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Gender: Male
Hometown: South Florida
Member since: Thu Aug 16, 2012, 05:52 PM
Number of posts: 4,940

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HIPAA is going to be severely tested in the post-Roe world

The witch hunts that are bound to take place are going to get ugly.

At the end of the day, it seems like actual medical information is going to be needed in order to actually establish any potential "guilt" (and I use the term very loosely and only in the framework of something being against the law).

Where this "evidence" of wrongdoing comes from is going to get very complicated.

The police need to pick a side

The police are taking a lot of well earned criticism in Texas.

My view on this might be a little more nuanced than most people because I know a lot of heroes. Those of you that know my posting history know that I have spent time with rescuers in 9/11, Haiti, Surfside and others. I know what heroism looks like. I also know that not all people that look the part are able to act the part when the shit hits the fan. I get it.

But here is the thing. It is time for the police to pick a side.

Either you are on board with the 2nd Amendment crowd or you push for gun restrictions.

If you are on board with the 2nd Amendment crowd then our expectations are that you think you can handle policing that kind of nation. Including all the danger and deadly situations that it puts you in. If that is your position, we have the right to hold you accountable when things go wrong.

Otherwise, just admit that you are overwhelmed in an arms race and cannot effectively police a nation like this. Become an advocate for restrictions, licensing, background checks, a modern traceable registry and all the other things that would make it so much easier for you to do your job.

Be a part of solution or you are part of the problem.

You can't have it both ways.

Ok, I will say it

The Constitution is a FUCKED up document.

Any document that enshrines guns as a national religion is fundamentally flawed.

I am tired of towing the patriotic line. Days like today don't give me much to be proud about.

I don't care if people want to call me un-American.


To all of you defending the constitution by saying it is all about the interpretation...well yeah sure. That is what we are left with. But it is fucked up to have it there at all. Why elevate gun ownership above every other physical object. It simply has no place in the document at all and has been a source of misinterpretation all along.

This is disturbing (Warning Child Abuse Content)

I know it has become a solid bet that anything the GOP is accusing us of is essentially a confession of their own wrongdoing.

But this is a new low and made me physically ill


According to the government’s evidence, from April 2020 through February 2021, Verastigui was active in an online group devoted to trading child pornography and discussing child sexual abuse. Verastigui shared child pornography videos with another member of the group and made numerous comments about sexually abusing children. Verastigui indicated his preference for babies, saying they were his “absolute favorite,” and solicited another group member for videos of babies being raped. The other group member promptly sent Verastigui a video of a baby being raped, to which Verastigui responded enthusiastically. The other group member then sent Verastigui numerous other videos of child pornography.

Verastigui was part of a chat group involving at least 17 others who shared his interest in child pornography and abusing children that was investigated by the DOJ. This group included another Republican staffer, Trump Commerce Department official Adam Hageman, who was also charged last year with possession of child pornography. Upon his arrest, Hageman's phone “contained at least 33 videos that appear to contain sexually explicit depictions of children, including of prepubescent children.”

In the spring of 2020, defendant Adam Hageman joined a group devoted to trading child pornography and discussing sexually abusing children. There were 17 other members, several of which boasted about actively producing child pornography of children they had access to and then shared that content with the group. Not only did Hageman encourage others in the group to rape children and solicited them to share child pornography, but he also discussed his own sexual fantasies about children, expressing how much he was looking forward to the pandemic being over so that he could go to restaurants and parks and display his penis to kids. Hageman also said the youngest child he had had was 15 years old. And, he said he needed to start “crossing fantasies off his list,” asking for someone to find a dad with a young child they would be willing to “rent” out to the group. Hageman is a danger to the community and should be detained pending trial in this case.

All child sexualization is wrong but I do think that there are degrees of evil. I think we can agree that raping babies and renting kids for sex fantasies pretty much blows the top off the chart.

These people are seriously fucked in the head.

And for what it is worth, the jail sentence is about a quarter of what it should be.

Recommendations for Selling a Used Car

Any thoughts on selling a used car?

We have a surplus car now that my daughter is away at college and it is time to pare down. 2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid with very low mileage so it should be an easy sale these days.

I am looking for a good middle ground wholesaler. I don't want to get ripped off by the dealerships but neither do I want to deal with a private sale with the issues surrounding time, security and payment. I just want a moderately fair price and to have someone take it off my hands.

There seem to be lots of options like Carmax, Vroom, Carvana, etc. Ultimately, I will likely try several and take the best offer.

Just wondering if anyone has any experience or recommendations.

Imagining better priorities for yourself

I really enjoyed this NYT article about setting new priorities in the post Covid world. Maybe I am just a math nerd but he does an interesting job of quantifying our priorities.


We underestimate future possibilities for the same reason we overestimate the time we have left with those we love: our intuition is not very imaginative. It’s a human instinct to believe the life we’re used to is how things will always be, both the good parts and the bad.

Wallowing in regret carries an implicit assumption that we had agency in the past — that we could have had those other life paths if only we had made better decisions. When we think about the future, though, that feeling of agency often disappears, which can leave us feeling resigned and even hopeless.

