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Sen Kamala Harris: Calls are the single most effective way to make a difference in the fight against

Kamala Harris‏Verified account @KamalaHarris May 5

Calls are the single most effective way to make a difference in the fight against the #AHCA. Call your Senators now: (202) 224–3121.




Gov Walker blows up at county exec for asking about people losing health care instead of tourism

Real job growth in WI has been slow at best. And Walker is putting lots of time and effort into tourism, which provided low paying seasonal jobs (except for upper management and CEO's ) and seldom provides health insurance benefits.

WATCH: Scott Walker blows up at county exec for asking about people losing health care instead of tourism

06 May 2017 at 14:57 ET


Gov. Scott Walker -- screen grab

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) snapped at a Democratic county executive on Friday for asking him how he will handle citizens of Wisconsin losing their health care under the GOP-controlled House vote to repeal and replace Obamacare.

“The plan is I’m going to wait for what the Senate and the president do, and we’ll see from there,” Walker replied before grandstanding for the cameras in mock outrage. “So just to be clear folks, just to be clear, the county executive wants to take away from tourism right now and play a political stunt about a topic that has nothing to do with what we’re talking about today.”

Walker accused Nelson of playing politics, telling him he had a chance to run for Congress and adding, “You want to run for governor, run for governor,”

“Look, this obviously has gotten under your skin,” Nelson shot back

“What’s gotten under my skin, ladies and gentlemen,” Walker said as he again addressed the cameras, “is the fact that someone decided to pull a political stunt and show up at an event about tourism.”.....

Past time to send @speakerRyan out to pasture!!...

HuffPost‏Verified account @HuffPost 15h15 hours ago

Progressive activists raise record amount to defeat Obamacare-repealing Republicans http://huffp.st/eYTam7c

No District Is Off the Table: Health Vote Could Put House in Play

Lots and lots of work to do next year and a half folks.

‘No District Is Off the Table’: Health Vote Could Put House in Play


Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns
8-10 minutes

All seven of the House Republicans from California who represent districts that Mr. Trump lost voted for the bill, a collective act of political audacity in a state simmering with anger toward the president. While Mrs. Clinton won Representative Carlos Curbelo’s Miami district by 16 percentage points, he also voted yes. And other Republican lawmakers who represent districts that decisively rejected Mr. Trump, like Mr. Roskam and Martha E. McSally of Arizona, supported the measure.

All told, 80 House Republicans from districts Mr. Trump carried by 55 percent or less voted for the health law’s repeal. “Any Republican member of Congress in a seat that the president won by less than 10 points who isn’t concerned needs to be concerned,” said Glen Bolger, a Republican pollster.


“We have to keep our own base excited because off-year elections are about the base,” said Representative Steve Stivers of Ohio, who oversees the House campaign arm. “We need to show them accomplishments.”

Republicans have their own opportunities in a scrambled House map, and they are aggressively recruiting in districts held by Democrats that Mr. Trump won or narrowly lost, including those represented by Rick Nolan and Tim Walz in Minnesota, Matt Cartwright in Pennsylvania and Jacky Rosen in Nevada. And many of the Republicans facing arduous re-election campaigns are among the most battle-tested.

Still, the Republican Party faces daunting challenges in 2018. Midterm elections are traditionally difficult for a party with full control of the government, even more so when it is bearing the burden of an unpopular or polarizing president. And Mr. Trump is struggling with disapproval ratings unseen this early in the administration of any other modern American president.


When women aren't at the table, we're on the menu: List** of ALL MALE Repug Senators for #TrumpCare

Eric Schneiderman Retweeted
Cecile Richards‏Verified account @CecileRichards May 5

Cecile Richards Retweeted Dylan Scott

When women aren't at the table, we're on the menu.




Idiot Rep Labrador Repug, Idaho: Nobody dies because they dont have access to health care.

WATCH: Idaho town hall erupts after GOP lawmaker says ‘no one dies’ from lack of health care


Tom Boggioni
06 May 2017 at 09:31 ET

Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID) at town hall via @GlennMosley1 on Twitter

Voters attending a packed town hall in Idaho booed and shouted down their Republican congressman after he attempted to defend the House passing a replacement for Obamacare by telling the crowd “no one’ in the US dies from lack of health care.

