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merrily's Journal
merrily's Journal
September 3, 2015

Ya gotta start off each day wid a song. Today's Bernie Sanders song: Bernie Damned Sanders!

(Sing it, Jimmy, boy! Sing it for the hoi polloi!)

A supporter actually commissioned the writing of today's song. Unfortunately, an ad has been added since I first found it on youtube, but you can skip it after a few seconds and I think it's worth it. (Hopefully, the money goes to the campaign?)

(Coda from Bernie are words to live by: "If you go out into your cities and towns and talk common sense to the people, you can win.&quot
September 3, 2015

Please check the Sanders campaign website for events in your area Labor Day weekend.

Or just print out some flyers from the campaign website and hand them out at a busy supermarket Friday and Saturday.

Make this a habit as often as you possibly can: Sanders Saturdays (or Fridays or Sundays or whenever).

Even if you feel that you cannot do much physically, your presence and spirit might encourage those who are physically stronger..

If all the media blackout/condecension threads have not make it clear, if his continuing refusal to take PAC money doesn't make it clear, let me try: The Sanders campaign really is depending on you.

Sanders is not pretending to need your little donations and your puny volunteer efforts in order to make you feel sufficiently invested in his campaign to get your bottom to the polls on primary day, while the money that funds his campaign and then some rolls in from Wall Street and PACS. He really does need your dollars and your time and effort.

If you have ever objected to Citizens' United, if you have ever been nauseauted by sold out, hypocritical politicians, this is your time to stand up and matter.

Psst: The man really is right in the pocket of Big Voter, I tells ya! He even brags about it! OPENLY.

Bold as brass, he is.

Love you all, I really do.

September 3, 2015

That Iowa Poll (email from the Sanders campaign)

Jeff Weaver, Official Bernie 2016

To: merrily
Bernie Sanders for President

When the Des Moines Register polled the Iowa Caucuses before we officially entered the race, Bernie Sanders trailed Hillary Clinton by more than fifty points.

In May, shortly after we announced our campaign, her lead was right around 40 points. In June, we cut the margin to twenty-five. And as Bernie shared in his email this morning, we’ve now trimmed the deficit down to single digits — just seven percentage points.

This poll confirms what we’ve known all along: we can shock the political pundits and billionaire class and win the Iowa Caucuses. And from there, we’ll take off like a rocket on our way to the Democratic nomination.

But only if we keep up the progress.

Make a $3 contribution to Bernie 2016 today and help ensure our campaign has the resources needed to beat the billionaires who are TERRIFIED of our momentum.

There’s one more interesting note I want to share with you in the big Iowa Caucus poll. A full NINETY-SIX percent of Bernie backers say their choice is about him and his ideas, not because they dislike any other candidates.

Far too often, Americans go to the polls and feel as if they’re voting for the lesser of two or more evils. That is not the case here — people BELIEVE in Bernie. We know that you do, too.

All my best,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016

Sorry, Mr. Weaver. While I agree with everything you've written, I will not be donating today. I'm saving my pennies for the September 8 Bernie Birthday Money Bomb. On the bright side, it will be more than $3.

Love and kisses, merrily.
September 2, 2015

Milbank (WAPO) on Sharpton's show: "The populism is what's in demand now, like Sanders and Trump."

Seriously, he said "the" populism.

Good grief, what planet have these people been on?

September 2, 2015

Bernie Sanders: Laughing All The Way Through The Media Black Out

Bernie Sanders: Laughing All The Way Through The Media Black Out

Philip David Morton, Screenwriter, Journalist, Producer


"We don't take money from billionaires, we don't take money from corporations," Sanders said early in his speech. "and we have raised the largest amount of any candidate from single donations." The crowd cheered in response. In fact the crowd cheered many times for more than an hour as he hit all the points he's been speaking out for his entire career.


Maybe it's because he talks about the elephant in the room. And not just one elephant. He talks about herds of elephants. He comes out of the gate talking about how the GOP cares more about the oil companies than the world they are going to leave for their children and grand children, how war should be the last thing we aim for in global affairs, how he's sponsoring legislation for tuition free higher education for college students, how he backs big bank break ups, how he has a plan to tax wall street. Yes, you read that right. The list goes on and you don't know if you should laugh or cry. You want to laugh because someone is finally making sense. You want to cry because you've become so inured to the possibility of real change in a broken system bought by the capitalist elite that you've forgotten the word 'change' could even be a box on your checklist.

And you know what's stunning? Outside only two local news trucks. That's it. You would think a populist phenomenon like this would garner some media attention. "Well, when 3 giant corporations own the majority of the mainstream and easily accessible media, and the candidate they aren't covering is calling out that type of corporate corruption...connect the dots," offers Adam.

Whatever the reason, it seems you're not going to hear about it on the nightly news. So keep reading blogs like this one, there's a real populist movement in this country and it's happening under the media's radar whether they like it or not.


Good article. I heartily recommend reading all of it.

As the author said, read blogs like his. Write them, too, And get on social media. It really is up to us.
September 1, 2015

Bargain hunting at the Bernie Store!

I don't always shop, but, when I do, I hunt for bargains.

So, I've been cruising the Bernie Store for the best deals.

The Bernie Store is not only about getting yourself a hat and/or T-shirt, nice as they are. What are you going to need to campaign for Bernie? And, remember, you must allow several weeks for delivery.

General rule: Buying in quantity gets you a better deal, as does buying a package.

You can buy FIVE Bernie lapel stickers to share/hand out for only FIVE dollars. https://store.berniesanders.com/collections/events/products/bernie-sanders-3-round-blue-roll-labels

Union printed in the USA at only a buck a pop. What a deal!


You can buy a roll of 250 stickers for only $40, not $250.

OMG, that is a savings of $210 right there. (You're welcome.) Which self-respecting shopper can turn down a bargain like that? That is 250 people you can enlist to be walking ads for Bernie.

Who would not say no to a handout of a free lapel sticker? And, when your passerby says yes to a free Bernie lapel sticker, pass him or her a leaflet along with the sticker. Not so much a bait and switch as a bait and educate.

The small organizing pack, also a mere $40, contains--wait for it--ALL of the following:

25 lapel stickers, as discussed above

6, count 'em, 6 placards or rally signs (being sold individually on the very same website for $5 each, or 5 for only $20),

10 campaign buttons (being sold elsewhere on the website at 3 for $3)

10 bumper stickers ($5 each, if sold alone, I think)

As anyone can tell, the small organizing pack is a YOOGE value, surpassed only by the $80 large organizing pack, which includes all this AND yard signs and more!

All union made in the USA! Bargain hunters, you just can't go wrong at the Bernie Store, especially if you buy in quantity or choose a pack of some kind.

Attention, Bernie Store shoppers, DO NOT pass up this opportunity.

September 1, 2015

Ya gotta start off each day wid a song. Today's Bernie Sanders song: Hey, Bernie Sanders

As a city dweller, I covet the view from this guy's family room!

September 1, 2015

Countdown to the September 8 Bernie Birthday Money Bomb Begins Today.

He's a real tough cookie, with a long history. So, get ready to give September 8 your best shot.

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