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Member since: Tue Jul 31, 2012, 06:04 PM
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Work in tv/film production - Unionista UPM for the DGA - Mother - Music Lover - Graduate of The New School economics/film - Born & raised in Williamsburg Brooklyn 1981 - living in Manhattan.

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Besides Creationism, look what else Christian textbooks are teaching kids.


ALWAYS The Victim.

An actual ad:

Silencing Christians?! Amazing how these people use the bible as a scapegoat for bigotry & oppression, yet the minute they get some pushback or any objections to their bigotry, hate, & oppression they ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS play the victim. Never mind the ACTUAL victims of their bigotry, it's all about THEM and THEIR oppression. The party of "personal responsibility" never seems to take responsibility for anything. Always just points fingers and blames others. Not even an apology, ever. Lied us into war, no apology. No WMDs, no apology. Blew a surplus, no apology. Ignored warnings about 9/11, no apology. Financial collapse on their watch, no apology. War on women, workers, unions, middle class, poor, gays, students, minorities, veterans, elderly, education, healthcare, science, etc. NO APOLOGY. Racist and homophobic statements, no apology. Just play the victim. Always the victim.

It's the Sarah Palin strategy: Say something offensive in public, then when others criticize you for it play the victim.

The Coming 'Instant Planetary Emergency'.

How will climate change affect the future of the planet? Scientists predict it will be nothing short of a nightmare.


“We’ve Never Been Here as a Species”

“We as a species have never experienced 400 parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere,” Guy McPherson, professor emeritus of evolutionary biology, natural resources, and ecology at the University of Arizona and a climate change expert of twenty-five years, told me. “We’ve never been on a planet with no Arctic ice, and we will hit the average of 400 ppm…within the next couple of years. At that time, we’ll also see the loss of Arctic ice in the summers.… This planet has not experienced an ice-free Arctic for at least the last three million years.”

For the uninitiated, in the simplest terms, here’s what an ice-free Arctic would mean when it comes to heating the planet: minus the reflective ice cover on Arctic waters, solar radiation would be absorbed, not reflected, by the Arctic Ocean. That would heat those waters, and hence the planet, further. This effect has the potential to change global weather patterns, vary the flow of winds, and even someday possibly alter the position of the jet stream. Polar jet streams are fast flowing rivers of wind positioned high in the earth’s atmosphere that push cold and warm air masses around, playing a critical role in determining the weather of our planet.

McPherson, who maintains the blog Nature Bats Last, added, “We’ve never been here as a species and the implications are truly dire and profound for our species and the rest of the living planet.”

While his perspective is more extreme than that of the mainstream scientific community, which sees true disaster many decades into our future, he’s far from the only scientist expressing such concerns. Professor Peter Wadhams, a leading Arctic expert at Cambridge University, has been measuring Arctic ice for forty years, and his findings underscore McPherson’s fears. “The fall-off in ice volume is so fast it is going to bring us to zero very quickly,” Wadhams told a reporter. According to current data, he estimates “with 95% confidence” that the Arctic will have completely ice-free summers by 2018. (US Navy researchers have predicted an ice-free Arctic even earlier—by 2016.)

The rest: http://www.thenation.com/article/177614/coming-instant-planetary-emergency#

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