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Member since: Sun Apr 22, 2012, 09:24 AM
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Pro football is entertainment. It isn't like

some battle for equal rights or fighting hunger or poverty.
It ain't no big thing that footballs are not fat enough whether on purpose or not.
We are like the Romans so incapable of fixing things we think circus is more important.
Next month we will still be fighting about social justice and footballs will turn to basketballs then baseballs.

You don't have to follow your holy book.

I was raised as a Catholic. I never believed what I was taught about the faith. I made a personal decision to not live as a Catholic. We all have the ability to use our own judgement and our intellect.
If you were raised in a certain religion you don't have to live that faith or accept its teachings. If you do it is a choice you make. The holy books are full of ideas of people. You don't have to believe them. If you kill because of some belief system you chose to live by, it is you who kill not the belief system.
And other people do not owe you something special because you chose to accept some religion's rules or creed.

I just donated to the 21st Century Democrats

The person on the phone said they supported Elisabeth Warren and progressive Dems and talked about the reason we didn't vote in 2014 because of the lack of real progressives running.
I never heard of them but I gave anyway. I hope my money helps.
I believe in putting your money where your mouth is.
I must say it is the real progressives on this board who are responsible for my willingness to give. Your augments make sense.

President Obama's veto pen

I think it would be a good idea if President Obama would go on national media every time he has to veto a Repub bill and explain why and how it hurts average Americans and helps the 1%. Enough of that and maybe people will get a clue before 2016 elections.

This may be not the right place for this, but are the forums only for one side of a discussion?

Is dissent not supposed to be a part of the forum? If so why is there a forum? If all you want is a place where everyone will agree with you and where you can criticize those who don't without any replies from them why not have your own blog why do we need a place like that here?

I guess I don't understand.

Like he OBG group criticizes those who are critical of OB but they don't want to hear from those they criticize.

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