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Within national parks is room—glorious room—room in which to find ourselves, in which to think and hope, to dream and plan, to rest and resolve. —Enos Mills

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Americans are DYING at a rate of ONE/Per MINUTE of #coronavirus! per 11th Hour msnbc!

I had also heard that number earlier today. whow.

Kayleigh McEnany Is Being Mocked Over Her 'Weird And Pointless' Lie About An All-Female Press Team

seems she has nothing better to do than to make a fool of herself!


Kayleigh McEnany Is Being Mocked Over Her ‘Weird And Pointless’ Lie About An All-Female Press Team


Jessica Toomer
November 30, 2020

Kayleigh McEnany is a woman. She’s also the latest in a string of press secretaries to serve Trump over the course of his embattled presidency, but for some reason, she’s pretty upset that President-Elect Joe Biden is getting kudos for hiring an all-female press staff ahead of next year’s inauguration. So upset, in fact, that McEnany has taken to Twitter to rant about coverage of Biden’s historic appointing and, weirdly, erase the existence of her male colleagues in the process.

It all started Sunday evening when McEnany became enraged at a Washington Post article that lauded Biden’s all-female communications team. McEnany took to Twitter to refute the article’s claim that Biden’s would be the first female-only press team, led by former Obama White House communications director Jen Psaki.

And look, touting diverse hiring practices and bragging about giving women jobs they’re more than qualified for isn’t that great a look for anyone, but what’s worse is blatantly lying about your hiring practices and completely sweeping your male colleagues under the rug in a display of shallow feminism. This is what McEnany did when she maintained that Trump’s White House press team was also made up entirely of women. Unfortunately for her, former Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway’s husband, George Conway, came to correct her and he brought receipts. .......................................




Make America incompetent again? Trump wants to ruin our merit-based federal jobs system.

Well worth a read of the full article.

Make America incompetent again? Trump wants to ruin our merit-based federal jobs system.
Trump wants to bring back a corrupt system of political patronage. Congress and Joe Biden must undo this attack on the capability of our government.


Max Stier Opinion contributor

Federal agencies across the government are quietly moving ahead with an 11th hour plan to fill vacant, nonpartisan career jobs with political appointees as well as fire and replace civil servants with individuals loyal to President Donald Trump.

With only two months to go before President-elect Joe Biden takes office, agencies are rushing to implement an executive order that would undermine the merit-based, nonpartisan civil service system, eviscerate employee due process rights and replace professionals with partisans.

Although the Oct. 21 executive order has brought congressional scrutiny and legal challenges, and would most likely be rescinded by Biden, Trump administration appointees are hoping to place as many allies as possible into key government positions as they head for the exits.
Loyalty would replace competence

While the conversion of political appointees to career positions, often referred to as “burrowing,” has long been a concern during presidential transitions, such conversions have been rare and ordinarily undergo a rigorous review process. ..................

Trump: they're [mailmen] in big trouble right now for selling ballots, getting rid of ballots.."

Seems trump said this yesterday. I have not heard of any being in trouble? Anyone know??
Also--note that now postal women are in trouble. chuckle

Kelly O'Donnell
Attack on postal workers, the president just claimed without evidence that "there are many mailmen, they're in big trouble right now for selling ballots, getting rid of ballots.."



How Democrats Suffered Crushing Down-Ballot Losses Across America

It's mind-boggling to me that any American newspaper would publish an election "analysis" without even mentioning the impact of over 1200 right-wing talk radio stations across the nation.

How Democrats Suffered Crushing Down-Ballot Losses Across America


How Democrats Suffered Crushing Down-Ballot Losses Across America

In statehouse races, suburban voters’ disgust with President Trump failed to translate into a rebuke of other Republicans, ensuring the party’s grip on partisan mapmaking.
Members of Progress PA, a group of suburban women in the Pittsburgh area, rallying for Emily Skopov in Wexford, Pa., last month. Despite Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s victory in her district, Ms. Skopov, a Democrat, lost her State House race.
Members of Progress PA, a group of suburban women in the Pittsburgh area, rallying for Emily Skopov in Wexford, Pa., last month. Despite Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s victory in her district, Ms. Skopov, a Democrat, lost her State House race.Credit...Ruth Fremson/The New York Times
Trip Gabriel

By Trip Gabriel

Nov. 28, 2020

WEXFORD, Pa. — Just a few seats shy of a majority in the State House of Representatives, Democrats in Pennsylvania this year zeroed in on Republican-held suburban districts, where disdain for President Trump ran hot.

One of their prime targets was in the North Hills suburbs outside Pittsburgh, which are home to big brick houses, excellent public schools and “the fastest-trending Democratic district in the state,” according to Emily Skopov, the Democratic nominee for an open seat there, who gamely knocked on the doors of Republican voters in the days before Nov. 3.

She was half right. Joseph R. Biden Jr. carried Pennsylvania’s House District 28, after Mr. Trump had won it by nine percentage points in 2016.

But Ms. Skopov, the founder of a nonprofit group who positioned herself as a moderate, was defeated.

Across the country, suburban voters’ disgust with Mr. Trump — the key to Mr. Biden’s election — did not translate into a wide rebuke of other Republicans, as Democrats had expected after the party made significant gains in suburban areas in the 2018 midterm elections. From the top of the party down to the state level, Democratic officials are awakening to the reality that voters may have delivered a one-time verdict on Mr. Trump that does not equal ongoing support for center-left policies.

“There’s a significant difference between a referendum on a clown show, which is what we had at the top of the ticket, and embracing the values of the Democratic ticket,” said Nichole Remmert, Ms. Skopov’s campaign manager. “People bought into Joe Biden to stop the insanity in the White House. They did not suddenly become Democrats.”.....................


