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Hometown: Northern California
Member since: Mon Aug 20, 2012, 12:16 PM
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How will you listen to the election results?

In my younger days I was a stay up all night person. Now I stay up fairly late, but actually get many final results the next morning. I'm on the west coast, so don't have to stay up too late to get some east coast results.

This year is going to be unique. Months ago my wife mad a very important medical appointment for Wednasday, and it really can't be delayed. We weren't even thinking about it being the morning after the election. It's not about anything life threatening, but it's important. The catch is it is 150 miles from where we live. So it requires me getting up at about 5:00 am. And it's going to be raining. We do have SeriusXM radio in the car, so we can listen to MSNBC on the radio.

So that's how we will get the results. AT 75 mph heading south toward Sacramento on hwy 5. Should be interesting. Never done it this way before. At least with having to do that drive, I won't drink the night before so I won't have that day after election hangover. There will be donuts.

I was watching President Biden speak at a rally today,

and it struck me how clear, sharp and strong his voice was after all the public speaking he has done lately. Many on the campaign trail are starting to lose their voices somewhat. I know I would be. Remarkable for someone his age. Good for him.

There was a house fire at a midwestern farm house.

The only thing that saved the people from being burned to death was the fact that their pet pig woke them when the fire started, so they got out safe even though the house was a total loss.

The local news thought this was a good story so they came out to interview the family and meet the pet pig. The dad told the story and the reporter noticed the pig only had three legs. The reporter asked how the pig came to only have three legs and the dad said "Well, with a special pig like this you don't want to eat him all at once."

I voted today. Straight Democratic, of course.

I took my ballot directly to the Registrar of Voters office, which is less than one mile from my house. No one there bothering people, in fact no one there at all except a few people who work in the office. I parked less than 50 feet from the door and just walked in. Living in a small town has it's shortcomings sometimes but today it was a good thing.

Note that the dimwit who attacked Nancy Pelosi's husband

was willing to risk spending the rest of his life in prison without even checking to see if she was in California at the time. These are the idiots we are dealing with.

Many years ago, someone gave me some very simple business advice:

Do what you say and say what you do.

Note that Trump does neither of these things.

James Comey.

I just thought I'd bring that name up so everyone can remind themselves about what he did single-handedly to try and destroy our nation. Never forget.

The thermometer on my patio says 116 degrees.

Fortunately it's not accurate. Feels more like high 80s today.

So we are pet-sitting for five days.

My grandson and his wife have four pugs and a maine coon cat. The pugs are the two parents and two pups, now one year old from the litter. We have a poodle/terrier mix and a maltese/yorkie, or morkie. We're in a two story house (grandson's house) in Northern California's gold country. My grandson, his wife and the two great grandchildren are at Disneyland.

Our dogs have only been around the pugs briefly and only a few times. Our morkie is very aggressive to anything with four legs. She has no idea how tiny she is. She weighs four pounds.

We're on our third day here, and it's been a full time job to get them to all play nice together, but we're getting there. Wa needed to do this because because my grandson is going to be putting a manufactured home on his five acres near the house we are staying at now, and we will move here in about six months.

The big surprise was the morkie and the cat. Our morkie chases cats in our neighborhood like she is going to tear their heads off, but never catches them. On the first day here her and the maine coon were rolling on the floor and playing very well together.

At night the two pug pups sleep in crates and the other four dogs sleep in bed with us. The cat is an outside nocturnal hunter and prowls the acreage. He has brought home lots of dead vermin and even a rattlesnake. If by sunrise he hasn't caught anything he scratches at the door and comes in and eats cat food.

Thanks if you bothered to read my long story. It's been lots of fun for us.

Do you ever cook for your dog?

Our dogs are small, old and don't really eat much, so we spoil them. We just cooked the latest batch. It is beef hearts, kidney, chicken hearts, brown rice and carrots. We boil it all and chop it in the food processor, then bag and freeze it. We got about 10 lbs of food for around $25. It takes some effort, but cost wise it is a little cheaper than good quality wet food. And of course, the dogs love it.
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