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"The Earth does not belong to us. We belong to the Earth." ~ Chief Seattle

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What are GIS and ESRI?


What the actual fuck?

The story is very important for several reasons, as evidenced by the well-written post above mine.

Another self-loathing imbecile teaching her child that women's bodies are shameful. I feel sorry for her kid.

Absolutely agree

It's absolutely twisted than an individual would expect women to submit to some sort of test that proves they possess the proper amount of femininity in order to use the bathroom. Who determines which women are chosen to prove credentials? Is it all off us? Do I need to yank out my diva cup to prove I bleed?

What about cis women with short hair, flat chests, and gender neutral clothing? Will they need to submit to some type of pre-potty femininity test in order to pee?

Common TERF argument

They believe men transition to women in order to further control them and gain special access to them in order to rape them. Fucking insane belief.

Not all transphobic people are TERFs, but they usually roll out the same lame argument that allowing transwomen to exist will increase chances for men to rape women.

Because transphobes and TERFs need ....

....something to be concerned about so they can work themselves into a lather.

Do biological women need to carry papers, too?

How does one decide who is fit to enter a restroom without documentation and who isn't? Is there a certain feminity standard? What about women who - for reasons of personal style, genetics, endocrine issues, or whatever - don't fit into our cultures feminine ideal box? Plenty of hetero biological women out there who look stereotypically masculine. Would they need to provide documentation? A bloodied pad, perhaps?

I have had quite an education

....about TERFs this year. They haven't been on my radar for most of my life, but I had to misfortune of being introduced to this mindset recently and it makes me sick. I have seen otherwise intelligent (so I thought) people get infected with this TERF disease. They are disgusting people.

I love this cartoon.

Sums up a lot of what I have been seeing among acquaintances recently. I just ended a friendship after discovering she was a big time TERF. They sound so much like right wingers, but claim they are "progressive."

I'm not torn

Her job is to uphold the law. It is legal for same sex couples to marry. She doesn't get to force her religion on the law. She shouldn't be given a special snowflake accommodation.
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