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Hometown: Northern California
Member since: Mon Aug 20, 2012, 01:16 PM
Number of posts: 21,002

Journal Archives

Only the best people.

You know, like attorneys who wear a Justice Department wire while they discuss committing felonies with you.

The GOP has hired Ted Turner.

They are going to have him colorize Mike Pence.

I want everyone to notice

that of all the people who have flipped and are telling Mueller everything they know about the Trump gang,
none of them had to be waterboarded. There's some irony for you.

Do any other Californians feel this way?

Whenever I leave California, whether tp go on vacation or visit a relative, I feel like I'm almost in a foreign country. I feel a lack of security and contentment. Nothing horrible, and it's not keeping me from travelling, but something just doesn't feel right. I've travelled a lot in my lifetime, and been to about 40 states, and it's never felt like this.

Trump's gut is not smarter than his brain.

However, his asshole might be.

When you are retired, your resume

just becomes a list of things you never want to do again.

Willie McCovey has passed away.

A real class act.


Election mail.

As usual, in the past few weeks I have received so much election junk mail that sometimes I wish I had a fireplace so I could use the stuff to heat my house this winter.

But yesterday I got one piece unlike any I ever have seen. It was from Tom Steyer's organization. It was a simple post card urging me to vote in the upcoming election. What makes it different is there is a handwritten message on it from a person who describes herself as a 60 year old woman from Rhode Island. It does mention Trump once in a negative tone, but other than that it is entirely non partisan. It is not asking me to vote for any certain candidate.

It goes on to say I live in a targeted Congressional district. Not really true, we are pretty solid blue here. (California wine country) Our Democratic Congressman, Mike Thompson's opponent doesn't even state a political party.

Anyway, good job on the part of Steyer's organization to get people to actually handwrite these things. It really stood out among all the glossy stuff I have been finding in my mail box lately.

Wouldn't it be great if the Mueller investigation found out

that every one close to Trump, his kids, his lawyers, his accountant, etc. has been stealing him blind for years. Then we'd get to watch them all eat each other in court.

Tell every republican you talk to

that history will forever show that it was their party that had to lower the threshold to 50 votes to get their Supreme Court nominee seated. And that fact will stand forever and never change.
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