Appearing less than 24 hours after the GOP-dominated House of Representatives passed the American Health Care Act (AHCA), Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID) was on the receiving end of complaints from the audience and at one time admonished them to stop being rude, reports the Idaho Statesman.

At the town hall at Lewis-Clark State College in Lewiston, Idaho, Labrador was confronted by a woman who told the lawmaker that she feared the loss of health care protection under Medicaid would result in deaths.

“That line is so indefensible,” Labrador said. “Nobody dies because they don’t have access to health care.”

Labrador’s comment was immediately shouted down by the crowd.

Being booed at town halls is not something new for Labrador who received similar treatment in April when he told a town hall audience that he doesn’t believe health care is a “basic human right.”




Under ACA, companies couldn't discriminate based on your genetic tests: Trumpcare--YES THEY CAN!

First I have heard of this! Whow. Gets worse each Time I read about this horrible bill!

Park Ranger Retweeted
Mary E Losch‏ @MaryELosch 23h23 hours ago

Suprised there is not more coverage of this part. #AHCA #NOTokay

WIRED Science‏Verified account @WIREDScience

Under ACA, companies couldn't discriminate based on your genetic tests. In the new health care bill, you can.


Author: Adam Rogers. Adam Rogers Science Date of Publication: 05.04.17.

7:55 pm

The House Health Plan Makes Your Genes a Preexisting Condition

Getty Images

Of all the provisions of the Affordable Care Act—“Obamacare,” if you’re on a first-name basis—the one that seemed the most uncontroversially humane was the guarantee that insurance companies could not use so-called preexisting conditions to deny coverage. If you had a chronic illness or had recovered from something and lost your insurance, or if you quit or got fired, you could still get onto a plan.

But the odds say that sick people stay sick or get sicker, and insurance companies don’t make a profit by paying out. By voting to repeal the ACA and replace it with … well, with something, not totally clear what, the Republican-led House of Representatives seems to have nuked the preexisting condition guarantee. The new bill, which passed in a close 217-213 vote, allows insurance companies to charge sick people more. According to one nonpartisan analysis, it allocates enough money to cover those higher rates for just 5 percent of people with preexisting conditions.

Think it can’t get worse? Hold, as the saying goes, my beer. The ACA specifically protected against discrimination for preexisting conditions that showed up through genetic tests. You might not be sick yet—in technical terms, the illness has not manifested—but if you, for example, test positive for one of the pathogenic variants (a less X-Manly term than “mutation”) in the BRCA gene that predisposes you to breast cancer, you could still get covered. If the House bill becomes law, that protection vanishes.

Advances in genomics in the seven years since the ACA became law haven’t helped scientists better define a preexisting genetic condition. The more you know about genetics, the more conditions start to look preexisting. But multiple interacting genes and environmental effects mean it’s hard to tell what’ll turn from potential to real. The issue is “penetrance”—what proportion of people who have a pathogenic variant will actually get the disease? “You could say all of us have a preexisting condition of import, and it’s just a matter of when we’re going to manifest it,” says Eric Topol, a genomicist at the Scripps Research Institute. “Very few of us are genetically bulletproof.”

It’s not like nobody saw this debate coming. Even back when sequencing a human genome cost $100 million, policymakers and scientists were trying to figure out how to safely get data from people while simultaneously keeping insurers and employers from using it to screw them. After a decade of debate, the result was the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, a 2008 bill that aimed to protect people’s genetic privacy. GINA wasn’t perfect—it doesn’t extend to long-term care and life insurance, for example.............................


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Mail my body to Paul Ryan: An extremely morbid way to protest the GOP health-care bill



‘Mail my body to Paul Ryan’: An extremely morbid way to protest the GOP health-care bill

By Avi Selk May 6 at 9:00 AM

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan, by a wide margin, is the Congress member most people want to send their dead ashes to, said the website's creator. (J. Scott Applewhite/AP)

Mailing human ash is not nearly as complicated as you might think. You basically just need some bubble wrap, a sturdy box and a special label, according the U.S. Postal Service’s handy guide.


Or maybe (not in pamphlet) you want your own mortal remains shipped to one of the Republican House members who just passed a health-care bill widely expected to strip insurance from millions of people and hike medical costs — just in case that leads to your death.

