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Member since: Sat Oct 13, 2012, 07:33 PM
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Robert Mueller



No Republican ever!

What did I miss? Elijah Cummings is using a walker.

He is doing a fantastic job at the presser as are Nadler, Pelosi and Schiff.

For anyone that says Dems are doing nothing? You are dead wrong. They are making the case, the strongest case possible!

I love and support Democrats, ALWAYS!

This response, Wins The Internet.

First the question, then read the response. Thank you Ray, that take down was a thing of beauty. Sadly, Mark can only see white. You, Ray, you painted a beautiful portrait of color, magnificent, bold and beautiful colors and cultures. That is our America.


Mark Kennedy said...
Democrats are consciously and deliberately destroying our nation as founded, its distinct culture, traditions, and heritage. They are also selling our birthright out from under us and rendering citizenship almost meaninglesss.

July 22, 2019 at 12:32 PM

Ray Cranston said...
Hey Kennedy, Who was it that wanted to override the SCOTUS decision on the census question? What party did he belong to? Who said no one has the right to criticize America or the president while he's in office? Who shamed America by taking babies and kids away from their parents as a deterent?

You've got to be some sort of fanatical fascist idiot to write what you did, especially here. I don't know why Shaw didn't delete it.

What is our "distinct" culture? America is made up of ALL cultures not just White Anglo Saxon supremacists, okay? Our "traditions" are many and varied, not just ONE. We celebrate the 4th of July as our unique tradition. Other countries (Canada for one) have "Thanks giving" days. So even that isn't unique to America. Our traditions come from all over the world. The only truly American traditions come from our Native Americans. It's people like you who are destroying America by looking the other way while tRump breaks laws and embarrasses America with his stupidity every day.

You belong to a cult that can't see its own faults and errors.

July 22, 2019 at 12:53 PM


Strong Women Scare Weak Men


The Democratic Congresswomen were not the first...

The Democratic Congresswomen were not the first nor will they last to be on the receiving end of vial racist hatred. It is being stoked by vicious lies and escalating fear that white people live in fear of becoming the minority.

Fact is it happened to Obama as well when Rudy said:

I do not believe that the president loves America," Giuliani is quoted as saying. "He doesn't love you. And he doesn't love me.

"I do not believe, and I know this is a horrible thing to say, but I do not believe that the president loves America," Giuliani is quoted as saying. "He doesn't love you. And he doesn't love me. He wasn't brought up the way you were brought up and I was brought up through love of this country."


"He's a patriot, I'm sure," the former mayor said. "What I'm saying is that, in his rhetoric, I very rarely hear him say the things that I used to hear Ronald Reagan say, the things I used to hear Bill Clinton say, about how much he loves America. I do hear him criticize America much more often than other American presidents."


The racist attacks against our First Black President and the newly elected women, WOC, need to stopped with your vote. The outrage for these four brave women should be lauded. It should. However where was the outrage when John Lewis and every member of the Black Caucus was booed and shouted down at the DNC convention. At OUR CONVENTION and it was not coming from the right, it came from the left.

Vote. Not a purity vote for today but a vote for a Democrat that will allow us a tomorrow. A future for ourselves and our children's future.

We are a rainbow Nation

The vast majority of Americans are disgusted by Trump’s descent into vile racism. The swing voters who gave Democrats the House will not be won back by calls to blood and soil. They voted Democratic in reaction to those calls for race purity.

The decades before the Civil War involved an argument between white people. Slaves weren’t given agency to determine their own fates. The situation is different now. We are a rainbow nation. And people of color aren’t waiting to be invited to the discussion. They are taking the reins and making sure their voices are heard. And many times what they say is painful to hear, especially if, as a white person, you consider yourself “woke”. Even though I’m Latino, I know I have white privilege because of the color of my skin, and I take in everything, even when it’s painful.

