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Name: Mary Mathieu
Gender: Female
Hometown: Chicago
Member since: Wed Sep 12, 2012, 08:25 PM
Number of posts: 17,997

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the government loves women best

I have always felt loved by our government. Being a woman I know I am part of the population that the government cares most about. Some states love us more than others but on a whole, we know we're cared about deeply.
Iowa cares about us the most imho. The governor himself is so interested in our uterus he wants to keep decisions about what we can do in his hands alone. What a guy!
Well done 20Score! Love it!


Well said! Needed to be said. Nothing at all in this that is in anyway ambiguous. Frankly, with the quote used, it wouldn't matter what context it was made. It's pretty damn clear what is being said and what it means.
During the first term I was disappointed. I was told repeatedly, "wait until his second term. Then he can accomplish what he promised." So, I did. Not that there was much of choice.
Well, here we are in the second term and I'm more disappointed than I was during the first.
Grow some balls and be the man we elected.
thanks for saying this, 20Score!

thank you.

Nice to be here.

deadline extended to August 31st

There will be a vote before September. It will pass.

I've been reading a few things about the blame behind the Illinois Marriage Equality bill not coming to a vote. Many different blame games being played. Most is laid on Mike Madigan or the Black and Hispanic Democratic Legislative Caucuses. Some on the Chicago politicians not writing the paycheck because they believed they can carry it on their own. Some are saying that the minority caucuses shouldn't be blamed because, after all, others were against the bill totoo

However, when it comes to civil rights, how one minority group that has been discriminated against does not support another, regardless of the pressure, there is no excuse. So religious pressure, the "white guys" thinking they can pull it off without opening a the check book, the bigoted constituents being against it, none of that matters. We stand together or we all fall. Two members of the Black Democratic Legislative Caucus have cosponsored the bill. They are Rep Ken Dunkin, who has been with us all along, and LaShawn Ford, who just came on board. The Hispanic Democratic Legislative Caucus has also been a block to equality. What is amazing to me, regardless of what blame game is played, regardless of who didn't pay up or didn't lean hard enough or who is afraid for their reelection or afraid of the religious backlash, is that we have anyone to blame.


The current cuntservatives and teabaggers prefer the OT.

Reminds me of Canterbury

NC has passed a bill for one of the best programs in the country to ensure children are fed. During discussion Ray Canterbury proposed that the poorest of the children work for their meals. The Republican party is no longer even discernible from the party of half century ago. It is filled with misogynists, homohaters, racists and religious fanatics. The tea party, though it seems impossible, is even worse.

People did believe this satire as truth. That's so sad and not necessarily a comment on the reader.
Always enjoy your work, 20score. This is right up there with some of your best.

link to insanity

Here is one of many articles. Mobile link.
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