What started as a morbid joke on Thursday afternoon became by Friday a functional website, and not so much a joke anymore.

Mail Me to the GOP: the brainchild of college junior Zoey Jordan Salsbury, who threw the website together after the vote, and by 3 a.m. had hundreds of submissions on a small server that keeps crashing under the load.

Trump hints at ending financing for historically black colleges

Source: the hill

By Rebecca Savransky - 05/06/17 09:14 AM EDT

President Trump in a statement Friday called out a program that helps finance construction for historically black colleges, emphasizing that the future of the program is subject to his constitutional authority.

In a statement issued when the president signed the spending bill this week, the president said he would treat the Historically Black College and University Capital Financing Program Account "in a manner consistent with the requirement to afford equal protection of the laws under the Due Process Clause of the Constitution's Fifth Amendment."

Earlier this year, dozens of representatives from the country's historically black colleges and universities came to Washington to meet with senior administration officials.


In general, the meetings were a troubling beginning to what must be a productive relationship, Morehouse College President John Wilson Jr. said in a statement to the schools students after the meetings.

Read more: http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/332193-trump-hints-at-ending-financing-for-historically-black-colleges

Whow. just whow!!



In a signing statement on the $1.1 trillion omnibus government spending bill, Trump singled out the Historically Black College and University Capital Financing Program as an example of provisions in the funding bill that allocate benefits on the basis of race, ethnicity, and gender.

Previous presidents, including Barack Obama and George W. Bush, often issued such statements when they signed legislation to signal they may ignore or disregard parts of laws passed by Congress.


Trumps statement also suggests concern about programs listed under the School Improvement Programs section of the budget. Those include a wide range of education-related programs, such as after-school initiatives and programs that support Native Hawaiian and Alaska Native education.

Smith noted that the federal designation of an institution as an HBCU is not based on race, but rather on mission, accreditation status and the year the institution was established. She speculated that the signing statement may simply be the Office of Management and Budget being overly cautious and perhaps not fully understanding this important distinction as it relates to HBCUs, but UNCF needs more information regarding their thinking and intent. ............................ ..........................


Jamil Smith‏Verified account @JamilSmith 12h12 hours ago

Trump signals that he'll refuse to enforce a federal financing program that helps HBCUs build on their campuses. http://politi.co/2pPu99M
42 replies 238 retweets 103 likes

Frederick Douglass and 178 others follow

Keith Boykin‏Verified account @keithboykin 11h11 hours ago

Trump just said f*** you to every HBCU president who sat up in the Oval Office and smiled in his lying face.
58 replies 287 retweets 311 likes

Josh Marshall Retweeted
Gary Legum‏ @GaryLegum 11h11 hours ago

Man, this administration is just something else. http://politi.co/2pKJOH4
27 replies 100 retweets 107 likes

Hinterland Gazette‏ @hinterlandg 12h12 hours ago

Um, #HBCU presidents in WH photo op got played. Trump suggests financing program for HBCUs may be unconstitutional http://politi.co/2pKJOH4


Hillary Clinton Slams GOP Passage of Trumpcare as a Shameful Failure of Policy, Morality

Hillary Clinton Slams GOP Passage of Trumpcare as a “Shameful Failure of Policy, Morality”
Written by Janet Shan on May 4, 2017

Read more: http://hinterlandgazette.com/2017/05/hillary-clinton-gop-passage-trumpcare-shameful-failure-policy-morality-urges-resistance.html#ixzz4gE36iqN3


John Wesley Shipp‏Verified account @JohnWesleyShipp 19h19 hours ago
Replying to @HillaryClinton

Thank you, Hillary, for your lifelong commitment to healthcare. A lot of love out here for you, our legitimate president #3MilMore

...............The resistance movement continues to strengthen as more and more people are paying attention to the disaster that is unfolding before our eyes with the election of a lunatic, who is pro-white, pro-Wall Street and pro-ultra rich. Donations are pouring in to resistance groups in massive numbers. Swing Left raised $400,000 in 24 hours, while Daily Kos raised thousands this afternoon alone.

Read more: http://hinterlandgazette.com/2017/05/hillary-clinton-gop-passage-trumpcare-shameful-failure-policy-morality-urges-resistance.html#ixzz4gE4AnlkN
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