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Hometown: Northern California
Member since: Mon Aug 20, 2012, 01:16 PM
Number of posts: 20,178

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The reason Trump is doing his crazed rant at the RNC right now

is to distract form the DeJoy testimony.

And MSNBC took the bait, hook, line and sinker. CNN did not.

Let me paraphrase something Lyndon Johnson said the night of his innaugural

I can't remember where I read this a long time ago, but as he left the party a bit early he said "Don't stay up too late, we've got a lot of work to do tomorrow."

This feels good right now, but buckle up.

How I know Harris was the right pick.

The right wing websites I sometimes prowl are on fire right now. Heads are exploding. This is Obama getting the nomination X 10. It's a wonder to behold.

I predict Trump uses the N word in front of a microphone before November 3rd.

Any network that televises one minute of this upcoming press conference

is complicit. And so are the journalists who participate in it. It's gotten to that point.

Given Trump's propensity for projection,

I'm really thinking he won In 2016 by using fake mail-in ballots.

I'm serious.

It makes me ill to see

Mitch McConnell speaking in front of the casket of John Lewis. Filth like him doesn't even belong in the same room with such a great man.

Has anyone noticed that Trump isn't even trying to expand his base?

He knows he doesn't have the votes to win the election, and he doesn't even seem to care.

There can only be one explanation for this. He thinks he has a way to make the election not happen. There's lots of crazy shit he could try, and the actions in Portland point to violence being the path he is choosing.

Trump says if too many teachers get sick he'll send in the military to run the schools.

Okay, he didn't really say that, but you believed it, didn't you?

And that's about where we are, folks.


When Trump spews his idiotic, racist, divisive bullshit at one of his Nazi rallies, you are not helping things by rebroadcasting parts of it over and over again hundreds of times on every show on your schedule until he does it again.

Please knock it off. We've seen it and heard it. Okay?

Very telling...

I'm watching Nicole Wallace interview Bolton on MSNBC. She's nodding along with everything he says and cracking a smile here and there. She is almost hypnotized by this creep. I'm not saying it is so, but it's almost like he wrote the questions she is asking.
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