.

Doctors were paid 40% to 60% of the revenue they generated if they were employees.

The rest of the overhead, salaries,medications, equipment, building and maintenance and admin were paid from the remainder.

We had to perform every step of the billing cycle efficiently in order to cover expenses. Anything less than efficient added to the cost. We did not determine how much we were reimbursed. Insurance companies and Medicare and Medicaid dictated how much we were paid for a procedure.

Back then Medicare paid around 80% of the amount billed. We billed our cost.

Insurance companies paid some percentage of Medicare either more or less.

We didn't contract with companies that paid less than Medicare.

Medicaid paid 50% of the amount billed.
We made up the difference by insurance reimbursements.

So we preferred patients who had insurance but we treated everyone who came.

So how would Medicare for all effect us I wonder.

We would get less reimbursement for every procedure.

Doctors and employees would have to take less income.

Hopefully medications and equipment would be cheaper.

Building costs would remain the same. The administration would be less if Medicare did all the billing.

Also more clinical staff would be needed to handle more patients.

So the main thing I see for a clinic to change to Medicare for all would be a need to cut direct costs to break even. Salaries and medicines and equipment needs to cost less.

Remember this guy? He got his ass handed to him

Who's next?

Crowd Cheers As ‘Old Dixie Highway’ Gets New Name In Honor Of Barack Obama (VIDEO)

Riviera Beach, Florida changes “Old Dixie Highway” to “President Barack Obama Highway.”

Since the Confederate Flag controversy, cities across our nation are purging other symbols of our vile “heritage” of slavery, violence and racism as well. On Thursday, a cheering crowd gathered in Riviera Beach, Fla. to watch city workers remove the sign for “Old Dixie Highway” and replace it with a sign for the newly renamed “President Barack Obama Highway.” The Sun Sentinel reports the City Council voted to rename Old Dixie Highway, one of Riviera Beach’s main thoroughfares, back in August:


A real leader, after misdeeds by his people, comes out and takes full responsibility for

their actions and promises to take steps to prevent a re-occurrence.

Where's Bernie?

I'm submitting this question for tonight's debate.

"Senator Sanders, have you fired your other three employees who stole Secretary Clinton's voter data?"

As a follow up, "Why hasn't your campaign inspired your people to live up to a higher standard? Who's fault would you say that is?"

The genie is out of the bottle. Bernie has shown his true nature.

No he's not some sweet little old guy from Vermont. He's an old fart on an ego trip and he's fooled about 2 million people into paying for it.

I use to like Bernie. I use to like to listen to him on Thom Hartman's show "Brunch with Bernie"

That's all gone now. He hasn't even shown his face since his people stole Hillary's data. That is just plain cowardice.

I am mad now. I am looking forward to crushing Bernie and all his little elves.

Next February and March will be sweet. I can't wait.

If he even tries to attack Hillary tonight he's going to get his ass handed back to him. I hope he is reviewing the Benghazi hearing tapes.

Bernie has been peddling his bull shit for 40 years and has gotten no where. So he gets a bunch of fools to pay for an ego trip that is going to come crashing down soon.

If Bernie doesn't win IA and NH he is done. That's the motivation behind stealing

Hillary's voter data. They thought they could peal off the<30 people by contacting them and trying to sell Bernie bull shit.

I wonder if he still has it? I wonder why he hasn't fired the other three. I wonder why he hasn't made a statement.

If he tries to attack Hillary tonight he will have his ass handed back to him.

I use to think Bernie was ok but by not coming out and saying his people were wrong to do what they did I have lost all respect for him.

I hope to hell we crush the shit out of him and his supporters.

Super Tuesday there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth around here and it won't be us

Has Bernie been silent about this data


Has he sent out an email or anything?

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