But this is good. We are way past the days when the conversation was just among the members of the dominant group. The formerly voiceless are not keeping quiet. What’s happening now is proof that our country has changed, and irrevocably. The frightened attendees at Trump’s rallies can rail and fulminate all they want, but they will have to adjust to a new reality, where people who don’t look like them or worship like them demand their seat at the table. And they won’t be able to stop the emerging majority.

Of course, part of the fear is that people of color will take revenge for the centuries of denigration. That indicates an awareness that they and their ancestors did, in fact, oppress others. And in their fear, they can’t imagine that they, in turn, will be oppressed.

Read More:https://www.thepeoplesview.net/main/2019/7/18/send-her-back


No Justice.

No Peace.

Images: All Hat No Cattle

I have no more tears left to cry.

This is not our America.

Just a friendly reminder.

Next time Trump is out with Melania I hope people start chanting “send her back” at them. - OhNoSheTwint


Lest we forget, the Unity Pledge.

Indivisible’s Candidate Unity/Civility Pledge Important for 2020


“A national progressive group, Indivisible, is asking the 20 candidates in the Democratic presidential race to sign a pledge promising a positive, ‘constructive’ primary that ends with all participants coming together to support the eventual nominee — ‘whoever it is — period….’

“The Indivisible document asks candidates to agree to three terms: ‘make the primary constructive’ and ‘respect the other candidates’; ‘rally behind the winner’; and ‘do the work to beat’ President Donald Trump. ‘Immediately after there’s a nominee, I’ll endorse,’ the pledge reads.”

It sounds relatively uncontroversial, but it’s hard to get political candidates, who are, by and large, desperate to win, and their staff, whose lives will take a turn for the worse if they lose, to look kindly on a pledge to hold anything back. And there’s always the suspicion that talk of civility represents a sneaky effort to encourage unilateral disarmament by opponents who won’t return the favor….

The problematic underlying reality is that more than a few Democrats believe that only their faction is capable of beating Trump; different Democrats have very different theories as to “electability.” And then there are those for whom winning the “struggle for the soul of the party” trumps any general-election win.

Read More:https://thedemocraticstrategist.org/2019/04/indivisibles-candidate-unity-civility-pledge-important-for-2020-democrats/

A candidate must control their staff and supporters. If they can't? Then they are not Presidential material.

Here is a fact for you. When the next Democratic President sits in the oval office they are going to have to start from close to square one just like Obama with one of the worst financial crisis.The next one is going to have to start by repairing the near irreparable damage that trump has done to us and the world.

Fact is our job does not end on election day, it is only the beginning.

Be ever vigilant.

Dense Donnie's disastrous diversion

by Liberal Librarian


Now, of course, telling people to return to their country of origin is an old nativist trope. But now it’s being uttered by the supposed president. He’s engaging in the lowest of racist demagoguery. And it’s being noticed.

In trying to divert attention from his troubles, Trump opened up a can of worms he can no longer put back. The Epstein news was bad for him; he deflected from it by doing something even worse. Democrats, who were sniping at each other, are now unified in confronting Trump’s blatant, sledgehammer racism. The kerfuffle of last week has been forgotten. The House is about to pass a resolution condemning Trump. This will be a dry run for impeachment proceedings, when they happen.

Trump’s rage may have been calculated at the beginning. But now it’s spiraled out of control, as he loses control of the narrative. Now he’s nothing but a vile racist, publicly declaring it even as he swears his tweets aren’t racist. The media is not playing his game, using the strongest language it has used during his regime.

This diversion has been an unmitigated disaster. What may have begun as an attempt to give his base red meat, it has backfired spectacularly. People who were on the fence, for whatever reasons, are now disgusted by what comes out of the People’s House. His miscreance and evil can no longer be tolerated.

We may just have crossed a Rubicon. We’ll see where the road leads.

Read More: https://www.thepeoplesview.net/main/2019/7/16/dense-donnies-disastrous-diversion

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