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Member since: Thu Jul 19, 2012, 11:44 AM
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My church was seriously vandalized

Late Wednesday night people broke into my church. They ransacked the pastor's office but found no cash, took nothing. Then they turned off the water and proceeded to remove all the copper pipes from the building, so we will have no running water (or working bathrooms) and heat until this is fixed. The church secretary discovered this yesterday morning, the police investigated, an insurance claim has been filed. So far, of the congregation only the council members have been notified; pastor sent us an email last night.
Stripping a building of copper pipes is a "big city drug addict" thing that simply does not happen up here in the distant burbs. Our building is located right in town but on a side street and not really close to any houses, so I imagine it wasn't that hard to pull this off in the middle of the night. The biggest question to me is, why this church when there are so many others, many rural and isolated, around here? I can only suspect that we were "cased" by someone attending a Narcotics Anonymous meeting that is held our building. Makes me sick that someone would violate a house of worship that does a lot of good in the community. Sometimes you hear about a church being vandalized simply because the criminals want the thrill of destruction; this was strictly an act of desperation for money.
Truly a church is not a building, it's the people, and as a congregation we will get through this. I don't know how long it will take to get things back in order to use the building again but we cannot hold services or Sunday school without functioning bathrooms and heat. I'm sure we will be welcome at the other Lutheran church in town for a while. The hardest thing to me will be explaining to my 3-year-old granddaughter, who loves going to Sunday school and church with me, why we're going to another church now. Hopefully not for long.

F*cking Nats snatch defeat from jaws of victory, lose game by 1 strike

Final score 7-9. Cardinals advance to the NLCS.
That's all.

Mitt's "47% Tapes"--The Missing 2 Minutes

Much has been made of the missing 2 minutes of the now-infamous May fundraiser at which Mittens let his true personality show. What actually happened was a short break in the proceedings for an old-fashioned hymn sing! How festive!

Jesus loves me, this I know
My bank balance tells me so
Platinum cards and Cadillacs
Livin' large on poor folks' backs

Yes, Jesus loves me
Yes, Jesus loves me
Yes, Jesus loves me
My broker tells me so

Real Clear Politics is starting to piss me off!

Is it RCP or Drudge Report?

RCP is *supposed* to be a "balanced" selection of links to political news and opinions of the day. I counted yesterday afternoon's selections, 7 out of 11 were from the Repug side. Every time I'm feeling really good about this election, like Friday AM after the convention, just go to RCP and have your hopes dashed.

At least I've learned which publications lean which way. Sometimes it's interesting (and revolting) to see how the other side thinks. Especially the comments section.

If RCP is a true reflection of our nation I'm discouraged.

Photoshop help wanted

Or if someone already did this please reply & share thanks!

A pic of George W. Bush, standing at a podium giving a speech. The caption:

Hey Republicans! Did I miss this part of your convention?

Or something similar.

I'm at work & can't reply for a few hours but thanks in advance!!

38 years ago today...

Some of us are old enough to remember.
Richard M. Nixon became the only President ever to resign from office.

I was a few weeks away from starting my freshman year of college and leaving home for the first time. My parents were teachers and were home, and I remember watching the speech with them and watching Nixon board the plane and do his final "victory salute" or whatever that gesture was.

I was only 17 and not really interested in politics, and had been tuning out the whole Watergate thing for months. But I also remember a feeling of profoundness at watching history being made.

After the speech I went to my room and turned on the radio. This song was playing:

Come on people, now
Smile on your brother
Everybody get together
Try to love one another right now
Anyone else have memories of that day?
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