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merrily's Journal
merrily's Journal
September 13, 2015

Sanders Halloween? The Bernie Boo! Not to early to begin preparing!

Halloween is not far away. Taking kids trick or treating and receiving trick or treaters may be a great opportunity to harangue share about Bernie Sanders.

LEAFLETS are the campaigning key, but there are other things you can bring.

Whether you are going around trick and treating or receiving trick or treaters, you can hand out to the adults (only the adults) leaflets that you can put together yourself to say whatever you want or print out from the Bernie Sanders Group or facebook, in both English and Spanish, maybe along with mini-campaign buttons. Think about also using this link to find upcoming Sanders events near you and printing out a list of them to include as part of your leaflet or handout. https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/search_simple

2016 Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Halloween costumes are, of course, what to wear..

On this thread http://www.democraticunderground.com/128046473, dflprincess posted a great pic of Bernie on a Stick, which would make a great and inexpensive mask.

on this thread.

After that, you basically need jeans, khakis, or any kind of toned down trouser, a shirt, either a Bernie T or a dress shirt, preferably pale blue, which Bernie seems to favor for campaigning, or denim or white, again anything toned down. Boom. You have a 2016 Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders costume that you will not waste a lot of money on for only a couple of hours worth of wear one time. The child and adult could trick or treat dressed similarly. You could also gild that lily, as follows:

If you like add an American flag and/or a makeshift picket sign with a message or your choice, and/or hurry up (orders take time to fill) and order some campaign buttons from the Bernie store. They can be part of the costume. Trick or treaters can also leave one with an adult at the homes and apartments they visit.

What you request

The haints will get you if Halloween is not about the usual Halloween treats. However, you can also request a donation to the Sanders campaign and/or attendance at a future Sanders volunteer event, or that people watch the October 13 debate and stay tuned for future debates.

What you have


Fun with Bernie Sanders, adorable kids in costumes, including, but not limited to, your own offspring, friends and neighbors.

ETA: You can also have a Halloween Party or Potluck to which everyone has to come dressed as Bernie, or a ballot or something like that. Have a portion of it be a Bernie volunteer event.

For refreshments: coffee, soft drinks, one of the Bernie Brew Beers and Bernie cupcakes (and whatever else you or your guests come up with).

to appalachiablue for the cupcakes:

September 13, 2015

Podcast video: Ed Shultz and Larry Cohen (former Pres. of Communication Workers of America)

discuss Bernie Sanders, New Democrats, etc.

At about 22 minutes, give or take a minute, is a BOOM! statement: the last Democratic candidate who had walked a picket line, as Bernie has many times throughout his life, was Robert F. Kennedy, Sr., in 1968.

Great discussion of working people, union and non-union.

I was not familiar with Mr. Cohen, so I googled and was impressed. He was not voted out as President, but retired and has since been working for populist/liberal/progressive policies. He has been stumping for Bernie Sanders. Ed Schultz will be doing that as well.

to leftcoastmountains, who posted this wonderful video of Ed's podcast in the Bernie Sanders Group. http://www.democraticunderground.com/128049941


September 10, 2015

NYT examines its own navel re: its own coverage of Bernie Sanders

Declares it immaculate. Takes swipe at Sanders' supporters for finding fault with NYT coverage.


Meanwhile, the likes of Salon has called out NYT coverage of Sanders. http://www.democraticunderground.com/1251428155

September 10, 2015

Ya gotta start off each day wid a song, 9/10 edition. Today's Bernie Song: Tig's Feel the Bern

Sing it, Jimmy boy! Sing it for the hoi polloi.

Tell 'em, Tig ( Playinghardball, who found the song first)

September 10, 2015

Sanders Saturdays (or any day, really)


I'm just sayin'

Get the message?
September 9, 2015

My very most significant post ever (so far).

I can no longer find, among the DU smilies, the smilie that looked to each side, then flexed its muscles.

Heretofore, use of this emoticon helped me give the illusion of being extraordinarily tough. (kidding)

Am I just unable to find it, or have you eliminated it?

Thank you in advance for your response to this earth-shattering, totally not trivial inquiry.

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