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Within national parks is room—glorious room—room in which to find ourselves, in which to think and hope, to dream and plan, to rest and resolve. —Enos Mills

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NRA Filmed Its Rule-Breaking Pro-Trump Ad At Alexandria National Cemetery

Source: mediamatters.org

NRA Filmed Its Rule-Breaking Pro-Trump Ad At Alexandria National Cemetery
Blog ››› 7 min 20 sec ago ››› TIMOTHY JOHNSON

............On June 30, the NRA Political Victory Fund launched a $2 million ad buy in swing states. The ad features veteran Mark Geist -- a survivor of the 2012 Benghazi terror attacks -- as he walks in and stands in front of a national cemetery.

Because of the distinctive fencing and foliage, Media Matters can identify the cemetery as Alexandria National Cemetery. A Friday visit to the cemetery confirmed it as the location for the ad.

The cemetery is located in Old Town, Alexandria, which is also the headquarters for NRA News and the site of an office of Ackerman McQueen, the NRA’s ad firm.

It is a violation of government policy to film a political ad at a national cemetery. In recent years, several political ads have been pulled because they were filmed in national cemeteries.................

Read more: http://mediamatters.org/blog/2016/07/01/nra-filmed-its-rule-breaking-pro-trump-ad-alexandria-national-cemetery/211331

A controversial National Rifle Association ad filmed at a military cemetery in violation of government policy was shot at Alexandria National Cemetery.

Hillary's Huge June Fundraising- $40.5 Million, $44 Million CoH, $28 Million Downballot, $45 Averag

Congrats to Hillary and her Team. She will need every penny of it.

Damon Bethea Retweeted
MarissaYaasss ‏@mdgriffin44 1h1 hour ago

Hillary's Huge June Fundraising- $40.5 Million, $44 Million CoH, $28 Million Downballot, $45 Average #ImWithHer


Hillary's Huge June Fundraising- $40.5 Million, $44 Million CoH, $28 Million Downballot, $45 Average

By TobyRocksSoHard

Friday Jul 01, 2016 · 12:28 PM CST

News is just breaking that Hillary Clinton had a massive month in grassroots fundraising for her campaign and for Democrats up and down the ticket across the country.

She raised over $40.5 million for her own campaign, $28 million for downballot candidates, and retains $44 million cash on hand, a huge warchest going into the convention and the general election (and likely to dwarf Donald Trump, who had just 1.3 million CoH last month).

All in all this nearly $70 million haul in a single month represents a huge success in grassroots fundraising as the party unites behind our nominee. The large investment in state parties and their coordinated campaigns will be crucial in our fight to take back the Senate and the House, as well as gain control over state governments before the next round of redistricting after the 2020 elections............................

Josh Schwerin @JoshSchwerin

.@HFA begins July with $44m on hand after bringing in more than $40.5m with average donation of about $48

Josh Schwerin @JoshSchwerin

Additionally, @HillaryClinton raised about $28m for the DNC and state parties across the country
12:19 PM - 1 Jul 2016

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.@realDonaldTrump says it's always packed house for him.. not this time.

so sad!!

Shaun Boyd

.@realDonaldTrump says it's always packed house for him.. not this time.

daisy rothschild ‏@daisyrothschild 13m13 minutes ago Denver, CO

@CBS4Shaun @CBSDenver @realDonaldTrump Where is that located? is this live?
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CBSDenver ‏@CBSDenver 12m12 minutes ago

@daisyrothschild Yes, he is currently speaking at the Colorado Convention Center downtown. Watch it here:

The ‘Save America’s Pastime Act’ Aims To Keep Minor League Baseball Players In Poverty

I am always amazed at the titles that lawmakers give some of their bills1

The ‘Save America’s Pastime Act’ Aims To Keep Minor League Baseball Players In Poverty


by Lindsay Gibbs Jun 30, 2016 1:10 pm

CREDIT: Shutterstock

When you think of overpaid athletes rolling in the dough at the expense of others, baseball players in the minor leagues are not usually the first people that come to mind.

That is, unless you happen to be U.S. Representatives Brett Guthrie (R-KY). Last week, he introduced a bill misleadingly called the “Save America’s Pastime Act,” with the sole purpose of keeping Minor League Baseball (MiLB) players from federal minimum wage and overtime requirements.

Initially, this was presented as a bipartisan bill along with Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-IL). However, on Thursday she announced that due to the backlash, she was withdrawing her support after “several concerns about the bill have been brought to my attention.”


