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USAFRetired_Liberal's Journal
USAFRetired_Liberal's Journal
November 17, 2021

Republicans latest M.O.

Block and oppose Democratic bills and say that the democrats are acting alone and the bill is socialism. When the bill finally passes, they put out statements insinuating that they are responsible for bringing in money to their state/district, money that is related to the bill. When they get called out for it they say that they supported that part of the bill and had a hand in making sure that it was part of it, but voted no because they didn’t support the rest of it….they did it with this year’s Covid bill and now the infrastructure bill.



November 4, 2021

I don't get Democratic leaning voters who aren't fired up to vote

I don’t get how Democratic voters and so-called “moderates/independents” can either vote for republicans or not vote at all after seeing what happened after the election last year… These voters expected Biden to become president and solve all the country’s problems right away and now they are ready to turn the country back over to the republicans…..don’t they see that we barely averted a fascist trump takeover….we barely hung on due to a few democrats who held governorships, or who were sec of states or attorney generals….and a few republicans and judges who decided to do the right thing…..but there were so many Republicans in power who were willing to go along with the take over, and now we are giving Republicans even more power, if 2022 goes bad for the Democrats then the 2024 election doesn’t matter because this time around there will be too many Republicans in power who are going to be willing to go along….this isn’t going to be like ‘96 or ‘12 when Clinton and Obama took a beating during the primaries but were still re-elected, the Republicans are going to build an apparatus where they get the presidency whatever it takes

November 4, 2021

This is why Republicans are good at messaging

This isn’t a post peddling right wing talking points. It’s a post about how Democrats need to dumb down their message and stick to scripts like this. Republicans are good at saying simple bullshit like this and having all its members regurgitate it over and over and over wherever they go.
They have been doing the same crap for 40 years now and it works, while Democrats talk to professorial. I can watch a dozen news shows on Sunday and every single Republican will say the same exact thing, while Democrats go on shows and all are saying the same thing, but it sounds different because they aren’t regurgitating the same words.

We learned that parents should be empowered to make decisions about their children's education, not the federal government. We learned that Americans want more jobs, not more government welfare and reckless spending creating inflation. Americans want to fund their police departments, not defund them. Americans want freedom, not far-left socialism," House Republican Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik (N.Y.) told reporters.

"This is the message that united Americans across the country from New Jersey to New York to Virginia to Texas and united Americans behind Republicans last night. ... Republicans are the party of parents, of education, of small businesses, of freedom and family. Democrats are the party of big government socialism, creating crisis after crisis."

November 3, 2021

What the hell is going on with New Jersey

Seems like it has been the same count total for an hour

November 3, 2021

A thing that made me think that Mccauliffe was in bad shape

Even before the polling last week….one thing that made me think that he was in bad shape was he was constantly trying to egg Trump on to get involved….that reeked of desperation to me…a particular instance is when the DNC flew a plane near Mar a Lago with a sign trying to get him to chime in…you don’t do that if you are winning

November 3, 2021


Other then the California recall…I noticed a trend in polling where they overstate that democrats performance and understate republicans….case in point, the NJ election….and even the POTUS election last year, other than Georgia it seems like Biden underperformed in the actual vote in multiple states that he won and lost

November 3, 2021

Virginia House is a tie

I saw a post 20 minutes ago that said that the Republicans gained control.


November 3, 2021

When Republicans lose or win

When Republicans lose they go further to the right which fires up their base to vote in any and all elections

When they barely win they take that as evidence as having a mandate and go even further to the right

When Democrats win, we take that as we won because of “moderates”, with the help of the MSM and republicans pushing that talking point…so we govern as moderates trying not to offend these so called independents while alienating our base (which was the real reason we won)…so our base decides to stay home and not vote

So when we lose, we take that as proof that we went too far left, again with the help of the MSM and Republicans, so we go more to the center trying to win over “moderates”, while further alienating our base

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