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Member since: Sat Oct 13, 2012, 08:33 PM
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Moms Demand Action!


See Who's up For Election 2014

Great chart at the link:

There are 53 Democratic, 45 Republican and 2 Independent senators. 33 are up for election this year as members of the class 2 Senators, and two are up for special elections (one each from classes 1 and 3). Among the senators up for election in 2014, there are 21 Democrats and 14 Republicans.
There may be some changes if senators die or resign. If senators in other classes die or resign between 2012 and 2014, there may be additional special elections. The dates between which the death or resignation of a senator would lead a special election during this time period vary from state to state.

Scroll: To Race Summary



… with the Newtown families before the Rose Garden statement (Photo: Pete Souza)

So that’s how they act in the face of all the tragedies and in front of the families affected. Yes, I am angry, but anger and sadness do not move things forward. Here’s what I think I’ll do:

Step 1: Identify all Senators who voted NO (Harry Reid exempted because of his special role)

Step 2: Determine which Senators will be up for re-election in 2014

Step 3: Research all possible candidates for those seats

Step 4: Choose alternatives for each one – Democrat and Republican alike –

Step 5: Start active campaigning for the replacement candidates and keep at it until Election Day 2014.

I’m done reasoning with these cowards.

The agony in their faces, it's heartbreaking!

Hugs to Boston~

These Soldiers Did the Boston Marathon Wearing 40-Pound Packs.



These Soldiers Did the Boston Marathon Wearing 40-Pound Packs. Then They Helped Save Lives.
When the bombs went off, the Tough Ruck 2013 crew sprang into action.

—By Tasneem Raja

| Tue Apr. 16, 2013 12:49 PM PDT

At 5:20 a.m. on Monday, four hours before the Boston Marathon’s elite runners took off, a group of 15 active-duty soldiers from the Massachusetts National Guard gathered at the starting line in Hopkinton. Each soldier was in full combat uniform and carried a “ruck,” a military backpack weighing about 40 pounds. The rucks were filled with Camelbacks of water, extra uniforms, Gatorade, changes of socks—and first-aid and trauma kits. It was all just supposed to be symbolic.

“Forced marches” or “humps” are a regular part of military training, brisk walking over tough terrain while carrying gear that could help a soldier survive if stranded alone. These soldiers, participating in “Tough Ruck 2013,” were doing the 26 miles of the Boston Marathon to honor comrades killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, or lost to suicide and PTSD-related accidents after coming home.

It took about eight hours for all of the soldiers to cross the finish line, some cruising nearly at a 13-minute mile, others coming in at a little slower pace. They were gathered near the medical tent behind the finish line, waiting for the elite runners to come in. That was the contingency plan in case anything went wrong—meet by the medical tent.

“You never think you’re gonna need it, but you always have to have a contingency plan,” says Lieutenant Stephen Fiola of the 1060th Transportation Company, who worked with the Military Friends Foundation to organize the march. Two soldiers stationed in Afghanistan also participated in the ruck from afar, according to Fiola, marching in circles around their base for 26 miles in remembrance of fallen comrades.

Here's the direct link to the post:



Such a sad day for Boston.

I found out when I went to work today, friends that work on Boylston Street, were close to one of the blasts the windows on the second and third floor were blown out. It was pure luck that no one was near the windows at the time, they always watch the marathon. They all escaped out the back, without keys, phones or money. They were lucky to get shelter at a co worker's home.

So many at work had a loved one there. One of my co workers. Her son worked with one of the victims. He was the one that had to tell his co workers that she had died. Wherever you go, there are people with a story to be told.

Everyone is walking around shell shocked, just like after 9/11.

As for Boston MedFlight, the only ones allowed in the air yesterday, they are a critical care transport. A while back they were the ones that airlifted a beloved member of my family to an area hospital. Their team saved his life, he was unresponsive when they picked him up, their skills and quick thinking saved him. As I know they did for many yesterday. Kudos to them and all the trained and untrained souls that rushed to aid of those that had fallen.

A sweet celebration for Boston turned deadly. We celebrate the athletes for their strength, stamina and heart, just like we celebrate Patriots Day. People from all over the world come here to celebrate. It has always been a proud day for us.

I'll tell you one thing, Boston won't stop running. They will continue to run to celebrate life. They will also continue to run towards danger when need be, to put themselves in harms way, without a second thought.

That's the spirit of Boston, we are strong and we are resilient.

Boston I love you.

Be not Afraid

Judith U @Autismville

To the stranger who took me into her home, gave me soup and tea to stop my shaking and a phone to call home, thank you. #BostonMarathon2013

We don’t know who did it.

