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"The Earth does not belong to us. We belong to the Earth." ~ Chief Seattle

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Dear DU, you encouraged me to write my story and share. So, I did. Please read *Small Edit/Update*

Hi there! I've written plenty on here about poverty. The outpouring of support from DU has been beautiful and overwhelming. Several people here encouraged me to share my story elsewhere. I admit, the idea has made me so nervous....to share about poverty outside of the safe confines of an understanding place like DU. I'm afraid of the comments sections. Well, I dipped my toe in the waters and sent my story to a blog that focuses on the everyday plight of the nation's poor and offers solidarity as well as advice. I said if I ever wrote about it elsewhere, I would share it here. Please take a moment to read if you would like. Thank you to those who encouraged me.

"Today, I did something I never thought Iíd do. I yelled at my son for being hungry. Oh sure, there are many parents nodding in agreement because theyíve done the same thing. Many have yelled at their kids for asking for one more snack right before dinner was served or for wanting to eat junk food out of boredom. Thatís not why I yelled. I yelled because I didnít have extra food to give him and I was taking my frustration out on him. He wasnít doing anything wrong. Heís just a kid, a 7 year old who is full of energy and constantly growing. Of course heís hungry often. Thatís what kids do. However, I didnít have enough food for anyone to have extras. Everything has to be rationed out over a week or more. Food stuff needs to be stretched. Already angry and frustrated with our situation, I lost my cool when my child asked a simple question Ė because I knew there was nothing I could do to change it in that moment. My anger turned to worry, another constant feeling in my daily life, as I wondered if this would create food issues in my child. Will he be afraid to eat, knowing that we might not have enough the next day?
Iím 35 years old. I am a mother and a wife. I am college educated, degreed, and I have held a professional license. I have been working since the age of 18. Until now. I live in poverty. I am poor. My family is poor......."


The rest of the story is at the above link. It was just published this morning and, so far, feedback on the blog and the corresponding facebook page has been kind. Whew!

Please continue to vote for those who will fight to raise the minimum wage!!


I want to thank each and every one of you who has responded. It means so much that my story is being read and shared, and that folks like me can see that they are not alone. I think it's also great that it's being spread around so people can see that those of us living in poverty are humans just like them - we're their neighbors, their friends, the people in their community who are just like them only less fortunate.

The response and the generosity has been nothing short of overwhelming. DU has always been generous with me in the past. I truly think we are going to be ok. I have a lot more hope today than I did yesterday.

Again, thank you to everyone who has read this, kicked it, shared it. Thank you for all of the support and the love you have shown. I appreciate all of you.

Let it be known that the response to my story is proof that there is good in the world. There are many days when it's hard to see it, but it's there and it's greater than we could have ever imagined. Good people truly exist.

I'm a Christian and I'm sure as hell not persecuted

I get into this fight with fellow Christians. Mind you, I'm Catholic and I have some pagan leanings as well, so many evangelicals already think I'm satan's bride.

An evangelical friend will say Christian's are persecuted. So, I asked her how often she feels afraid to go to church. She is not. I asked her how many times she has had to pass protesters outside of her church telling her that her religion is wrong, she is going to hell, etc. She has never experienced anything like that. I asked her how often she worries that her faith will interfere with her getting hired for a job. Never. I asked her how often people graffiti her house with slurs against her religion. Never.

Their idea of persecution is having to live with the fact that not everyone believes the same thing as you.

I have pointed out that the only time I have ever felt persecuted for my Christian faith was when people would stand outside my Catholic church and hand out Chick Tracks (spelling? it's those crazy ass booklets) that were geared towards Catholics and how we're going to hell for the Virgin Mary and the belief in the Eucharist.....


That's mind control from the gays to subvert traditional marriage and kill baby Jesus.

Dear God, we need science in schools now more than ever.
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