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Bloomberg Funds Last-Minute Advertising Blitz for Biden in Texas and Ohio

Bloomberg Funds Last-Minute Advertising Blitz for Biden in Texas and Ohio

The billionaire former New York City mayor has concentrated largely on Florida in the general election. But his private polling found President Trump vulnerable in two of the country’s biggest red states.

Michael R. Bloomberg’s team is convinced that Texas and Ohio are crucial targets. The cost of the two-state campaign is expected to be around $15 million.Credit...Chang W. Lee/The New York Times

By Alexander Burns Oct. 27, 2020, 5:00 a.m. ET



The Bloomberg team conducted polling in a number of states over the weekend and came away convinced that Texas and Ohio represented its best targets — narrowly divided electoral prizes where the war for television airtime is not already cluttered with heavy advertising on either side. The team presented Mr. Bloomberg with the numbers on Monday morning and he gave the go-ahead.

“We believe that Florida will go down to the wire, and we were looking for additional opportunities to expand the map,” Mr. Wolfson said. “Texas and Ohio present the best opportunities to do that, in our view.”

Mr. Bloomberg is also planning to increase the size of his television ad buys in Florida over the next week, Mr. Wolfson said.

Should either Texas or Ohio slip into the Democratic column, it would likely indicate not only a Trump defeat, but also one by a thumping margin. The two states have 56 Electoral College votes between them, and Mr. Trump’s campaign has never devised a path to victory that does not involve carrying both.

And Mr. Biden’s campaign has not been relying on either Texas or Ohio to deliver the crucial 270 Electoral College votes needed to seal a victory:


It occurred to me as I looked at this tweet-America is standing in line to VOTE--not demonstate.....

The lines are the protests [hopefully Dems outnumber Repugs].

I have looked at this pics last week or so--just line after line--city after city. I do not hear about any protests. Probably are some but these pics are kicking them to the edge of the media radar.

America has awoke. Hopefully a blue wave.



This chart shows why Trump is *so* dangerous to the GOP

As dumpy trumpy would say---it is what it is.

This chart shows why Trump is *so* dangerous to the GOP


Analysis by Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large

Updated 6:34 AM ET, Tue October 27, 2020

Harry Enten polling analysis: Trump is dragging down GOP

(CNN)Win or lose in eight days' time, President Donald Trump's lasting legacy on the Republican Party will be a shrinking base that looks less and less like the country.


The chart above -- from Ford Fessenden and Lazaro Gamio, two talented data journalists, for The New York Times -- makes that point in the starkest and most powerful way I have yet seen.

Trump's victory in 2016 was seen as a rebuttal to predictions of a demographic cataclysm for Republicans. Despite the growing diversity of the country and the declining share of White voters as a percentage of the overall electorate, Trump managed to win the White House on the strength of his popularity among Whites without college degrees -- particularly in the Rust Belt states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

The exit poll from that year tells the story. Trump won Whites with a college degree (or higher) by 3 points over Hillary Clinton. He won Whites without a college degree by 37 points. The former group made up 37% of the overall electorate while the latter was 34%.

The problem for Republicans is that rather than seeking to broaden the GOP coalition after a victory built on White, non-college educated voters, Trump instead seemed intent on alienating all but that hardcore base.

The effects of such a base-centric campaign was evident in the 2018 midterms where Republicans suffered widespread losses as suburban voters -- particularly women -- rebelled against the brand of conservatism Trump was selling.



Joe Biden quotes Pope Francis in criticizing 'phony populists' who seek to divide and prey on fear

Trump camp are soulless creepy fools

Fact check: Trump campaign deceptively snips video of Biden quoting the Pope


Fact check: Trump campaign deceptively snips video of Biden quoting the Pope

By Daniel Dale, CNN

Updated 8:01 PM ET, Tue October 27, 2020
Daniel Dale: No evidence award Trump touts is real

Daniel Dale: No evidence award Trump touts is real 01:39

Washington (CNN)



In a Tuesday speech in Georgia, Biden, a churchgoing Catholic, quoted from an encyclical published by Pope Francis in early October. In that text, the Pope criticized "aggressive nationalism" and anti-immigrant populism, called for a "better kind of politics" that emphasizes love and urged politicians to ask themselves certain questions he suggested would guide them toward serving the public interest rather than their own selfish motives

The Trump campaign account created a seven-second clip that showed Biden saying only this: "Why am I doing this? Why? What is my real aim?" It tweeted the shortened clip, with a caption that consisted solely of the truncated quote, to its 960,000 followers -- creating the impression that Biden had been questioning his own candidacy.

