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Gender: Male
Hometown: None
Home country: USA
Current location: The hills of Tn.
Member since: Wed Oct 3, 2012, 11:05 PM
Number of posts: 1,972

About Me

Proudly retired from the military, Marine Corps & Coast Guard. Now spending much deserved time with my two children who I love with all my heart, and my wife who I am not complete without her.

Journal Archives

I'd love to see a federal voting holiday.

As it stands now, there are very few excuses other than disenfranchisement to not vote these days. With online registering, to early voting, I cant think of an excuse not to. Unless, like said earlier you fit into the group of being disenfranchised.

I heard a report that there is still like %10-%15 UNDECIDED voters. How can that be?!

I mean by now there is very little that Trump is going to do or say that will change the mind of most voters. I believe that this election is going to either be a stamp of approval of a big fuck you to Trump. I mean, if you vote for a Republican, that in essence is a vote for Trumps ability to continue stacking the courts, having Republicans in charge of the Senate where a lot of investigatory power comes from. So anything less than a Democratic majority come the morning of Nov 7th, imo is a checkmark for Trump.I think it would be a great time to bring it up and then come the New Year when both the Senate and House is blue a perfect time to implement it. Then we can start a few more investigations.

I have never quite seen anything like this before, and I'd be willing to bet that nobody here has either.


The phrase, cutting ones nose off to spite the face, pops up in my mind.

I'm in Tn, and love the fact that Beto is getting lotsa coverage. But we have a couple knife fights here that I'm worried about as well. I can only hope the "Taylor Swift" effect/affect(?) kicks in here for the Democrats running. I havent heard of any meaningful polls since she threw her hat in with us, other than that garbage poll of Blacburn %14 ahead (it was an outlier and an older poll) But I'm not one to base my hope on an unknown affect, and have been donating my time and money towards Bredesen.

So I got to thinking about something today

I had mistakenly taken the apathy of, to the deaths of Syrians, Iraqis, and others to some sort of racism. I got to thinking of WWII, and the complete and total war, that Europe waged on each other. It doesnt have anything to do with race. Humans dont just have much empathy to other humans. The firebombings of Dresden, the indiscriminate bombings of London, and other European cities throughout the war.

I hope our children are paying attention.

Americans Strongly Dislike PC Culture

I was reading this article and I think it directly relates to an earlier post about why kids arent voting in the numbers like we think they should.

In the topic, I challenged the notion that todays kids dont like being preached to. That they do and have their own opinions. Of course it was inferred by somebody that I of course "preached" to my kids, which of course is not true. Maybe preached, was the wrong word I was looking for (which as a budding writer I am finding out that I need to be more clear and concise.

As our kids get older, they are forming their own opinions. However as kids most arent thinking of their future. It's why summers seemed to fly by when we were younger. We were living in the now, as were our parents and grandparents and on and on, even during times of war. We, as we get older start to think of our future. It's why. . . Holy shit, it's almost Christmas again, where did the year go?!

I believe that along with a few other reasons, this anti pc culture is a direct connection to why Trump was elected. Give the article a read.


Beware of fake reports from "Democrats"

I read an article yesterday that was called, 'How the Democrats Killed the Blue Wave'. I wont link to it, but it was written by a woman that works for The Independent Woman's Voice. One would think, "Oh wow, obviously this is written by a Democrat and things just arent looking good."

However, I did some looking (some may have already known but I sure didnt) and this is what I found.

The Independent Women's Voice describes itself as a "nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that supports women and families by providing women with fact-based evidence showing how conservative free market solutions advance prosperity, freedom, and greater choices." This election cycle, IWV has been suggesting that Clinton's policies are worse than Trump being accused of sexual misconduct and praising Trump's childcare plan.

What you have here is a group that claims to be nonpartisan and independent and focused on women’s issues, issues of interest to moderate women that is, in fact, heavily political and spends millions of dollars to elect some pretty extreme Republicans," Arn Pearson, the group's general counsel, told NBC News.

I think the media has a responsibility to show who these people are that they are giving a voice to, and by show. I mean a paragraph or two who are paying their bills and who are actually promoting them. Not just a link to the authors name at the bottom of a page. Whether it's a panel of "experts" on a news segment, or an article linked by them.

Of course this would require honesty from the corporations that sign the checks.

Wild weekend weather pattern to exhibit nation divided by extremes

Source: Washington Post

It’s that time of year where the seasons change. But this weekend, the season you get might not be fall. It could feel like spring, summer or winter depending on where you live — all thanks to a highly amplified jet stream pattern set to spill wacky weather over the Lower 48. The contrasts will be stunning.