While baseball games only last a few hours, between travel and training, practices, and promotional appearances in the community, most players in the minor leagues are working far more than 40 hours a week. Minor league players work five months a year chasing after their major-league dreams, and yet very few of them earn enough to cross the federal poverty line. Apparently, though, they’re the ones who are threatening the future of baseball as we know it.

The “Save America’s Pastime Act”
insists that ticket sales and local community sponsors pay the salaries of the players in the minors. In fact, it’s actually billionaire MLB owners that are financing these salaries, as a way to develop future talent for their lucrative big-league teams.

“It’s despicable. You have billionaire major league owners working with millionaire minor league owners to add to their pockets more, and at the same time you have minor leaguers who are making below the poverty wage,” Garrett Broshuis told Sporting News. “You’re talking about a group of guys whose salaries start at $1,100 per month, and they’re only paid during the season. They’re not paid during spring training. They’re not paid during instructional leagues.”............................

ICYMI: It’s time to admit Hillary Clinton is an extraordinarily talented politician

One really has to read the entire article IMHO. I missed this article from a few weeks ago.

It’s time to admit Hillary Clinton is an extraordinarily talented politician


Updated by Ezra Klein on June 7, 2016, 10:31 p.m. ET @ezraklein

.......It may not be impossible for a woman to win the presidency the way we are used to men doing it, but it is unlikely. The way a woman is likeliest to win will defy our expectations.

Perhaps that's why we don't appreciate Clinton's strengths as a candidate. She's winning a process that evolved to showcase stereotypically male traits using a stereotypically female strategy.

And it's working.
A campaign of relationships, not speeches

There is a narrative that has emerged in the Democratic primary, and it goes something like this: Hillary Clinton locked up the Democratic establishment long before the primary began in earnest. She's the wife of an ex-president. She was endorsed by virtually every elected official in the party and pretty much every major interest group. Her dominance of the inside game was unprecedented for a non-incumbent candidate. And she used this elite firewall to choke off Sanders's revolution.

When Sanders's supporters argue that the election was rigged against their candidate, this is what they are talking about. Sanders, they feel, did what you normally have to do to win an election: He generated more enthusiasm, brought in more voters, raised more money, gave better speeches, and polled higher in head-to-head matchups against the Republican candidate. It was only Clinton's pact with the Democratic establishment that stopped his rise.

In this telling, the way Clinton won the primary is the reason her victory feels hollow: It was nearly preordained, and the seriousness of the challenge Sanders posed just shows what a flawed candidate she really is.

Hillary Clinton And Bernie Sanders Spar At Democratic Debate In Brooklyn
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

But another way to look at the primary is that Clinton employed a less masculine strategy to win. She won the Democratic primary by spending years slowly, assiduously, building relationships with the entire Democratic Party. She relied on a more traditionally female approach to leadership: creating coalitions, finding common ground, and winning over allies. Today, 208 members of Congress have endorsed Clinton; only eight have endorsed Sanders.

This work is a grind — it's not big speeches, it doesn't come with wide applause, and it requires an emotional toughness most human beings can't summon..

Until Hillary Clinton.

View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter

laura olin @lauraolin

made some tiny emoji art to mark this moment

8:06 PM - 7 Jun 2016

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Walker Thought His Business Tax Break Would Stimulate The Economy. The Early Returns Aren’t Good.

Spud Lovr ‏@SpudLovr 32m32 minutes ago

Scott Walker’s Tax Giveaway To Rich Isn’t Doing Much For Anybody Else http://thkpr.gs/3794729 via @thinkprogress #wiunion #wiright #p2 #ctl


Seems all red states are having financial problems! GOTV for the Democrats--All of them please.

Walker Thought His Business Tax Break Would Stimulate The Economy. The Early Returns Aren’t Good.


by Aaron Rupar Jun 30, 2016 5:08 pm

In 2011 — the same year Scott Walker became governor — Wisconsin enacted a Manufacturing and Agriculture Credit (MAC) meant to stimulate the state economy by providing tax relief for those who use property for productive purposes. A new study indicates it’s providing lots of tax relief for the rich but not much economic stimulus for anybody else.

The Wisconsin Budget Project study finds that MAC is taking a much greater toll on the state budget than lawmakers envisioned. Though it was initially estimated that the credit would reduce tax collections by $129 million in fiscal year 2017, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue now estimates it’ll cost $284 million next year. That’s roughly $30 million more than the amount Walker and the Republican-controlled legislature cut from the University of Wisconsin System in 2015.

