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Member since: Wed Aug 15, 2012, 03:24 PM
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@MalcolmNance coming up soon on The Beat with Ari--6pm ET Trump, Russia & Intelligence.

29m29 minutes ago

Watch: I will be on @TheBeatWithAri tonight during the 6pm ET hour to discuss Trump, Russia & Intelligence.


CNBC: Nikki Haley Asks For $200K And Use Of Private Jet For Speaking Gigs

CNBC: Nikki Haley Asks For $200K And Use Of Private Jet For Speaking Gigs


By Summer Concepcion
January 30, 2019 1:18 pm

Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley is cashing in on her new private sector career by charging $200,000 and the use of a private jet for domestic speaking gigs, according to a CNBC report Wednesday that cites seven people “with knowledge of the arrangement.”

The sources also tol...............................

Schumer's Flip Phone Is The Thorn On WH's Side Of The Border Wall Fight

I am glad to see this article --and good that he is getting credit also.

Both of our Dem leaders need the world to see they work together to get the job done.

Schumer’s Flip Phone Is The Thorn On WH’s Side Of The Border Wall Fight


By Lisa Mascaro

January 30, 2019 5:35 pm

WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House plan for peeling off Democrats to support President Donald Trump’s demands for billions in border wall money ran into a particularly stubborn obstacle: Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s flip phone.

Schumer had already been talking with his colleagues for months, anticipating Trump’s fight. Soon after the midterm elections in early November, the New Yorker started doing what he does best, talking to his senators.

One by one, he dialed them on his vintage flip phone to gauge support for spending money on the wall with Mexico. He made a beeline for them across the Senate floor. He cornered them in the Senate gym. Most Democrats told him they were against it.

That unity buoyed Democrats during the just-concluded shutdown saga and is now girding them for the next tussle, with a second federal closure threatened by the White House.

While Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., seized the starring role against Trump’s border wall, Schumer played no small part by helping shore up his side of the Capitol and bolstering Pelosi’s position.......................

Bannon in documentary: I was 'doing the lord's work' in White House

Bannon in documentary: I was ‘doing the lord’s work’ in White House


By Brett Samuels - 01/30/19 08:42 AM EST

Former White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon said in a new documentary that he didn't enjoy his time in the Trump administration, but said he was "doing the Lord's work."

USA Today reported that Bannon is the subject of a documentary, "The Brink," which will premiere Wednesday at Sundance Film Festival. The film focuses on Bannon's life since departing the White House in mid-2017.

“There’s no glamour to the job," Bannon said in the documentary. "I hated every second I was there. The West Wing has bad karma to it. They say, ‘Because you were doing bad stuff!’ But I was doing the Lord’s work.”

Bannon does not speak badly of President Trump in the documentary, USA Today reported, saying that Trump is a "historical figure and a transformative president."....................................



Chilly morning in #Chicago #PolarVortex

It is the cold wind that seems to creep into every crevice.

Chilly morning in #Chicago #PolarVortex





It's so cold in parts of the Midwest, they can't deliver beer

Source: CNN

Updated 12:38 PM ET, Wed January 30, 2019

(CNN)Ice cold beer is great. Frozen beer is not.

That's why, with a historic deep freeze gripping the Midwest, beer deliveries are on hold in some parts of the region.

Temperatures are so low that beer will freeze -- around 32 degrees or slightly lower, depending on alcohol content -- on the trucks before it can be delivered.
Kegged beer in trucks froze Tuesday, before temperatures even reached their coldest.

"Most of the folks up north are not delivering," says Mike Madigan, president of Minnesota Beer Wholesalers Association. "Most distributors are not delivering in the Twin Cities, down south and out west."
In Minneapolis, the temperature Wednesday hit minus 26 degrees, with a wind chill of 53 below zero.......................

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2019/01/30/us/beer-delivery-midwest-trnd/index.html?utm_medium=social&utm_term=image&utm_content=2019-01-30T21%3A31%3A09&utm_source=twCNNi

I had stocked up prior to the deep freeze--but did not know about the possibility of NOT delivering the brew!!


McConnell rips a federal holiday for Election Day as part of a "power grab" by Democrats to win elec

Mitchy is bitchy about the Dem bill te he



Paul Moment @paulmoment
2h2 hours ago

Paul Moment Retweeted Steven Dennis

Pelosi has McConnell and the GOP on record unpatriotically lashing out at *voting* and *democracy*.

This newly energized Dem party is 🔥🔥.


