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Member since: Sun Apr 22, 2012, 09:24 AM
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I was shocked comparing my wife's 401K to my

defined benefit plan.
My wife has 73% more money saved in her 401K than I do in my defined benefit plan. But if she and I were to get monthly payments from our plans starting today I would be paid 63% more per month than she would get. That is because I am in a union and all union members contribute to the pot that is invested to generate the payout. Both our employers contribute to our plans but my wife is the sole employee contributing to her retirement savings. I have my union brothers and sisters contributing to mine and the whole pot is invested together. My wife has only her contribution and her employer's contribution to earn dividends on.
If we want a middle class and a better retirement we need to organize and demand better benefits.

Anyone know Mary Adkins or Patricia Chandler?

I have gotten some strange emails from them and don't know if they are a hoax or not.

Anyone else get emails from them?

Want a nice day? Trash the Ebola OPs today

There is no Ebola outbreak in the U.S.
The Giants are going to the World Series

Ebola on the air = ratings = ad revenue

We don't have an Ebola outbreak
Last week NFL
News not what's trending

Ebola has kicked the stuffings outbid the NFL

Nobody cares about the bad guys of the NFL anymore. Just Ebola Ebola Ebola 24/7

Unless you’re in a setting where you’re a healthcare worker or a family member caring for a person

who is sick, you probably couldn’t get Ebola if you wanted to.”


Do I have this right? There are DUers who

live in areas where there is a tight Senate race and yet they will not be voting because the Dem candidate is not liberal enough or voted for some war resolution or other?

Our training person did not know what the T in LGBT stands for. In an email that went to everyone

working for the county she wrote (names and places are x'ed out to protect the innocent)

LGBT Q&A: xxxx xxxxxx, from xxxxx xxxxx, xxxxx xxxxxx, is generously offering to engage in a dialogue with the audience to discuss the nuances of working with population who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transvestite. The learning objectives of this training will be to enlarge cultural awareness while working with this population as well as acquire practical knowledge about the same.
Date: 10/23/14 9AM-12PM

The correction apology email:

The attached has a description of the upcoming trainings with a new narrative of Mr. xxxx xxxxx LGBT presentation.
This email is a formal apology for my mistake, my blunder really, in the previous description of the presentation.
It shows how much I need to be trained, someone told me today. I agree.
Again, my sincere apologies for my botch of words in how the original description went out and my gratitude for those who came forward and alerted our team of my mistake. Particular thanks to Mr. xxxx for his extreme courtesy towards me. I intend to live up to it.

Shows we still have a lot of work to do.

It is 102 degrees here on the Central Coast of CA

Our local beach, Surf, is closed do to shark sightings.
Strange October for us
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