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Trump accuses media of siding with freshman congresswomen in 'sick partnership'

Source: Politico

By QUINT FORGEY 07/19/2019 09:02 AM EDT Updated 07/19/2019 09:18 AM EDT

President Donald Trump on Friday accused the media of siding with Rep. Ilhan Omar and the other freshman progressive congresswomen with whom he has feuded this week, criticizing reporters’ coverage of the "send her back" chant that broke out at his most recent campaign rally.

“It is amazing how the Fake News Media became ‘crazed’ over the chant ‘send her back’ by a packed Arena (a record) crowd in the Great State of North Carolina, but is totally calm & accepting of the most vile and disgusting statements made by the three Radical Left Congresswomen,” the president wrote on Twitter.

“Mainstream Media, which has lost all credibility, has either officially or unofficially become a part of the Radical Left Democrat Party," he continued. "It is a sick partnership, so pathetic to watch!”

Beginning last Sunday, Trump has targeted a quartet of high-profile House Democrats — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Omar of Minnesota, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan — with inflammatory rhetoric, alleging the women of color hate America and should “go back” to their countries of origin.

Read more: https://www.politico.com/story/2019/07/19/trump-freshman-congresswomen-media-1422421

Five Things to Watch In the Next Democratic Debate

July 19, 2019 at 8:37 am EDT By Taegan Goddard

A good overview from First Read:

1. The battle on the left: In June, Sanders and Warren appeared on different nights, giving each the opportunity to stake out ground on the left. Competitors seemed particularly reluctant to criticize Warren, which allowed her to occupy that space virtually unscathed on the first night of the first debate. But with Sanders losing ground in recent polls — and Warren rising in both polls and fundraising — both may be eager to create some differentiation between their brands when they share a stage.

2. Biden v. Harris, round two: By far, the most memorable exchange of the first debates was Harris’ damaging attack on Biden over bussing and his past comments about segregationists. Biden didn’t seem well-prepared at all for that onslaught in June, but he’ll have to show he’s ready to revisit racial issues when he shares the stage with her again.

3. O’Rourke and Buttigieg face off: Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s monster second quarter fundraising haul proved what we’d already had plenty of anecdotal evidence to show — that the South Bend mayor had replaced O’Rourke as the fresh young (white, male) face in the race with a strong donor base and compelling personal story. The two appeared on different nights in June, but Detroit could be O’Rourke’s last best chance to reclaim some of that status (if he still can.)

4. One new face on the scene: Montana Gov. Steve Bullock will make his debate debut, replacing recent drop-out Eric Swalwell. But his pitch as a middle-of-the-country moderate who can work with Republicans will have competition from plenty of others on the stage who are eager to make a similar argument, including Buttigieg, Klobuchar and Hickenlooper.

5. Night Two candidates probably have an advantage — again: One thing we learned from the first set of debates was that even a candidate who performs well on Night One (i.e. Warren or Castro) gets a maximum of 24 hours of positive coverage before being overshadowed by Night Two’s news. The burden will be on Night One’s contenders in Detroit to break through in a way that keeps them in the spotlight for as long as possible — especially with looming anticipation for Wednesday’s Biden/Harris rematch.



House Democrats Delete Angry Tweets and Vow to Stop Feuding

Anna Kaplan

Updated 07.19.19 5:15AM ET / Published 07.19.19 12:33AM ET

After weeks of infighting that repeatedly boiled over on Twitter, House Democrats on Thursday vowed to bury the hatchet and focus on their “shared mission”—with many of them starting by deleting the tweets that sparked the spat in the first place. In comments to The Washington Post, a House Democratic aide called the move a “collective de-escalation,” which came just days after the party united in a vote to condemn President Trump’s racist remarks toward Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI). By the time of the vote, tensions were already on full display between House leadership and a progressive group of lawmakers including Ocasio-Cortez after a disagreement over a border funding bill. But all three sub-caucuses of the Democratic Caucus issued a joint statement Thursday vowing to leave the fighting behind them and calling their united ranks a “diverse, robust, and passionate family” that is “dedicated to making life better for everyday Americans.” “At times, there may be different perspectives on the way forward. That is a hallmark of the legislative process,” the statement said. The reunification efforts are expected to continue next week, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi meeting with all four members of the so-called Squad.

