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Hometown: Northern California
Member since: Mon Aug 20, 2012, 01:16 PM
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Evacuated again. **UPDATE on the kitties**

Not a big forest fire this time, it was the mobile home next door to me. We're okay, and back in our place already. Fire department is only one mile away and responded promptly. No real damage to our place, but it was close. The two elderly men who lived there got out with a few minor burns. Two cats, who are outdoor cats are still missing.

It was a double-wide mobile home and it went from flames coming out of a bedroom window to a 100% involved fire in about 15 minutes. Very fast and very scary.

**9/14 - I have got one of the cats, safe and sound. I can't bring her in the house because I have two dogs and a small house (mobile home). She's in a large dog crate I have and enjoying a can of Tuna Fish on my porch. It was so sad yet cute, I was out side today, and the burned trailer has a side porch that faces my side porch. It's about 4X8 and was the entrance the cats used 24/7. They always left the door open all night for the cats to come and go.

I looked over there, and there she was just laying in the middle of the burned porch looking bewildered. Now these cats are very skittish and have never let me get within 10 feet of them. I was worried she would just run off if I approached her. She just laid there calmly and let out the sweetest meow and let me pick her up. The owners are staying with friends about 15 miles from here and will come get her in the morning. Maybe we'll get lucky and the other one will show up by then.**

A different take on Kashmir:

If you're wondering what excuse the anti-vaxers have

now that a vaccine has full FDA approval, here's one from a wingnut website:

Approval doesn't make it safer, it just makes it easier for the government to force it on you.

And there we are.

Warp Speed indeed.

I just love that the vaccine that has been approved first is the one that didn't participate in Operation Warp Speed.

I hope George W. Bush

has started drinking again. I know if I was him I would have.

So, without going into a whole lot of detail,

All the younger people in my extended family are finally getting vaccinated since they and most of their children have gotten very sick, have lingering symptoms and one of them has been in the hospital for a month. It's gotten to a point where the few of us who haven't gotten sick are the ones who have been wearing masks for 18 months everywhere we go and have been vaccinated.

Probably just a coincidence.

The more diverse we are as a population,

the stronger we will be when we act as one.

That is all.

I look at it this way.

Joe Biden is the first President in history to do the right thing about Afghanistan. It may not be perfect, but it's in the right direction and it will look better as time goes on.

It's that simple.

A big Thank You

to whoever gifted me a Star membership. That was very kind.

Somehow I don't remember the press being so tough on Trump

when he pulled us out of Syria and abandoned our allies while handing over a US air base to the Russians. Does anybody else? All with no notice or negotiations, and no written deal that benefitted us in any way. Not that I've seen, anyway.
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