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Member since: Thu Oct 11, 2012, 06:50 PM
Number of posts: 3,159

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"The Earth does not belong to us. We belong to the Earth." ~ Chief Seattle

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About those Proud Boys in kilts

The kilts were ordered from a company called Verillas, which is LGBTQIA+ owned and very progressive. They have a line for Pride. The owner of Verillas saw the photo of the jackasses and realized they were wearing $750.00 worth of their merchandise. Horrified, Verillas made a $1000.00 donation to NAACP to counteract the Proud Boys flabby-assed hate.


Hard times can happen to everyone

You have no idea if that car is paid off, about to be repo'd, borrowed, a company car. Appearances are often deceiving and you have no idea what circumstances affect this person. People's financial situations have turned on a dime this year. This is the kind of crap that Republicans say about people who need assistance. I'm saddened to find that attitude on DU.

Can we talk about the Kraken?

"Release the Kraken" is a line spoken by Zeus in the remake of Clash of the Titans. Powell is obsessed with her role as a Kraken releaser. I see supporters on Twitter celebrating her for "releasing thr Kraken." As if it's a victorious moment.

Has anyone seen the movie?!

The Kraken DIES. Zeus commands his releases. He rises out of the sea and is dead within minutes because Perseus holds up the head of Medusa, supreme symbol of feminine rage. The Kraken is defeated quickly and handedly. So, sure, use that as the symbol for your efforts, which will be beat down by judge after judge.

Incidentally, the Kraken is Norse, not Greek. It's a legendary monster - probably inspired by giant octopi or squid. Or volcanic activity. The Greek equivalent was a sea monster called Cetus, also defeated by Perseus (either by Medusa stare or sword, depending on the particular myth) - it's bits blown up to the heavens to become a constellation.

Trump thought

They were going to his presser at Four Seasons downtown. In reality, they booked Four Seasons Total Landscaping in the Holmesburg section of the city, directly next to a dildo shop and across the street from a crematorium. The Trump team chose the location because they are snowflakes who needed a safe space from protests downtown and areas of Northeast Philly are Trump country. So, they ended up at the landscaper, sandwiched between porn and death, with a pro-trump demonstrator in a wide beater and boxer shorts whining about Soros. Hilarity ensues and everyone loves Philly. You can't make this stuff up.

Also the background

Count bin Count, a USPS truck, and an RBG menorah on the shelves behind him. That is some SHADE.

At Dawn, look to the East


I'm not sure if this shows the embedded video for everyone.

Gritty is your god now. Philly appreciation.

One nation, under Gritty, with hoagies and wooder for all.

Philly brought the US into the world and she's not going to let some orange Nazi take it away without a fight.

I'm proud of my hometown. Shit, I'd even high five Carson Wentz.

Philly is a good kid

The city has huge problems with racism and Trumpers who live there in addition to it's other problems, but it is overall a spectacular city filled to the brim with history, art, culture, and the world's best sports teams. I was born and raised there, though now I live 45 mins away, and I am always proud of my hometown.

One of my favorite scenes.

I love Jesus Christ Superstar. I looooove table-flipping Jesus.

Watch Joe tonight. Tell your friends.

NBC News is hosting a town hall with Joe Biden tonight at 8pm Eastern. I encourage everyone to watch it, play it in the background, stream it, etc., and give Joe a ratings boost. Encourage friends and family to do so. If you do the social media, tweet or post about it. Trump is going to stage his triumphant walk on water back to the Whitesupremacy House in order to pull coverage away from Joe's town hall tonight. He knows Joe is stronger, more resilient, and way the fuck ahead in the polls. Let's keep that from happening.

It'll be broadcast on NBC as well as streamed online. This article lists the various ways you can watch it:


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