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Hometown: Northern California
Member since: Mon Aug 20, 2012, 12:16 PM
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My favorite melon if not one of my favorite foods period. For the last three to five years here (Northern California) the cantaloupes have been terrible. Dry, very little flavor and if there is flavor it's somewhat bitter. I just figured it was the drought and that's the way it was going to be.

This year, like usual I bought one as soon as the season started with low expectations. To make a long story short, they are fantastic. I've eaten about 15-20 of them from different sources, supermarket, roadside produce stands, even the food banks. They have all been great. Good prices, too. How are they where you live?

So, if you ever frequent wingnut websites,

And you find people saying things like "lock and load", "this is civil war", "stock up on ammo", etc., reply to them by saying "Good, put it in writing. This will help prove intent when you are in court."

In case anyone ever doubted the policy

of Biden not ever speaking about Garland's investigation, it's starting to look absolutely brilliant right now. They can't point to one single word Biden has spoken that makes it look like he had any influence on what happened today. Pure genius.

You know what's going to be the most fun part?

When Trump starts throwing everyone close to him, including his kids, under the bus.

MSNBC is covering Trump's return to Washington today

as if it were the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Holy shit!

President Biden even know how to have Covid better than Trump.

Another reminder of what marriage is all about.

My wife was having some minor covid-like symptoms, mild body aches, coughing, etc.

Nothing serious and the aches are probably her arthritis. But, she is going to baby sit the great grandchildrem next week for a few days, so she decided to use one of our tests to make sure.

After enough time passed she looked at the indicator and said: We're negative.

So here's the scenario.

It's election time in 2024. Trump has been convicted of serious crimes and has gone to prison, for a time long enough to essentially make it a life sentence. Regardless of who the two candidates are, if the republican candidate runs on the promise he/she will pardon Trump if elected, will this turnout more votes for the republican, or the Democrat, or maybe both.

One small upside to all the turmoil we are experiencing -

every day I feel a little better about being old. I almost wish I was older.

You know what amazes me?

With all the trouble the republicans go through to gerrymander a district so that a republican is guaranteed to win, you would think they would run someone who has an IQ above room temperature with the air conditiong on to run for it. They are spending millions on gerrymandering to run idiots to represent them.
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