On Senate floor Mitch McConnell rips a federal holiday for Election Day as part of a “power grab” by Democrats to win elections.

Show this thread


McConnell said Democrats want “generous new benefits for federal bureaucrats and government employees” including Election Day holiday and up to six days of paid leave “for any federal bureaucrat who decides they’d like to hang out at the polls during an election.”
41 replies 233 retweets 792 likes

Steven Dennis
‏Verified account @StevenTDennis
2h2 hours ago

McConnell thinks those federal workers would use their time off to work to elect Democrats.
He also ripped federal matching funds for candidates, etc. in HR 1, which he calls “The Democratic Politician Protection Act”

70 replies 238 retweets 835 likes

Kelly Plonka
‏ @cariadlynn2011
1h1 hour ago

Replying to @StevenTDennis

This guy . . . can we please get him voted out of office so he and his neck can crawl back under the rock from whence he came. I know he represents a whole slew of guys just lke him, but I'd like log onto the news or Twitter and NOT see his face. That would be a start.

Malcolm Nance: Trump "is megalomaniacal, delusional--the greatest threat this nation has ever faced

Until the Congressional GOP condemn trump and his dangerous comments, he will continue on............

As an Intelligence warrior my mission was to identify imminent threats to our great nation. A megalomaniacal, delusional #RussianAsset who thinks he knows better than all of us is the greatest threat this nation has ever faced. Our Constitution gives us tools to #DisArmTheThreat


Spot on Shred!



LIVE now: Hillary hosts a discussion on empowering youthPueto Rico and Clinton Foundation...

She is speaking now.

Looking forward to the second day of @ClintonFdn's San Juan event on post-disaster recovery in the Caribbean. Hope you'll tune in this morning as Hillary hosts a discussion on empowering youth in the region to build back better: http://live.clintonfoundation.org #IdeasIntoAction

Testimony by intelligence chiefs on global threats highlights differences with president

Testimony by intelligence chiefs on global threats highlights differences with president


Coats outlines threats from Russia and China

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats spoke about the espionage and cyber threats from Russia and China during congressional testimony on Jan. 29. (Reuters)
By Shane Harris
January 29 at 11:46 AM

China and Russia are working together to challenge U.S. leadership in the world, undermine democratic governments and gain military and technological superiority over the United States, the nation’s top intelligence official told a Senate panel Tuesday during a hearing that also underscored the distance between the U.S. intelligence community and President Trump on several critical fronts.

The two U.S. adversaries “are more aligned than at any point since the mid-1950s,” Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats said in his prepared remarks before the Senate Intelligence Committee, seemingly invoking the Cold War of the 20th century to warn lawmakers about the strategic risk posed by China and Russia.

The countries have expanded cooperation in the energy sector over the past half decade; influenced international bodies that set rules and standards, particularly around communications technology; and will collaborate on the shared goal of “taking advantage of rising doubts in some places about the liberal democratic model,” Coats warned.
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CIA Director Gina Haspel, FBI Director Christopher A. Wray and other top officials joined Coats in a discussion that covered a wide array of national security challenges, including cyber attacks that will aim to disrupt the 2020 presidential election and the continued threat posed by the Islamic State and other terrorist groups.

Coats, speaking on behalf of the assembled officials, gave a global tour of national security challenges, focused mainly on Russia, China, Iran and North Korea.

He said that North Korea was “unlikely to completely give up its nuclear weapons and production capabilities,” which the country’s leaders consider “critical to the regime’s survival.”

FBI Director Christopher Wray, CIA Director Gina Haspel and Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats arrive to testify to the Senate Intelligence Committee on worldwide threats on Capitol Hill, on Tuesday. (Salwan Georges/The Washington Post)

That assessment threw cold water on the White House’s more optimistic view that the United States and North Korea will achieve a lasting peace and that the regime will ultimately give up its nuclear weapons.

It was not the first time that U.S. intelligence has determined North Korea is not on the path to surrendering its weapons. And throughout the hearing, officials found themselves repeating earlier assessments on subjects that also were at odds with the president’s public statements.

The statement on North Korea drew extra attention coming ahead of a planned summit meeting next month between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Their first summit last year ended with a vague agreement that contained few concrete goals and deadlines.

The distance between the intelligence community and the White House extended to areas that have ignited fierce political debates in Washington.

None of the officials said there is a security crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border, where Trump has considered declaring a national emergency so that he can build a wall................
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