Read it at The Washington Post



New Hampshire lawmaker Werner Horn: 'Owning slaves doesn't make you racist'

Kristin Lam, USA TODAY Published 11:33 p.m. ET July 18, 2019 | Updated 12:13 a.m. ET July 19, 2019

A New Hampshire lawmaker came under fire this week for claiming American slavery was based on economics, not racism. Republican state Rep. Werner Horn stated his case in a now-deleted Facebook post, then reaffirmed his position in multiple interviews with media outlets.

Horn initially drew attention for his comments in a Facebook post by former state House member Dan Hynes, who posed the question: "If Trump is the most racist president in American history, what does that say about all of the other presidents who owned slaves?"

Horn responded, “Wait, owning slaves doesn’t make you racist..."

"I guess not," Hynes answered Tuesday. "Which is surprising since everything else makes someone a racist."

Horn then added, “It shouldn’t be surprising since owning slaves wasn’t a decision predicated on race but on economics. It’s a business decision.”


White House Tweets Fox News Pundit Mark Levin's Attack on Ilhan Omar

Jamie Ross

Updated 07.19.19 7:09AM ET / Published 07.19.19 6:48 AM ET

Donald Trump tried to distance himself from his crowd’s ‘Send her back!’ chant against Rep. Ilhan Omar on Thursday—but anyone hoping he would now soften his attacks on the Democratic congresswoman will be disappointed. On Thursday night, the president posted a clip of a Fox News guest who called Omar and her fellow progressive congresswomen of color “anti-Semite bigots” and said “their families really have done nothing for this country.” The clip was also shared by the official White House account, which has typically been less aggressive and more staid than Trump’s own handle. The clip was from Sean Hannity’s Thursday night show and featured conservative radio host Mark Levin, who defended Trump’s attacks on Omar as well as Reps. Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Ayanna Pressley. “They are degrading an entire faith, an entire people, Jews, Israelis,” he claimed.

Read it at The Washington Post



Trump Officials Want Zero Refugee Admissions Next Year: Report

Source: The Daily Beast

Jamie Ross

Updated 07.19.19 6:41AM ET / Published 07.19.19 6:40AM ET

The Trump administration is making plans to slash the number of refugee admissions to the U.S. to nearly zero next year, Politico reports. The plan was reportedly discussed at a meeting of security officials last week, where a Trump administration representative close to White House immigration adviser Stephen Miller suggested setting a cap at zero or close to it. The proposal has alarmed officials at the Department of Defense who think it would impact the admissions of Iraqis who risked their lives helping U.S. military forces. The Trump administration has already slashed refugee admissions—this year it was cut by a third, down to 30,000. Homeland Security officials at the meeting later suggested making the level anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000, Politico reports. “In the long term, [cutting the number of admissions to zero] would mean that the capacity and the ability of the United States to resettle refugees would be completely decimated,” said Jen Smyers, a director with Church World Service.

Read it at Politico


Read more: https://www.thedailybeast.com/trump-officials-want-zero-refugee-admissions-next-year-report?ref=home

How the Ilhan Omar Marriage Smear Went From Fever Swamp to Trump

The curious journey of the unproven rumor that Omar married her brother to get him citizenship—from an obscure Somali diaspora forum to the president.

Will Sommer
Updated 07.19.19 8:07AM ET Published 07.19.19 4:43AM ET

When Donald Trump suggested on Wednesday that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) once married her own brother in an immigration fraud scheme, he demonstrated the remarkable degree to which even the most far-off corners of the right-wing internet can launch unproven, anonymous claims into the national political discourse.

The president had been asked by a reporter from the pro-Trump One America News Network about whether his administration was investigating Omar “for possibly marrying her brother.” In response, Trump hinted that “somebody” in the government was looking into the matter. “There’s a lot of talk about the fact that she was married to her brother,” Trump said. “I know nothing about it. I hear she was married to her brother.”

The remarks were the first Trump had ever uttered on Omar’s marriage. And they represented a remarkable—if not depressing—capstone for the unproven rumor, which has gained steam in the fever swamps for three years as Omar became one of the country’s most outspoken and controversial lawmakers.

The claim that Omar married her own brother as a way for him to gain a green card has been embraced by a number of conservative pundits with ties to the president, including commentator Dinesh D’Souza, talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh, and One America host Jack Posobiec. On Thursday, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson discussed it on his show.

Omar, who didn’t respond to requests for comment, has denied that her ex-husband is her brother. And for good reason. What many of the smear’s promoters never reveal to their audience is both the evidence Omar has provided to disprove their conspiracies and the fact that the completely unproven idea that she married her brother is based entirely on a single, anonymous, unsourced allegation initially made on an obscure internet forum.


