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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Austin, TX
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue Sep 18, 2012, 03:36 PM
Number of posts: 18,318

About Me

I have been on DU since 2006 under \"SteveM\" and later \"SteveW.\" Due to an account mix-up and a computer crash, I have \"rejoined\" as Eleanors38, but my history at DU includes the names cited.

Journal Archives

How to survive when your car stalls...

CAUTION: Be sure to read owner's manual before trying this.

When your car stalls while moving, you lose assist to both power steering & power brakes. That doesn't mean both systems have failed, only that the power loss is now a handicap not present in the days of "manual" brakes & steering.

Manual drum brakes back in the day were so sensitive, you could comfortably stop a 2+ ton Chevy without ordering the convenience of power brakes; manual steering, while taking some muscle, always readily "fed back" & remained facile to correction.

But everyone has PS and PB, and when the engine stalls, the brakes are like standing on a brick, and the steering is dead and resistant; worse, once you get the steering to turn, it won't feed back and you have to turn just as hard to correct your direction. In short, power assist DOES NOT revert back to "manual:" It's WORSE than manual.

Try this. Find an empty parking lot (no one around) and travel 10-15 mph. Turn the ignition off intentionally. Now, steer the vehicle with all you've got, one direction & the other. Stand on the brakes to stop the car. See what you are up against?

This may help you in the event of engine/power assist failure. Remember, your objective is to pull over to the right (better yet, off the ROW) and to stop the car before plowing into someone ahead.

PBS JUST NOW: College football players can unionize.

There is an appeal process, but this is a strong step toward unionization. Big question: since many programs are in state universities, can state laws hamstring the movement?

Sid Caesar has died at 91.

His "Show of Shows" on NBC T.V. wrote the book on variety comedy in 1951. When our family got our first t.v., he was a mainstay of comedy. He overcame a horrendous alcoholism problem, and lived a long life. This guy was funny and smart.

I saw sole proprietor biz in action in Austin...

A fellow had a rack of used shirts, jackets, & vests, nicely cleaned and in good shape. I saw an excellent Woolrich jacket for $35; I bought a well-made wool long sleeve "flannel" in a very large size for $16. The brand tag was gone -- but the Amalgamated Clothing Workers Union label was still under the pocket flap.

He was doing a brisk business in a town which has numerous used clothing outlets, which he evidently culls for the best clothing, and fixes articles up for re-sale at reasonable prices. It's been a chilly winter, and he had the large-size quality stuff!

Olympics Biathlon right now: What kind of action

do the rifles have? The women shoot five-shot groups from prone with a bi-pod, and standing off-hand, ejecting empties with a mere flick of the bolt handle, straight-pull.

One of the Russian skiers fell from her skis, and broke off the (apparently) wooden stock. Is there a rule against folding or at least synthetic stocks? Seems like a helluva way to lose a competition. The American is doing well.

For shooters, the last shot is most often missed, if any shots are missed at all.

I post this here as my questions are somewhat technical, and there is a larger pool of expertise.

Mosin-Nagants in 7.62 x 54R: How good a hunting rifle?

Cabela's has this Mosin Nagant from "Russian Surplus" for sale in the Austin area. It goes for $149.99, and is described as in "excellent condition," although that may be ad. hype and not NRA rated. It is accompanied by Herter's ammo for $10.99/box.

Is this a good deer rifle? Are there periods when the rifle's quality dropped off? What are the prospects for continued ammo availability? Is it a decent target rifle? Is the posted price reasonable? What should I watch out for? Does Cabela's stand by the rifle?

Thanks for your input.


Whitetail doe taken during extended "antlerless" season

in upper Uvalde County, just below Camp Wood, Texas. Beautiful country, where all cell phone service blacks out, and sunsets light up the mesquite like a movie set. Went on 4 separate hunts the second week end of January during Texas's extended antlerless season. This allows for 2 additional weeks beyond General Gun season, and encourages thinning of the herd.

I got in my favorite area, sat against a mesquite, and didn't move from that position for nearly 3 hours. Saw jack rabbits and 'dillos cavorting nearby (they didn't seem to notice me) and kind of tranced out. Then she was there. A yearling and a young buck accompanied her (perhaps the buck was still checking her out as the rut is skewed later in South Texas). But my focus was on the doe. I froze her with a short quiet "b-a-a-a," which immulates a lost fawn. Made the shot, and recovered her 80 yds away. Field dressed her by LED, then fetched my hunting buddy to get the pickup.

Have chili ready for Stupor Bowl, and more ground steak on order from the butcher. A very productive, enjoyable and busy season for which I am grateful to my friends and hosts!

Everyone fired up for the Stupor Bowl?

I figure the mile-high boys will roll up some passing yards before the Seahookas light a fire that'll toast Deefer. The FAA has already issued an order to all aircraft entering NJ airspace to fly on radar.

GD to allow shooting incidents involving children to be posted?

According to DU mail I received today from another DU member, Skinner will allow gun incident postings involving children. Expect a spate of these, along with other gun OPs that meet GD's crumbling "exceptions."

An MPG tip for your car: Use defrost sparingly.

The "defrost" setting on your car works well to quickly defrost your windshield by "reverse cycling" your A.C. compressor to provide warm dry air to clear condensation, but leaving it on (either for defrost or heat) means you are giving up 2-4 mpg because you are using the A.C.

Try using the "vent" settings, adjusting the heat as necessary, after the windshield is clear. This employs only the fan and the heater core, not the A.C. Check your owner's manual to see how your settings work. If unsure, open the hood of your running engine while the heat or defrosy is on and see if your A.C. is cycling on -- a pulley clutch will be click & start spinning, stop, then resume. This means you are using the compre$$or!

Another wasteful, polluting and unnecessary practice: Letting your car idle to warm up. God! this is awful. Start your car, put it into gear, and start driving slowly without revving. Use your A.C. defrost at this time, then go to vent. Your car will warm up faster & use less gas, & suffer less wear. And you won't pollute as much. Damned urban legend was dead by the 1950s. I've driven cars 50+ yrs old immediately after starting on cold days without problems.
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