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Profile Information

Name: Defacto7
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Portland, OR
Home country: not sure anymore
Current location: depends on which proxy I'm using
Member since: Wed Aug 1, 2012, 01:44 AM
Number of posts: 13,485

About Me

Humanist, Classical musician, Linux hack, Liberal, Cosmology enthusiast, Refuse resurrectionist, Living with you in purgatory

Journal Archives

I feel the same sadness, the same disappointment.

You write truth from the broad perspecive time provides. Living history and retaining the whole picture is one of the greatest gifts a human can experience. It's also one of the greatest gifts you could give to those who would hear. If there is hope for humanity the path would be found in the memory and experience of those like yourself who have fought for collective human rights against the cheep dribble that comes from the short-sighted, the greedy, the ignorant and the gullible who have brought us to where we are now. There will always be a question whether present and future generations will learn from the past and fight for the common good or choose to sink into slavery as has happened over and over in history. We fight on.. we hope and warn. People will hear or ignore. We keep on.. and on. That's what we do.

I no longer consider

this administration, the GOP or those who supported and voted for them American. They have shut themselves out of reality and democracy and I'll be damned if I'll let them carry the banner of the United States.
There's a lot to be ashamed of, but that doesn't include the true democracy of our constitution's founders. Be ashamed of the traitors, not America.

Lies can only go so far

before facts catch up and quash them. People wise up with facts eventually. The issue is how much time passes and how much damage do lies create before losing the war?
Lies on our side will do no more than create confusion, lengthen the battle, cause more casualties and open the door to other forms of human control.
Stick to facts and reason.

I took a walk through sheol and eternity today...

I took a long walk through the dark web a couple of days ago tor'ed to the hilt. It was a learning experience. Some of it poignant where the fight for freedom takes a cloak of anonymity to be heard and not killed, some of it was purely disgusting, much of it sales of the untouchable and illegal and some just plain terrifying. It just so happened that after my delve into that hell, and after a long shower, I found myself on a page where an photographer who lives in a secluded haven from civilization was taking the most inspiring photographs of the Aurora Borealis and a dynamically clear Northern sky at 40 below Celsius brought sacred memories to me of the beautiful quiet of time, the hallucinogenic bells of the Northern lights with F# ringing in the middle your brain and the expanse of living a thousand miles from any civilization, on the brink of universe. This dichotomy of humanity and the universe gelled in my mind a poem, a parity of a great poem. It's meant to be ironic to the point of a strange comedy mixed with the ugly times in which we live and end is a sort of semi salvation... It's disjointed on purpose and all elements that are asymmetrical are meant to be that way. It expresses my schizophrenic relationship with mankind and reality. I won't mention the poem that it comes from but you can see if it has enough resemblance to make the point.


Power On Stall

Oh, I have slid these surly bonds through scorched death and danced the din of crouching uncivilized hordes.
Down, down, with weeping scorched wings, I hear
The burning lies, the unnatural imprisoned screech of mindlessness.
Religionwar, the pain of a billion things you may soon hear of...
I dream,
Freed from the unsanctified memetical fog,
I hear the quietness of a trillion things greater than myself, reach out my hand
and touch dimensions in a cosmos.

MT 2015

An "alarm" for health of ocean life...

The ocean is the origin of all life on earth. It's a single organism with a beating heart of thousand year intervals between beats and human civilization has exited for about 7 beats. Humans as a species has lived about 100 beats, mammalian life about 300,000 beats and all living organisms about 3 million beats. We are simply playing on the edge of a precipice that separates our form of life from other forms of the ocean's choosing. It can obliterate us in a matter of months when it "decides" it has had enough of our foolishness. When the time comes for the ocean to clean us out it will reverse the course of life on the planet as it has done several times already, starting the timer over as if we had never exited.

The ocean will not die by our hand but it graciously gives us a timed choice. We can join the rest of successful living organisms thriving and evolving, or we can continue on our suicide course of arrogance and complacency which will only lead to obliteration, a blip in earth's history unremembered. The ocean will die when the cosmos calls it's number and not before. So we join life or we ignore it.

Tick.... tick....tick....

one little added note

This is the proper title for this article:

Typical Straw Man Argument Used to Undermine Scientist's Credibility

Christmas or not, do we really need to try to undermine a scientist's credibility with common fallacy arguments that appeal to the unthinking? Whatever your religious or non-religious persuasion, don't you think we have undermined critical thinking enough? Articles like this are one of those slow creeping methods of promoting anti-intellectualism. It's one of those non-truths we complain about in politics that are there just to make a bad impression of the undeserving.

False arguments do not a "zinger" make.

I agree....

Anti-intellectualism has been part of the US culture since the 1860s. It has fluctuated over time, but it's a slow rot that is now exploding due to a culture of greed that has so easily used our expanding media information/misinformation machine to sell complacency and dull public interest in anything that can't be spread on toast. Living a life of luxury is the goal instead of making ourselves and our world better for having lived. Our collective intelligence has basically crashed in the last 150 years and most within the last 40. I spent many hours in my post-grad school archives reading personal letters and other communications of average as well as highly educated people from the 18th and 19th century's. The profound difference in language skills and sheer memory compared to the present can't be more evident. But the slow downward pace made it practically invisible to notice until now.

We are truly devolving.

I hear ya...

I could add several very disturbing nonpolitical issues to add to the mix and effect us all... but you don't need more on your plate it seems.

I have taken the position of active participant in moving the immovable wall just for the hell of it. I have given up on progress which isn't a factor to me anymore. I don't expect it, I don't require it, I don't hope for it. I just keep pushing that wall because it needs pushing and I don't intend on stopping. Maybe there will be enough who stick with it, and more are added to the ranks, and maybe some day that wall will fall.... maybe not.... but I just push. It deserves to be pushed.

The shrugging and ignoring

is a choice of an individual. Neither Romney nor Obama could make that happen. What Romney and those who control him would have put into play makes any complaint about Obama pale in comparison. And although I have plenty of criticism for some of Obama's choices, I have much more criticism and disgust for those who have empowered the right though their "shrugging and ignoring" which was their personal choice by right.

I could rec this a thousand times.

"in a misguided effort to fix what is not broken"

No one is trying to fix anything. It's a right wing plan to break it. Break the education system, turn it over to the private sector (Pearson and co.) and make the best education only available to those who can afford it. The rest become servants who are too stupid to know who to vote for and that voting even matters.

The plan is working.

There is nothing on earth more stupid than privatization of education. Standardizing education is to teach the mundane and undermine the advancement of society though the segregation of human abilities.

I do weep for America on this point, and I weep for the future of humankind.

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