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Member since: Sat Sep 8, 2012, 11:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,501

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John McCain should keep his fucking mouth shut concerning our Presidentís Action concerning

the prisoner swap...

The article below especially highlights Senator McCains attempt to prevent any and all searches for Vietnam Prisoners during the late 80s...Family members of the missing were simply furious..

Why would an ex-prisoner of the North Vietnamese be so antagonistic to programs that would search for lost American Soldiers... Me thinks that John might have been afraid of the results... You know...His prepared statements to the press while in prison ... They certainly were not something that he could have taken pride in... Read for yourself...


Is this fucking nuts.???.. A Hitler Quote used by a religious group on a bill board in Alabama??

My freaking God!!!

So tell me that there isnít a close connect between our religious right and and the world of genocide?


So is this it? Obamaís choice regarding Bergdahl?

Either get him out now for humanitarian reasons and face the rethug onslaught? Or...Let him remain
as the last Afghan Prisoner of War when U.S. troops are removed and face the criticism from the rethugs that he was cowardly for leaving him behind?...

Isnít this what it boils down to??..Scumbags every one of them..Dirt!!!

A little help here...

My personal feeling about our President is that he is sly as a fox..

But I canít figure this one out.. There seems to be no political upside to the Bergdalh story except the fact that we saved a very sick U.S. war prisoner from dying in a Taliban Prison.. Purely a humanitarian situation of not abandoning ďone of our own" captured in a military action...

The fact that there are many questions surrounding the issues that he abandoned his unit and spoke unfavorably concerning the military action of U.S. Govt..could turn out be a political issue that these
lying thugs wonít use in the upcoming elections..

My point is that thousands of lives depend on the continued success of the ACA and that I feel that no edge no matter what the issue should ever be handed to the Republicans who are out to destroy anything the President has accomplished over the past 6 yrs....

Iím a little down tonight...

Well, you knew this would happen..

But doesnít one have to consider the freaking source... ďU.S.A. Pays High Price for Last Afghan P.O.W.Ē By Eli Lake..Former National Security Correspondent for Washington Times..Give me a break!!.....

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