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Member since: Thu Oct 11, 2012, 06:50 PM
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"The Earth does not belong to us. We belong to the Earth." ~ Chief Seattle

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My voting experience today

For those who like anecdotal data....

I live in a Philly suburb. We're supposedly light blue in these parts, but I feel like I am constantly surrounded by Trumpers.

I voted a little before 11:00 am. Turn out was steady. It's rainy and chilly. I was about 50 years younger (I'm 40) than most voters with me. lol The lady handling the democrat info had more people speaking with her than the republican lady.

Y'all.....I was #254. 254. I have never, in 10 years voting in this location, been such a high number in a non-Presidential election. I usually vote a little later and I am normally just under 100 or somewhere in the 170 range for bigger elections. I pushed each button individually rather than hit the straight party button.

My husband votes this evening so I will be interested to see his number. It's funny watching the GOP poll person jump all over him. He is usually in something camo with an American flag, he has a beard, wears a camo ballcap. People assume he's something he's not based on his looks and clothes.
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