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heaven05's Journal
heaven05's Journal
September 8, 2012


that may be right. Yet I didn't see Bush being called racist epithets or people calling openly for him to be hung, an especially egregious mind picture in the older black community. I have this 'bitter fruit' poster, you see, to remind of where that mormon candidate and aynryan would like to go back to. You didn't see weapons openly carried at political events like they were at Palin events. Oh yeah, you're right, the "deep seated" hate and viciousness predates Obama. In fact it goes all the way back to slavery in this country. It took an African-American President to bring it out in the open again. Racism is the MAJOR factor of hate in this country at this particular time and hate radio, that mormon candidate and aynryan are the KEY factors driving it.

September 7, 2012

16 year

old calling for President Obama's assassination. It has sent me off. During this very mean and intolerantly vitriolic election season, I'm afraid I can't pretend anymore that I'm not completely incensed at the insanity of America. Attacks on gays have picked up. Intolerance for anyone not white is palpable out in public. Some of the hate stares I have gotten remind of my good old days back in the 50's and 60's, especially in the old south.

Someone in a answer to an OP discussing the 16 year old would be assassin said, "if it had been a black 16 year old threatening Romney, they would be behind bars". I would tend to agree with that assessment...four years ago around this time I was elated at the enlightenment being shown by a lot of American citizens. Today, with hindsight, my assessment is that the racist right wing, hate radio and fringees just really did not believe that Obama would get elected no matter what the polls were saying. Therefore the racist vitriol was kept to a minimum.

To me that surprise at Obama's election was evidenced when I found out about those 15 top Republican leaders, including Ryan, that met inaugural ball night in a private room at that ball, figuring out a way to deny President Obama any political victory in his upcoming term, irrespective of whether it was good for the American people, and how to make him fail and be a one term president. Amazing the the partisan and racist hate directed toward this extremely capable and intelligent man.

One of my bright lights has been finding this site, democraticunderground and most of the members I have read and enjoyed. That said, I am truly depressed that a 16 year old can have such hate in her toward a President who happens to be African-American. For that matter anyone. Yeah I know, it's her upbringing home life, hate radio, her drinking, yada yada yada! I remember JFK< MLK< and RFK. These are not idle words directed toward our President. These words reflect on a culture. The American culture that is hateful, mean and vicious and that if given the chance would murder our President just because they fear his intelligence, capability and race.

I needed that verbal release. Sorry if it seems like a rant, which it is. I am just really, really tired of all this hate! I only hope enlightenment wins out again. That we win the Senate, national and local, the House, national and local and are able to reelect one of the best Presidents we have seen in decades.

September 2, 2012


yesterday I was driving and turned a corner and saw two young guys holding hands,walking their dog. As soon as the noticed me, they moved apart. As as I got closer I saw real fear in their young eyes. They softened a little as they saw no threat from me. I was so angry that people have to live in fear because of the lifestyle they chose. I am saddened also that our judeo-christian ethic has created such fear and hate. I'll state the obvious, a right wing november victory will make it worse for all not of their camp.

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