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Member since: Sat Oct 13, 2012, 08:33 PM
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Lee Cowan interviews First Lady Michelle Obama

Look at BO; he just LOVES FLOTUS.

Thank you First Lady Michelle.


See what Planned Parenthood is doing for Ed Markey (D-MA)

From my email:

Yesterday, Massachusetts voters chose Ed Markey as the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate. This was a tremendous victory for women's health!

With a 30-year record in Congress, Ed Markey has proven that he can be trusted to stand up for Massachusetts women, no matter what. Unlike Gabriel Gomez, Ed Markey will protect women's health, safe and legal abortion access, family planning funding, and comprehensive sexuality education in the U.S. Senate. The general election is coming up on June 25 — and Ed Markey needs your continued support.

In the weeks leading up to the primary, Planned Parenthood Action Fund volunteers worked hard to educate and mobilize voters, knocking on over a thousand doors and making over 13,000 calls in support of Ed Markey.

Throughout this primary election, we were reminded just how much women's health and reproductive rights matter to the people of Massachusetts. We're going to keep fighting to make sure that we have elected officials we can count on to stand up for women's health.

Thank you for all that you do.


Tricia Wajda
Planned Parenthood Action Fund

And if you missed this:
h/t to MASS


We need DU's help here!
Thank you, sheshe2

Star-packed concert planned for Boston Marathon bombing victims

BOSTON —Some of the biggest names in music will perform at an official benefit concert that would support One Fund Boston and victims of the marathon bombings.

Aerosmith, The New Kids on the Block, James Taylor, Carole King, Jimmy Buffet, Boston, Dane Cook, Extreme, J.Geils Band and Godsmack, are signed on to perform at the TD Garden on May 30 at 7 p.m.

"I am very rarely speechless, but today I find myself searching for words," said Donnie Wahlberg, of New Kids on the Block. "I am a Bostonian, and this has affected all of us to the core."

Wahlberg said he hopes the concert, Boston Strong: An evening of support and celebration, "raises a ton of money and the spirits of those in the city."

Concert organizers said more artists are expected to join the lineup.

Read more: http://www.wcvb.com/news/local/metro/starpacked-concert-planned-for-boston-marathon-bombing-victims/-/11971628/20001262/-/efeefs/-/index.html#ixzz2SNF1PxxK

The last word~

REVISONIST HISTORY: Revisionist history carries both positive and negative connotations. Each has its own entry. Historical revisionism, the reinterpretation of orthodox views on evidence, motivations, and decision-making processes surrounding a historical event Historical revisionism (negationism), either the legitimate scholastic re-examination of existing knowledge about an historical event, or the illegitimate distortion of the historical record such that certain events appear in a more or less favourable light or alternatively in a particularly bad light.




Found at this site on FB:

I love it when I wake up in the morning and Barack Obama is President!
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Vote out Bigotry in 2014!


Poll-itics: Who do Americans want in Congress? Democrats.


Eighteen months before the 2014 elections, American voters, by a slim margin, say they are more likely to vote Democratic than Republican for Congress, which would violate the historical model of the president’s party losing ground in the sixth year of a presidency, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

If elections for Congress were held today, 41 percent of voters say they would vote Democratic for Congress and 37 percent say they would vote Republican, continuing a trend that began after an April 19, 2012, survey by the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University showing Democrats at 40 percent and Republicans at 39 percent.

This is why we need to work and work hard for 2014. You can help MA, we have a special election coming up in sixty days. For Kerrys seat. I plan to help other states too. 2014 we must fight!


Well Done~

Boston Bombing Amputees Will Receive Prosthetics Free Of Cost

Last month’s bombings at the Boston Marathon left three people dead and about 260 people injured, including about 25 victims who had to get limbs amputated. Initial estimates suggested that the total medical costs of treating the survivors could exceed $9 million. Luckily, in order to help ensure that the survivors can afford their treatment, insurance companies and hospital administrators have announced they will help out by waiving most of the medical costs for them.

And now, the bombing victims with particularly serious injuries may also get some relief for their artificial prosthetics — which aren’t necessarily completely covered by insurance. The American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association, a trade group that represents companies that make artificial limbs, has promised to provide some prosthetics free of cost to the people who underwent amputations after the bombings:

The association’s offer, announced on a conference call with reporters under the name Coalition to Walk and Run Again, will only cover a portion of the expected costs for amputees. Victims who lost both legs face estimated medical bills of $450,000 over the next five years, said Tom Fise, executive director of the association, citing a Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs study.

The association estimates that at least half the Boston Marathon amputees lack enough insurance to cover their prosthetic costs as some policies provide as little as $1,000 per device or only provide one artificial limb. Many prosthetics need replacing every five to seven years.

“The last thing that someone should have to worry about when they lose … a leg is to have adequate insurance coverage for a prosthetic device,” said Kendra Calhoun, president of the Amputee Coalition, an organization supporting the estimated 2 million amputees in the United States.



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