Mysterious metal monolith discovered in Utah disappears

Source: the hill

By Marina Pitofsky - 11/29/20 04:03 PM EST

The mysterious metal monolith discovered earlier this month in a remote area of Utah has disappeared, less than a week after the structure was confirmed by state officials.

The Bureau of Land Management in Utah said in a Saturday statement that it received “credible reports” that the three-sided monolith was removed Friday evening from the area of public lands in southeastern Utah where it was initially discovered on Nov. 18.

The bureau said it did not remove the structure and that the local sheriff’s office would be responsible for investigating the removal.

However, the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office shared on Facebook that it does “not have the proper resources to devote much time to the appearance and subsequent disappearance/theft of the structure.”

Read more: https://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/527908-mysterious-metal-monolith-discovered-in-utah-disappears

Well, it is obvious the aliens took it. yes sireeeeeeeeeeeee!





Source: State Sen. Doug Mastriano gets a positive test at Trump meeting

Source: The Sentinel

Mark Scolforo Associated Press 15 min ago

HARRISBURG — A Pennsylvania state senator abruptly left a West Wing meeting with President Donald Trump after being informed he had tested positive for the coronavirus, a person with direct knowledge of the meeting told The Associated Press on Sunday.

Republican state Sen. Doug Mastriano had gone to the White House last Wednesday with like-minded Republican state lawmakers shortly after a four-hour-plus public meeting that Mastriano helped host in Gettysburg — maskless — to discuss efforts to overturn president-elect Joe Biden's victory in the state.

Trump told Mastriano that White House medical personnel would take care of him, his son and his son's friend, who were also there for the Oval Office meeting and tested positive. The meeting continued after Mastriano and the others left, the person said.

The person spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the private session because the matter is politically sensitive.

Positive coronavirus cases are surging across the United States and the nation's top infectious disease expert said Sunday that the U.S. may see "surge upon surge" in the coming weeks. The number of new COVID-19 cases reported in the United States topped 200,000 for the first time Friday........................

Read more: https://cumberlink.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/source-state-sen-doug-mastriano-gets-a-positive-test-at-trump-meeting/article_132f9d39-45c8-5d08-8ae7-5b1a37618d33.html

Source: Pa. lawmaker gets a positive test at Trump meeting

By MARK SCOLFORO41 minutes ago

Pennsylvania state Sen. Doug Mastriano, R-Franklin, center, speaks to supporters of President Donald Trump as they demonstrate outside the Pennsylvania State Capitol, Saturday, Nov. 7, 2020, in Harrisburg, Pa., after Democrat Joe Biden defeated Trump to become 46th president of the United States. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)


Wisconsin recount confirms Biden's win over Trump, cementing the president's failure to change the e

Source: Washington Post

Wisconsin recount confirms Biden’s win over Trump, cementing the president’s failure to change the election results

Rosalind S. Helderman November 29, 2020 at 10:43 a.m. CST

The recount of presidential ballots in Wisconsin’s two largest counties finished Sunday, reconfirming that President-elect Joe Biden defeated President Trump in the key swing state by more than 20,000 votes.

After Milwaukee County completed its tally Friday and Dane County concluded its count Sunday, there was little change in the final breakdown of the more than 800,000 ballots that had been cast in the two jurisdictions. As a result of the recount, Biden’s lead over Trump in Wisconsin grew by 87 votes.

Under Wisconsin law, Trump was required to foot the bill for the partial recount — meaning his campaign paid $3 million only to see Biden’s lead expand.

The results of the Wisconsin recount cemented Trump’s failure to alter the results of the November election in a series of states where he has falsely alleged there was widespread fraud and irregularities.

His efforts to stop Michigan officials from certifying the vote there earlier this month ran aground. A hand recount of ballots in Georgia confirmed Biden’s win in that state. Two new court decisions in Pennsylvania late last week rejected the Trump campaign’s attempts to halt the vote count there, the latest in a series of forceful judicial opinions that have tossed out claims by the president and his allies around the country.................

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/wisconsin-recount-over/2020/11/29/b4896ade-30c9-11eb-96c2-aac3f162215d_story.html

Trump tweeted this after the Milwaukee results were announced --Biden got 132 more votes .

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
The Wisconsin recount is not about finding mistakes in the count, it is about finding people who have voted illegally, and that case will be brought after the recount is over, on Monday or Tuesday. We have found many illegal votes. Stay tuned!

This claim about election fraud is disputed



Dangerous Times: "a gov't paralyzed by the president's fragile emotional state; advisers nourishing

"a government paralyzed by the president’s fragile emotional state; advisers nourishing his fables; expletive-laden feuds between factions of aides and advisers; and a pernicious blurring of truth and fantasy..."


Trump #Loser hairdo!

Trump claims world leaders calling him to say how messed up the US elections were: Bartiromo intervi

Beyond the crazy train........

In his first interview in weeks, President Trump says on Fox News that world leaders are calling him and telling him how “messed up” the U.S. election was. Many world leaders have phoned Joe Biden to congratulate him.


Listen to Trump’s interview w/ Maria Bartiromo & ask yourself if you’ve ever heard anyone else speak like this in public- delusional & incoherent. Probably not bc people at this point of mid-stage Dementia have been removed from public life & decision making by a caring family.


Trump is delusional about the result of the election. I've been cautious about using that word in particular, these past four years, but it's the word that fits here.


, why did you allow the President to repeatedly lie this morning about voter fraud? Why?



A friend called me and told me to turn on Fox. The Crazy Train was on full speed ahead!!

The interview with Maria Bartiromo displays why we have the #25thAmendment to the constitution. Our nation has #MadKingGeorge at the helm.


I’m old enough to remember when Maria Bartiromo still had a smidgen of respectability

Now she’s worse than North Korea’s Pink Lady



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