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I like the line "Voting Third Party is the Electoral Equivalent of Sending Thoughts and Prayers"


Got jobs? Spotted an interesting post on FB from Hillary…

New report: The economy will create 10.4 million new jobs under Hillary’s proposal

I went and found the reports…

“…Employment also receives a lift under
the secretary’s plan. During her presidency,
the economy would create 10.4 million
jobs, 3.2 million more than under current

Conclusions (HRC)
“…Evident from her proposals is the belief
that the country needs to invest more in
education, infrastructure and workers,
and that the well-to-do, and to a lesser
degree financial institutions and businesses,
should pay for it. While her budget
arithmetic does not completely add up, it
is pretty close, and the nation’s debt load
under her plan is no different than under
current law.

Nonetheless, the upshot of our analysis
is that Secretary Clinton’s economic policies
when taken together will result in a stronger
U.S. economy under almost any scenario..”



Conclusions (TRUMP)
“…Having said this, what he is asking for is
fiscally unsound. His tax and spending proposals
will result in very large deficits and a
much higher debt load. A future Congress
may be able to rein in this profligacy, but it
will not be easy, as there is a gulf between
what he says he wants on taxes and spending
and what it will take to make the budget
arithmetic work.

The upshot of Mr. Trump’s economic
policy positions under almost any scenario is
that the U.S. economy will be more isolated
and diminished.”


Reminds me of the grumpy old man yelling at the kids on the street to get off his property.

He needs to know how to answer these regarding breaking up big banks, they have not been secret:

Four questions to ask before breaking up the banks

Question One: Can I Keep My Bank?

Question Two: How Does a Global Business Like 3M Bank?

Question Three: What Does This Mean for U.S. Capital Markets and Debt Issuers such as Minnesota?

Question Four: Are We Sure Dodd-Frank Isn’t solving the problem?


The Norman Goldman talk show.

I’ve been listening to Norman for several years, first hearing him when he filled in now and then for Ed Schultz, and when they had phone chats regarding legal issues. I often have to take Norm with a grain of salt and he can get on ones nerves, but I have subscribed to his radio show podcast for the last couple of years. He has a Facebook page, twitter presence etc. and offers a free app, yada yada… I have no affiliation to him.

He streams his show live as well (3-6 PM Pacific), and he offers the archived first hour of his shows for free steaming at his web page.

That being said, I think the first hour of April 4 one of the best I have ever heard. It involves HRC and BS, and the fact that “party still matters.” That plus his interaction with his first caller Matt, who is also excellent, makes it one of the best hours I’ve listened to in years. I’ve replayed it a couple of times already.

Do it.

Norm's Show Open Plus Free Hour April 4th 2016
posted on: 4/4/2016

BTW; If you hate Norman and can’t stand him you don’t have to let me know… I don’t care.

Krugman: Republican Elite’s Reign of Disdain

“…Just to be clear, I’m not suggesting that Donald Trump has any better idea about what the country needs; he’s just peddling another fantasy, this one involving the supposed power of belligerence. But at least he’s acknowledging the real problems ordinary Americans face, not lecturing them on their moral failings. And that’s an important reason he’s winning.”


This, in a nutshell, is why I keep saying (and get alerted on) that Sander supporters are like Trump supporters. Both have the same 'you've been beat up by the system' message but with no distinct ideas that have a scintilla of a chance of becoming reality. Most Democrats are still living in reality and that's why HRC is winning.

That’s why I’m a Hillary man. Time to move forward.

Deceptive Poll Results (Hillary Group)

I see a lot of these type of “results” being passed around as real.

“Warning: Propaganda Sites Are Spreading Deceptive Bernie vs Hillary Poll Results”

“At some point on Tuesday, word got out via Facebook that Reuters has a new national poll showing Bernie Sanders leading Hillary Clinton nationally by, well, the numbers vary greatly. And why do the numbers vary so much? Because nearly everyone who's posted the poll results so far are being either deliberately misleading or they probably shouldn't be messing around with an interactive polling app….”

“…It appears as if we're witnessing the next evolution of the fake news site. A year ago or so, we observed how non-satirical fake sites cynically deceived readers for the sake of generating clicks via social media. And now the same model is being applied to the 2016 presidential campaign. Sure, US Uncut and the like are a little more grounded in reality, but not enough reality to make it trustworthy.

All that matters are clicks. Facts and honesty be damned.”


"Hillary Clinton’s all-American scarlet letter"

Somehow I missed this one. Makes me want to fight harder.

Hillary Clinton’s all-American scarlet letter

“There is something in the United States’s cultural imagination that has long prevented it from envisioning—and electing—a female leader. This observation is supported by a recent United Nation’s report that ranks the supposedly progressive United States 75th for the number of women in positions of political leadership. Currently, there are twenty-two countries led by a woman.

Perhaps Americans’ reluctance to elect a female leader—and their particular antipathy toward Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton—can be traced to the country’s puritanical origins. Other countries have a long tradition of recognizing and valuing women as leaders. Their myths include female gods and their histories are replete with female political icons, from Kali and Athena to Joan of Arc and Eva Perón….”

“…Even in 2016, there is little that America hates more than a “tainted,” experienced woman—especially a woman who believes her experience to be advantageous. Because Hillary is a woman with a past, the theory goes, she needs to atone. For example, that means she needs to take responsibility for her husband’s presidency and alleged sexual indiscretions.

In politics, the moral opposite of experienced is “pure.” And this is precisely the angle that Bernie Sanders’s campaign and supporters have taken this primary season. Susan Sarandon, for example, gave an interview with the Daily Mail proclaiming her allegiance to Sanders because he is “untainted.” Sanders has been painted as the pure ideologue, a political outsider who has been able to somehow transcend the political fray. In truth, he’s a longtime liberal senator who has served the Democratic party for decades. (Sanders has in the past registered as an Independent but caucuses with the Democrats in the Senate and is seeking the Democratic party nomination.)…”

“…Sanders’ male privilege, on the other hand, means that he can afford to position himself as an anti-establishment, ideological purist. “He gets away with proposing unrealistic policy ideas that have little chance of being passed even by Democrats in Congress, let alone Republicans,” Michael A. Cohen wrote in a recent piece for the Boston Globe, “and then gets praised for being authentic….”


From SFGATE, Ppretty much nails it.

On social media I’ve blocked/ghosted literally thousands of “friends” since the last two elections.

My intolerance is growing.

“…But hear this now, hardcore Sanders zealots: it’s become jarringly evident that many of you are losing perspective, becoming unhinged, veering way too close, in your savage anti-Hillary screeds, pro grumpy-old-populist obsessiveness and manic refusal to acknowledge historical context, toward raging fundamentalism.
You know, like an NRA fanatic. Like a Trump rage-aholic. A Mormon homophobe. A Planned Parenthood firebomber. Beware….”

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