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Member since: Mon Aug 20, 2012, 12:16 PM
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Well, O'Donnell dealt with that quickly.

A simple retraction, regrets, then he moved on. I didn't time it but I bet it was under one minute. Handled well, all things considered. I'm sure he did exactly what MSNBC's attorneys said he had to do.

But I'd be willing to bet we haven't heard the last of this story.

Well, at least for now

The Democratic candidates I'm seeing on TV have stopped attacking each other and are directing the attacks at Trump, as they should be. I hope they keep it up.

And Beto O'Rourke's "What the fuck, press" moment was stellar.

Let's compile a list

of the outrageous things from the Trump administration that they want us to forget about because we are focused on what's happening now.

I'll start:

When do we, or at least members of Congress with the proper security clearance get to see the redacted parts of the Mueller Report?

If you can't lift yourself up

without tearing someone else down, you are not what I consider to be presidential material.

We already have a president who got there by doing that, and I am not pleased with the results.

Trump just said we have no written agreement with the UK.

Yes, he really said that. I guess he thinks that whole NATO thing is just a handshake deal.

Who will be the first candidate to promise

they will grant honorary citizenship to all the separated children being held in the concentration camps?

That's what I would do.

If nothing else,

it is nice waking up every day knowing that Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen woke up in prison.

For that, thank you Robert Mueller.

Trump nominates Sarah Palin to Federal Reserve Board.

Not really, but you believed it, didn't you?

We must realize what we are up against.

The most hard core republicans (not sure what the % is, but lately I think it's more than I used to think) truly think that the Democratic party exists for the main purpose of murdering babies. It's not just about pro choice, pro life or any other term you want to assign to it. They think it's murder on the level of every holocaust in history combined.

Trump knows this, and he showed it to us the other night.

Trump says they need to put a big blue tarp over the roof at Notre Dame.

Not really, but you believed it, didn't you?
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