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"The Earth does not belong to us. We belong to the Earth." ~ Chief Seattle

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That song

....has stuck with me since I first heard as a newbie Bowie fan 20 some years ago.

Do these fucking males take ANY responsibility?

They expect women to remind them to avert their eyes from other women? These fundamentalist cults are immoral and satanic.

Victim blaming at it's finest

They can shove their modest dress code up their conservative asses.

Incredibly sad

This year, I was made aware of a branch of radical feminism that *hates* transgender people. A now former friend was very vocal with that hatred. One of the things she would harp on was the TERF belief that violence against transgender people is just a figment of the imagination and that murder figures are inflated.

It saddens me to see that these things happen in 2015. I'm not surprised, but I am sad.

Thank you for sharing this and bringing attention to this issue.
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