Rand Paul Attacks 'Guttersnipe' Jon Stewart in 9/11 Fund Fight: Used to See Through BS 'Now He is...

Rand Paul Attacks ‘Guttersnipe’ Jon Stewart in 9/11 Fund Fight: Used to See Through BS, ‘Now He is the BS’

By Joe DePaoloJul 18th, 2019, 5:45 pm

Rand Paul, who has been torn to shreds for impeding the progress of the 9/11 funding bill, is vigorously defending himself — arguing that he’s just looking out for the budget. And, in the process, he’s going after 9/11 fund advocate Jon Stewart.

In a fiery interview on Fox News Thursday, the Kentucky senator absolutely tore into the former Daily Show host for — as he sees it — distorting his position.

“It’s really disgusting,” Paul said. “He pretended for years when he was on his comedy show to be somebody that could be both sides and see through the BS. Now he is the B.S.” Paul accused Stuart of lying about his stance — insisting that he simply wants to debate the spending measure and is not blocking it.

“Jon Stewart can’t just have a free pass to lie to people,” Paul said. “Think he’s a celebrity and think facts don’t matter … Here’s Jon Stewart making up his own facts so he can feel good about himself, and we shouldn’t let it stand.”

Paul added, “People need to wake up and not be so, sort of overwhelmed by celebrity that they take out-and-out falsehoods and ad hominem attacks from — really a guttersnipe like Jon Stewart.”


Alan Dershowitz Touts 'Perfect Sex Life' During Fox News Appearance

By Connor MannionJul 19th, 2019, 12:01 am

Lawyer Alan Dershowitz touted his “perfect sex life” during an appearance on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show, and escalating an ongoing feud with lawyer David Boies.

“I have had sex with one woman since the day I met Jeffrey Epstein. I challenge David Boies to say under oath that he’s only had sex with one woman during that same period of time. He has an abnormal amount of chutzpah to attack me and challenge my perfect, perfect sex life during the relevant period of time,” Dershowitz said Thursday. “He’s doing it for money.”

Ingraham noted Boies is currently suing Dershowitz for defamation.

Both men are sparring due to their roles in the ongoing investigation into billionaire and accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. Dershowitz was on the team of lawyers who helped secure the so-called sweetheart non-prosecution agreement for Epstein, while Boies is representing a number of Epstein’s accusers.

Epstein is currently facing federal charges in New York and has pleaded not guilty.

“I’m going to beat him and I’m going to beat him bad,” Dershowitz said of Boies.



Alan Dershowitz Boasting of His ‘Perfect, Perfect Sex Life’ Gets Brutally Mocked by Twitter

By Colby HallJul 19th, 2019, 6:29 am

Alan Dershowitz is not just a famed Harvard Law professor known for defending American citizens like O.J. Simpson and Jeffrey Epstein. He is also proud to admit his “perfect sex life” during a live television appearance Thursday night on Fox News’ The Ingraham Angle.

-snip- several paragraphs reporting what he said and comments from Laura Ingraham, as above.

It’s not every day that a regular cable news contributor feels the need to brag about his sexual prowess, but here we are. Unpredictably, wise-ass Twitter went all wise-ass Twitter, and some of the results were funny enough to share on this august Mediaite web page. Please enjoy!


Full article

Justice Elena Kagan: I Will Never Accept Supreme Court's Gerrymandering Decision

by Jerry Lambe | 6:14 pm, July 18th, 2019

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan on Thursday said she would “never accept” the Court’s majority ruling allowing political gerrymandering, referring to the practice as an “undermining of democracy.”

In a 5-4 decision last month, the Supreme Court ruled that the federal judiciary could not intervene in striking down congressional voting maps drawn with the specific intention of creating a political advantage for the party in power. In a blistering dissent, Kagan said the decision was “tragically wrong,” warning that it could have disastrous consequences.

“Of all times to abandon the Court’s duty to declare the law, this was not the one. The practices challenged in these cases imperil our system of government. Part of the Court’s role in that system is to defend its foundations. None is more important than free and fair elections,” Kagan wrote.

Speaking in front of the Washington Council of Lawyers at the Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C. on Thursday, Kagan said that she didn’t “pull [her] punches” in her gerrymandering dissent because of how important the issue is to our political system.

“There’s no part of me that’s ever going to become accepting of the decision made, essentially that courts shouldn’t get involved in gerrymandering no matter how bad it is and no matter how destructive of our political system it is, which is the decision the court reached,” Kagan said.

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