The jet stream, diving south across the Western states, will unleash unusually cold weather and, in the mountains, snow. But, like a seesaw, the jet stream will bulge northward over the eastern United States, allowing warm tropical air to follow by Sunday. In the middle, over the Plains and Upper Midwest, stormy conditions will prevail.

Monday could feature a greater threat of some big-time boomers across a more widespread area. As the upper-level energy associated with the dip in the jet stream ejects eastward out of the Rockies, cold air aloft will overspread the region. Destructive winds to 75 mph and tennis-ball-size hail could accompany the nastiest storms.

To the east of the storms, the jet stream will energize repeated rounds of heavy rainfall. A slug of one to three inches is set to fall from the southwest suburbs of Chicago to Lubbock, Tex. — beginning Saturday in spots and wrapping up sometime midweek.

Read more: https://www.msn.com/en-us/weather/topstories/wild-weekend-weather-pattern-to-exhibit-nation-divided-by-extremes/ar-BBNZva6?li=BBnb7Kz

So for any of the Republicans out there lurking. Keep telling yourself that Climate Change isn't real and that we shouldn't be doing anything about it. It's only going to get worse. You won't have to deal with this because the repercussions won't happen until you're long gone. It'll be your kids and grandkids that get to clean up this mess, and it'll be too late by then.

Blind Willie Johnson

I just finished watching a documentary on Voyager 1 & 2. Some of the topics that they were talking about were how long the records would last (long past the time of humans) possibly longer than a billion years from now.

Song #26 Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground by Blind Willie Johnson is on there. He recorded this song in 1927, long before the thoughts of satellites leaving our SolarSystem. He was born on January 25, 1897, both parents were sharecroppers. Its said that he was blinded at around the age of 7 or 8, either by his stepmother throwing a caustic substance into his eye, or looking at a solar eclipse (depending on who and where you hear the story from). He had varying success, but ended up dying in Chicago in 1945 after his house burnt to the ground and became homeless. I don't think Blind Willie Johnson would ever dream that his music and voice are now on this record traveling through the cosmos. When I listened to the song, it was both haunting and, ironic. Thinking about the vast emptiness of space and the fact that the son of Sharecroppers could possibly be the introduction from us to another species. It was definitely a nice break from everything else going on.

You can hear the song

Another, Profile in Courage

I ran into a Quora question that really hit close to home, and one of the responses. Its hard to describe because I Know there is nothing for me to add other than the link. If you click the link it will take you to the actual question. The answer I am quoting is from, Flo Jones, TV/Film, feminist, mental health activist & kitty cat Mummy You may have to scroll down through another person's answer to get to her answer. I'd recommend to click the link and read it from there. I have it blockquoted here for those that dont want to click the link.

The question was Why are people who are diagnosed with borderline personality disorder usually so amazing in bed?

I have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. I wouldn’t say I was amazing in bed but at least 30 other people have. I would like to tell my story of my sexual history.

I was raped when I was 13. I was a virgin and this man took it from me, which left me empty and numb for many years. I didn’t speak for weeks and things only got worse after I went to the doctor (I have an answer related to this, so I won’t go into it). After many years of anxiety, depression, self harming and suicidal thoughts I began to get better.. or so I thought.

I learnt that I could numb the pain quite easily with drugs, weed and alcohol. I would smoke until I couldn’t think for myself and drink until I blacked out, meaning the nightmares couldn’t come. I thought I was better as I was sinking into this hole. Then I became 18 and I could go out clubbing and to bars with my friends and had men approaching me. I thought I was better and I thought I could ‘reclaim my sexuality’. I was 18 and I had never had consensual sex and that made me feel a complete freak, so I did what I thought would help and I had sex with anyone and everyone I could. In the space of a year I must have had sex with 30 people or so. Didn’t it feel so good? Fucking because I wanted to, because I initiated it, because it made me feel good, because it made me feel powerful. I was taking back what that man stole from me when I was so young. I mirrored my partner’s attitude well and nearly everyone I slept with would call me back, want to see me, tell me they were falling for me or something or other (I’m not trying to be a show off, they really did). I would be filled with mania so they thought I was this hurricane of fun, confidence and alluring sexuality. It was all a show. I only felt confident and like I had worth when I had sexual attention. I would let them do anything to me and I got good at the game.

I met a man. He was 39 and I was 20 and we began a weird, twisted relationship. He was a ‘daddy dominant’, and although this type of kink wasn’t something I’d have thought I was into, I found myself enjoying the play of age regression. Back to a time I could be happy and innocent, not corrupted. He made me feel loved when he wrapped me up in blankets and rocked me like a baby. He made me feel safe, yet he would also beat me. It started off as during sex and I was both eager to please him and eager to actually feel something for once, rather than the insidious numbness I could never budge.