Facts First: The Trump campaign's tweet was highly deceptive. Biden was directly quoting Pope Francis when he posed these questions -- and then the former vice president immediately answered the questions.

The Trump campaign's deception might have been especially noteworthy because it was deception about a quote on the subject of making politics more noble. And it was also noteworthy because it was deception related to the Pope. Trump has accused Biden of being against God and religion.

Joe Biden quotes Pope Francis in criticizing ‘phony populists’ who seek to divide and prey on fear



Heavily armed militias become a growing cite in US cites.............

Headline on msnbc earlier

"What is overhanging all of this of course... what will the president say? Will he use that very dangerous rhetoric and even more than that, will he direct some kind of message at these groups?" - @CalNBC
on his reporting on militias w/ @NicolleDWallace


Lesley Stahl gets security protection after death threat over Trump '60 Minutes' interview: report

damn. Journalists best watch their backs with Trump still on the trail and his Maga fans out of control


Lesley Stahl gets security protection after death threat over Trump ‘60 Minutes’ interview: report


KATE FELDMAN 7 hrs ago

Senate races that could tilt power toward Democrats
Infectious disease doctor on US coronavirus surge: This is still the first wave

CBS has reportedly hired full-time security for “60 Minutes” host Lesley Stahl after a family member received a death threat over her interview with President Trump.

An unidentified suspect called Stahl’s home Thursday, just hours before the president released his own copy of the interview on Facebook, and threatened her and her family and “said something about neo-Nazis,” TMZ reported Tuesday.

The Los Angeles Police Department would not confirm whether an investigation has been launched.

Stahl, 78, now reportedly has security guards at her home and with her whenever she goes out in public.

@FLOTUS: slams Democrats: "Children watching and learning about politics in our country deserve a b


First Lady Melania Trump slams Democrats: "Children watching and learning about politics in our country deserve a better display of political responsibility."



Reuters: Michigan judge sides with gun rights advocates to allow open-carry of firearms at polling p

damn damn

Reuters: Michigan judge sides with gun rights advocates to allow open-carry of firearms at polling places on Election Day


Oct 27 2020 sick joke by Rep @Jim_Jordan............after Trumps Handmaiden confirmed by @GOP

Keeping this here for now.

Don’t ever forget. @Jim_Jordan
sent this tweet. He’s the ranking member on this committee, he allowed wrestlers to be molested for years at OSU while he turned a blind eye. Hell has a special place for this fool. Make the GOP pay down to the Town Council level on Nov 3rd!


Justice Kagan Says Supreme Court 'Failed' To Protect Voters Amid Pandemic

Source: huff post

POLITICS 10/26/2020 09:40 pm ET

The liberal justices dissented as the Supreme Court ruled against extending Wisconsin’s deadline to count mailed-in ballots received after Election Day.

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan slammed the court’s decision not to extend the deadline to receive mail-in ballots in Wisconsin and said it would “disenfranchise” voters in a pandemic.

In a Monday ruling, the Supreme Court sided with Republicans in its decision to block Wisconsin from counting mail-in ballots that are received after Election Day, Nov. 3.

“The Court’s decision will disenfranchise large numbers of responsible voters in the midst of hazardous pandemic conditions,” Kagan wrote in her dissent, joined by liberal justices Stephen Breyer and Sonia Sotomayor.

The justices were split 5-3, with the conservative majority negating a lower court’s ruling that had ordered mailed ballots to be counted if postmarked before Nov. 3 and received up to six days after Election Day, as they had been during the state’s primary.

In her dissent, Kagan noted that the COVID–19 pandemic “has turned in-person voting (with its often-long lines, touch screens, and enclosed booths) into a health risk.”


Wisconsin is expected to be a tight race in the presidential election. In 2016, President Donald Trump won Wisconsin by less than 1 percentage point, or under 23,000 votes.


Read more: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/supreme-court-justice-kagan-dissent-wisconsin-election_n_5f976ea7c5b646c70e9bbcd0?ncid=tweetlnkushpmg00000067

This IS national news. It was a major part of WI law suit that we are in the middle of a pandemic--that was the reason they wanted the accepting of ballots to be extended. And the SC failed to protect us--and may do so in other states.

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