We don’t know if he was a Christian, a Muslim, or a Jew.

We don’t know if he was left wing or right wing.

We don’t know if it was done with a political purpose in mind, or if his mind merely snapped, lashing out at a society of which he wasn’t a part.

At this point, we know nothing about the bomber at today’s Boston Marathon.

But I will not cower in fear.

I will not listen to the ones with the megaphones who are already using this as an excuse to settle political scores.

I will not hide in my room, or acquiesce to give up a bit of freedom for safety. Giving up one rarely secures you the other.

I will not pound my chest and say that the answer is more guns on the street, so that we’re all deputized, armed, dangerous.

I will not let hatred blind me.

I will run towards the danger, like hundreds of citizens did in Boston.

I will open my home to those who suffered and lost.

I will stay resolute that fear will not prevail.

I will trust that this country will feel its way towards doing the right thing. It always, eventually, does.

Our instinct is to give up on our fellow humans. One of my first reactions was to root for global warming to do its worst.

But that hopelessness is the one thing which will condemn us to extinction.

Hope is what keeps humanity going; it’s the only thing keeping us from falling into the abyss. Once we’ve lost hope, we’ve lost what makes us human.

I will not lose hope.

We don’t know what prompted the bomber to commit his act. But one thing we can assume with a clear certainty is that hope was lost in him.

I will not be that man.

I will not succumb to the thought that humanity is a cesspit, doomed to fall. One man bombed a race. Hundreds raced towards the explosions, to help out their fellow human beings. I’m with them.

I will not be afraid. That’s when I lose.


Chips: Follow Liberal Librarian on Twitter and read him at The People’s View


Please, let us bring our friends and family home,

Safe and sound, before we are flooded with conspiracy theories.

One poster mentioned Drones! Dear god! Others teabaggers and muslims!

I live in Massachusetts, west of Boston. The race comes through the center of town. This is Patriots Day here, a great day for us.

We celebrate the Boston Marathon:


On April 19, 1897, John J. McDermott of New York won the first Boston Marathon with a time of 2:55:10.

The Boston Marathon was the brainchild of Boston Athletic Association member and inaugural U.S. Olympic team manager John Graham, who was inspired by the marathon at the first modern Olympic Games in Athens in 1896. With the assistance of Boston businessman Herbert H. Holton, various routes were considered, before a measured distance of 24.5 miles from the Irvington Oval in Boston to Metcalf's Mill in Ashland was eventually selected.

Fifteen runners started the race but only 10 made it to the finish line. John J. McDermott, representing the Pastime Athletic Club of New York City, took the lead from Harvard athlete Dick Grant over the hills in Newton. Although he walked several times during the final miles, McDermott still won by a comfortable six-minute, fifty-two-seconds. McDermott had won the only other marathon on U.S. soil the previous October in New York.

The marathon's distance was changed in 1908 in accordance with Olympic standards to its current length of 26 miles 385 yards.

One of my friends checked in, she left after the first runners came through. I have other friends that work on Boylston Street.

This is a sad day for us, yet as the President said, Boston is strong, we are resilient.

We in Massachusetts thank you for your support!

Barking for Barack!


I want to tell you about my mom.

She is eighty six years old and she is a force to be reckoned with. She loves her family fiercely, her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Since her divorce she has been on her own for 35 years. She worked past retirement age, trying to save enough money, so that she would not be a burden to her children. Yes, she now lives off social security.

She has suffered a couple of falls, and is still strong. She buried her only son seven years ago. He committed suicide and yes, it almost broke her, it almost broke us all. Yet she survived it, with the help of the family and the community that she lives in, she survived.

She maintains two gardens every year, both 7 foot square. One for vegetables one for herbs, they are beautiful to behold. The bounty is great. Oh sure a neighbor does come over to till the garden so that she can plant, however she does a lot of back breaking work.

She is an active member of the church, helps raise money for Outreach, and cooks for the local women's shelters. She also works at the local food pantry, that's a lot of hard work for an 86 year old. She does it without complaint. My mom is an amazing woman.

So proud of my mom, she also works at the polls during elections. Spirit!

Did I forget to mention, my mom is a Democrat. She is an Obama supporter. Was then and is now. Will always be.

Remember what I said, my mom is not a socialite, nor well to do. She lives off of social security.

God bless my mom, she fights for what she believes in, doing what needs to be done to make this world a safer more secure nation. Helping those in need.

She supports this President to make this happen.

Mom, I love you.

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