One day we met up and he said some other men were joining us. I was pretty upset (of course), so I tried to leave but he beat me badly then switched and started with the babying me, making me a juice in my sippy cup and wrapping me up, telling me not to worry, he would always be here to take care of me.

So I lay there and let it happen. And at the end they gave me money. I had been whored out. I didn’t even know.

I showered and left immediately and spent all the money there and then on clothes, makeup, rum and weed. I sat by myself on the beach smoking and thinking about what had just happened. I hadn’t felt a thing, not really. I had already detached myself from sex so much that this event didn’t even bother me it seemed. So, there started my career as a sex worker.

This went on for a year or so. I was at university and the money helped me live away from home (myself and my mother’s relationship was another factor in my poor mental health). Looking back I do, of course, regret this, because it sunk me further into a hole of depression and self loathing. I had a ‘sugar daddy’ and we went on a couple of dates a week. £250 per date. The money, and of course, drugs and alcohol helped a lot and at the time I guess I saw no problem - I wouldn’t let myself see it. But then university finished. I met someone I wanted to be with, I fell in love with him the day I met him.

So I finally got help. After nearly a year of therapy I was finally unravelling the knot, string by string of my complicated feelings towards sex and why my rape eventually triggered such a reaction. I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, which made sense of my addiction to frivolously spending money, self harm and sex.

So in conclusion, I probably wasn’t amazing in bed, but I knew exactly what to do and how to please because I lived for pleasing. I read my sexual partners so well I could do whatever they wanted without them having to ask, and I let them do anything to me so they thought it was amazing. I thought it was all I was good at, and I was thriving off the need, the addiction, to feel loved.

I thought I was reclaiming and helping myself but I was hurting myself. I still live with it today, and sometimes find myself getting upset and panicking if my partner and I haven’t been intimate in a little while. I feel like part of myself just disappears, I no longer see my worth. The best sex of my life has been with my current partner because I felt true love for him, and knew he loved me back. He is my rock and knows my sex working past and BPD. He doesn’t know about what triggered it.

To this day I have met many people with BPD both in real life at group therapy or psychiatric wards and online. Nearly everyone, of who I met, had a story like mine. Of sexual assault, of rape, of hyper-sexuality, of looking for the feeling of being loved in someone else’s bed sheets.

I’m sorry that I went on a tangent, but I needed to get it out I think. I feel better already.


I would like to add to all my readers in America and anywhere in the world where their news reaches. This is such a traumatic time for us. Stories of rape and sexual assault making front page news. Moreover, stories which are being dismissed as lies and political smears. Every day we face reading triggering and horrifying ordeals.

Please listen to the women in your life. Please believe survivors and victims, both men and women, of course. Please listen.

And to all the survivors... I see you. I am proud of how far you have come. You are strong and will only get stronger

Marriage Proposal On Mountain Ends With Texas Couple Having To Be Rescued

Source: CBS Local

BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) — A Texas man’s attempt to find the perfect scenic location to propose ended with the couple getting lost in the dark on a mountain in Boulder County.

Joshua Mason, 27, and his girlfriend, Katie Davis, 28, flew from Denton, Texas, to Denver on Friday, the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office said. The next day, Mason took Davis on a hike to Jasper Peak on the Continental Divide, northwest of Nederland.

The hiked about eight miles, with an elevation gain of over 3,000 feet, to the nearly 13,000-foot summit. “Mason was hoping to find an isolated scenic location ‘away from any other people’ to propose to Davis,” the sheriff’s office said. “They found exactly such a location, and Davis happily accepted the surprise proposal.” However, they got a late start and it started to get dark. There is no readily identifiable trail to Jasper Peak and they got disoriented and lost, the sheriff’s office explained.

Read more: https://denver.cbslocal.com/2018/09/30/marriage-proposal-on-mountain-ends-with-couple-having-to-be-rescued/

Ok, so I have so many questions that need to be answered.

Obviously, one is to get up to 13k they were obviously in good physical condition....but damn dude, I could literally think of about a million other places to do this....but why13k?

Jeff Flake on 60 minutes "Not a chance Id call for investigation if I was running again."

Once again, this just shows how partisan and poisonous this countries politics has become.

Flake: If I were running for reelection ‘not a chance’ I’d call for Kavanaugh investigation

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) said Sunday that there's "not a chance" he would have called for an FBI investigation into the allegations of sexual misconduct against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh if he were running for reelection.

"Not a chance," Flake said when asked on CBS's "60 Minutes" if he would have asked for the investigation if he were up for reelection in the November midterms.

"There's no value to reaching across the aisle," Flake said. "There's no currency for that anymore. There's no incentive."
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