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Member since: Sun Apr 22, 2012, 09:24 AM
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Mark Thompson's show says a video shows Michael Brown

paying for the cigars and that neither the owner or an employee called 911. A customer called 911 at the store. This is on facebook but I don't know how to post it here.

The video is on facebook and it shows Michael Brown at the check out.
Mark Thompson is on Sirius his show is Make It Plain

I am am being educated nightly watching the events in Ferguson.

Watching what is going on in Ferguson is teaching me that I was not aware of the lives of the people who live there.
Last night it looked to me like the cops out numbered the protesters. They surely out gunned them.
I think I am beginning to understand the frustration. The attempts to blame the victims all the time rather than listen too them is striking.
I know if I faced what they face, the low median income, the joblessness, the lack of representation, the police harassment, the lack of hope or a vision for a better future I would feel the same.
Michael Brown's killing gives us all a chance to learn what it is like to be a resident there and to work to effect change or we can go on about our lives and blame the victims and after this story is past history just forget the people there.

To those of us old enough to have been there

the scenes from Ferguson are exactly like those from the sixties. What strikes me is those cops are a generation or two removed from the cops beating heads in the sixties. Since racism and hatred are taught there must be a handing down of racism from the sixties to the cops of today.
That is proof enough that racism has never died in this country. It has gone somewhat underground in the past but like a smoldering flame it is burning bright again. I think hatred of Obama has brought it out into the open again.
Racism will only end when we stop teaching the next generation to hate.

I believe the 1% are responsible for the

militarization and brutality of local police forces.
They see that income inequality, climate change caused food and water shortages and disease will push humanity to the breaking point.
Rather than solve the problems and share the wealth, they want to use force to keep humanity at bay.
The police are not pawns of the 1% but they are increasingly living in fear real or imagined and they respond with lethal force.
I believe we are on the path to chaos and anarchy with the police not knowing which way to attack . They intend to survive which means they turn on the citizens.
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