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USAFRetired_Liberal's Journal
USAFRetired_Liberal's Journal
March 25, 2021

Hunter Biden is trending

Due to some gun incident in which the Secret Service supposedly inserted itself. Politico is trying to make it seem shady. If anything, to me it shows that Trump probably tried to use the secret service to find some dirt on the Bidens as it happened around the same time as the Ukraine thing...he was President at the time and Biden nor Hunter were under secret service protection....but politico and the conservative media are acting like the secret service was covering something up for Biden...dumb story that is going to get a lot of play in the right wing echo chamber and bubble....Politico was wrong for writing this


March 24, 2021

At the Houston Airport

Haven’t been to an airport in over a year. TVs are on CNN and MSNBC, none on Fox...not surprised about CNN because I have seen many airports with CNN on ...shocked and presently surprised with MSNBC

March 21, 2021

Glory days of Trump's gold-plated 757 seem far away as plane sits idle at a sleepy airport

I wonder if he can even pay the storage fees much longer....I know when I wanted to store furniture in a temperature controlled facility it was $200 a month....storing a plane has to cost some $$$$


March 21, 2021

Oh oh...Biden and the Democrats are in trouble

To have twitter tell it....Trump backed Republican wins Special Election in Trumpy district...who would have thought this was possible...


March 20, 2021

The U.S. has no moral authority on lecturing other countries on human rights abuses

When I see U.S. politicians criticizing other countries on the way they treat their citizens, I just roll my eyes...when we have cops constantly getting away with murder we have no moral authority


March 17, 2021

172 Republicans voted against Violence against women act

They voted against the stimulus and now this...and it’s because they know nothing will happen to them and they will get re-elected in their MAGA districts... their constituents vote against their own self interest just as long as “the others” suffer


March 13, 2021

Crying 'cancel culture' has become a lucrative money maker for the right

Some irrelevant person who is trying to stay relevant says something racist, homophobic, sexist, etc....They get talked about, people get mad, the person cries that they are being canceled and censored (ironically on some media platform), racists come to their defense and send them money.

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