The study also finds that MAC disproportionately benefits the rich and has had a negligible impact on job creation. Tax filers who make $1 million or more received 78 percent of the total credit amount this year, while those who make less than $300,000 got just seven percent. In return for that massive tax giveaway to the wealthy, Wisconsin’s manufacturing sector, which receives five out of every six MAC dollars, has actually shrunk relative to the rest of the state’s economy....................

by Aaron Rupar Jun 30, 2016 5:08 pm

Wisconsin voter ID trial ends today. GOP bragged about disenfranchising blacks & students

Remember this!!

Ari Berman

Wisconsin voter ID trial ends today. GOP bragged about disenfranchising blacks & students https://www.thenation.com/article/the-gops-war-on-voting-is-working/

Watch people attack Hillary Clinton for dishonesty — while lying through their teeth

I watched this earlier today and was just astounded--how person after person said they had read these made-up fake emails.
These went on national TV--how embarrassing for them. Karma works well!!

Watch people attack Hillary Clinton for dishonesty — while lying through their teeth


By Aaron Blake June 30 at 8:58 AM

Hillary Clinton is not a trustworthy person -- that seems to be the consensus of much of the country, and it's throwing a wrench in what might otherwise be a more-lopsided presidential election.

And who better to judge her for her lack of trustworthiness than people who are in the process of lying themselves?

Jimmy Kimmel's "Lie Witness News" took to the streets to ask people about the approximately 160 previously unreleased Clinton emails this week. The show, of course, totally made up what was actually in the rather bland emails -- saying Clinton was responding to spam from Nigerian princes and asking Vladimir Putin for shirtless pictures, for instance.[/ But that didn't stop these people from describing how they had read about these non-existent emails and berating Clinton over them.

The best part? The interviewer gets almost all of these liars to attack Clinton for her lack of honesty......................

Lie Witness News - Hillary Clinton Email Edition via @YouTube #sheswithus

0:00 / 0:30
Lie Witness News - Hillary Clinton Email Edition

Here’s why Hillary Clinton is about to start airing TV ads in Nebraska

Source: washington post

By John Wagner June 30 at 6:50 PM

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign said Thursday that it would expand its eight-state television advertising effort to include what at first blush might seem an unlikely location: heavily Republican Nebraska.

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee is planning to go up in the state’s 2nd Congressional District, which is centered on the city of Omaha.

Nebraska is one of only two states that awards part of its electoral votes based on congressional district. The other is Maine. In Nebraska’s case, two of the state’s five electoral votes go to the statewide winner. The other three are distributed on the basis of performance in its three congressional districts.


The campaign has previously started airing ads in battleground states including Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Iowa, New Hampshire, Ohio and Colorado...........

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2016/06/30/heres-why-hillary-clinton-is-about-to-start-airing-tv-ads-in-nebraska/

It also says Obama did the same in 2008.


Hillary Clinton speaks in New York in April. (Yana Paskova/For The Washington Post)

NYT Politics Verified account ‏@nytpolitics Jun 27

Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren are a near-perfect pair on the campaign trail http://nyti.ms/290dA4Z

People wait to hear winners Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren speak in Ohio today.

Thought this was a grand pic that I just now saw


People wait to hear winners Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren speak in Ohio today.

Hillary Clinton expands lead over poor pathetic Donnie

By kos

Monday Jun 27, 2016 · 10:33 AM CST

CINCINNATI, OH - JUNE 27: People wait to hear Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speak at the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal June 27, 2016 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Elizabeth Warren is helping Clinton campaign in Ohio. (Photo by John Sommers II/Getty Images)

It’s been a good week for those of us expecting a better elections result on this side of the pond.

The current trends give Hillary Clinton a 7.3-point lead over the tiny-fingered, cheeto-faced, ferret-wearing shitgibbon (thanks Scotland, for that one!). Remember: In 2008, President Obama’s landslide victory over John McCain was 7.2 points. And the numbers haven’t stopped shifting on this one either, since we’re still waiting for some Bernie Sanders supporters to come home. And Trump sure hasn’t stopped screwing the pooch.

Driving these numbers are Clinton leads in pretty much every poll: ABC/Post +12, NBC/WSJ +5, Ipsos/Reuters +10, Rasmussen (crap) +5, ARG +9. About the only halfway positive results for Trump are Morning Consult, which only have Clinton at +2. But even that one has Trump stuck at 40 and look at that! None of the polls listed above have him at over 41. It’s quite similar to Mitt Romney in 2012, also stuck in the low 40s for most of the campaign season.

As you can see from the graph above, Clinton’s post-primary bounce has yet to stall while Trump is headed south. And his performance in Scotland in the wake of the Brexit vote won’t make things any better for him. .....................


The latest national polling composite from Pollster.com

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