But the life we’ll be living 10 years from now will largely be determined not by our past selves but by our present and future selves. If we imagine what we might regret down the road, it’s very much in our hands to do something about it now.

This is the good news about being a human. The time we have left with family and friends is not a law of nature like the weeks we have left to live. It’s a function of priorities and decisions.

Much more at the link. Hopefully you won't hit a paywall.

Is it just me or did Crypto jump the shark last night

The Crypto companies went all out on advertising spending last night during the Superbowl. This is one of many articles about how they dominated the airways. https://fortune.com/2022/02/03/crypto-super-bowl-commercials-binance/

I will be the first to admit that I don't really get Crypto currencies. It is more than just having a limited understanding of them. I just don't get why they exist in a broad market. It seems to me that they have limited uses for limited kinds of people like criminals and anarchists. All of the rest just seems like hype and the fear of missing out. Which is where the Super Bowl advertising spree comes in to fuel even more hype and FOMO.

I don't particularly have any gripe with the concept as long as they don't undermine actual currency that we all depend on.

But if I am going to adopt any means of currency, I have two major hurdles: A) Confidence that it is at least real enough not to burn me and B) Widespread places where I can use it

I don't see either of those things even close to being true yet. Maybe Bitcoin is conceivable in the 5-10 year horizon but it isn't there yet.

The problem I see is that there are dozens of different crypto currencies and there isn't room for more than 1-2. Meanwhile, the proliferation and ultimate failure of the rest is simply going to undermine the potential of the few.

Meanwhile, the entire argument for crypto seem to be in the speculation and trading realm. Which seems particularly suspect to me. Without a widespread marketplace actually utilizing the currency, it seems even more theoretical than ever.

Or, maybe I am just old.

Outrage of the day

So there is this...


Several Ohio State University departments are sponsoring "Sex Week" put on by a student organization, which includes one event where students are asked to "help thank abortion providers."

Student Advocates for Sexual Health Awareness is hosting the "Sex Week," but told Fox News Digital that several Ohio State University departments such as the Ohio State University Department of Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies and the College of Social Work are providing financial support for the week-long event.

One event hosted during "Sex Week" is "Valentine's for Abortion Providers" where students can "help thank abortion providers" for the work that they do.

Proud to say that mini-genxlib (or genzlib perhaps) is one of the organizers. Apples and trees and all. We made sure she got a decent Sexual Health Education and she has made it her own mission at college.

I just hope it doesn't stir up some crazies to harass them or worse.

The vaccine mandate falls and I'm not mad about it

So this happened today https://www.politico.com/news/2022/01/13/scotus-blocks-bidens-workplace-vaccine-rule-527054

But I have to say, I am not upset. I expect this opinion to be very unpopular but hear me out.

Here are three thoughts.

1. They have already accomplished most of what they could
2. Things were about to get very messy
3. I did not see a clear exit strategy

I have to say I was never a big fan. I have been uneasy about it in ways that may have been solved today. So allow me to elaborate on my above thoughts.

1. Many companies pushed forward and set early deadlines that have already motivated most of the reasonable fence sitters. Those are gains that cannot be taken back. What is left are the stubborn hold-outs that are desperately hoping for a medical or health exemption. It seems to me like we have already gotten much of the benefit that was ever available.

2. Going forward, things were going to get very messy to actually enforce the mandate. The hardened hold-outs were mostly going to ride this to the bitter end. We were going to see daily stories about denied waivers and employee terminations. All of this in the face of staffing issues, inflation, product shortages, etc. It was going to be a PR nightmare and we were going to create a shitload of martyrs in the process. Most of that would come with very few additional vaccinations.

3. I don't for one second believe that #2 was going to play out quickly. I suspect it would take till at least the end of the year to really close the books on enforcement due to court challenges and appeals, etc.. Personally, I think the Omicron wave may be the last serious wave to this pandemic. The infection rates are high and fast and have dropped off precipitously in other Countries. The net result of that could leave a relatively resistant Country better prepared to fight off future waves. Combined with better treatments and higher vaccine rates, things are better now than they were six months ago. Which begs the question, would we be enforcing this mandate on a population that no longer wants it. I could easily see a time when the population feels like we are past this and the Government is left wondering what to do with the mandate. Enforce it even though it no longer feels necessary? Forget it and empower the martyrs? Revoke it at the last minute? It just seems like a mess.

So I say this is an ugly end that might have avoided an even uglier end. I would just release a strongly worded statement to the effect of "we tried to do the right thing but those partisan assholes over there have left us to suffer more pain and suffering every bit of which will now be their fault"

I fully expect to take a lot of grief in the comments so do your worst.

Just a word of warning

I heard from two different people today that they tested positive for Covid19 after getting a negative rapid test.

Maybe that is a coincidence but appears that Omicron could be going undetected by the quick tests. Rapid tests have always been more faulty but I am getting the feeling that they might be giving us a false sense of security on this particular wave.

It appears the good Dr. Fauci was right when he said the Rapid tests might have issues with this variety.


Even testing before gatherings might not help keep the virus away.

Stay safe.
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