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Some just don't know what they got till its gone...

Ortiz's father said the bullet hit no major organs?

It hit his large and small intestine. Also his liver. Those spread fecal matter through his body. He is a fight for his life against infection. He is in fact in critical condition.

You can do it Big Papi. Fight.


Fact or Fiction?


We just have to go at night!

Sadly it could indeed be a fact in another day or two. After all Mars is part of the moon.

Not sure which song is more appropriate.


Or This:

You decide~


Sorry. I am in dire need of a laugh these days. We all are. DU~

Fact is.


Just a thought.

Are Nadler and Pelosi playing with trump?


The ob-gyn in charge of our state health department is in effect telling women

Dr. Colleen McNicholas, of St. Louis Planned Parenthood, put it this way in a statement: “Missouri Governor Parson’s inspections process has become just another vehicle to intimidate doctors like me and to push abortion care out of reach for patients.”

The ob-gyn in charge of our state health department is in effect telling women to have a nice glass of coal ash and call him in the morning.


Sadly I read comments on an OP about these very issues the other night. Dr Colleen McNicholas was told to break the law, falsify records and in fact break her oath in order to save women from Missouri's laws. Fact is she would be charged and arrested. lose her license and be one of the dwindling providers to women for abortion and needed health care.

Let me tell you a little about her.

On the Front Lines of the Abortion Wars

Dr. Colleen McNicholas zig-zags across the Midwest—considered an "abortion desert"—to provide women with care that's harder and harder to come by.

McNicholas is one of a dwindling group of doctors performing abortions in the Midwest, which, along with the South, is known to pro-choice advocates as the abortion desert. According to the Guttmacher Institute, as of 2011, the most recent year for which data are available, 94 percent of counties in the Midwest had no abortion clinic to serve the 13.2 million women of reproductive age who live there. She works two days every three weeks at the Planned Parenthood in St. Louis—the only remaining abortion clinic in Missouri—flies once a month to the Wichita, Kansas–based clinic where Dr. George Tiller practiced until he was shot dead in 2009 by an antiabortion zealot, and in June will begin traveling to Oklahoma City to work at a newly opened clinic. "Part of the problem with being so committed and feeling so passionate about an issue is that it's hard to say no," McNicholas, 35, says. "It's hard to say, 'I can't do that,' because that means somebody is going without care, and what that means is, they're probably going to have a baby they don't want. So ultimately, I end up saying, 'I can do one more day' or 'I can go one more place.'"

When she's not crisscrossing the Midwest, she's treating patients at her obstetrics and gynecology practice at St. Louis' Washington University School of Medicine, where she is an attending physician and assistant professor. She also drives two hours to Jefferson City, Missouri, a few times a year to testify before the state Legislature in opposition to bills restricting access to abortions. Once a year, she goes to Washington, D.C., with other doctors to lobby legislators that science ought to trump politics when it comes to providing a procedure that, according to Guttmacher, one-third of all American women will have before age 45. Some nights, she meets with the board members of the abortion-access fund she founded to help Missourian women afford the procedure. (At Planned Parenthood in St. Louis, patients pay from $545 to $1,470, most often out of pocket, as state law prohibits Missouri-based insurance companies from covering the cost, except when the woman's life is at risk.) Whatever precious hours she has left are spent at home with her 5-year-old son (a basketball star in the making) and her partner, an anesthesiologist, who didn't want her name used out of concern for her safety.


McNicholas leaves her house around 5 a.m. for a flight to Wichita, Kansas.
Rebecca Greenfield


Sure. Great idea. Let her say no and lose one more of the dwindling troop of doctors that are helping these women. She is putting her life on the line helping these women, just ask Dr Tiller. Oh, wait you can't. He was shot dead by an anti abortion zealot.

This woman is assisting women with their rights, their choice over their own bodies. She does it at a risk, her own life.

This woman is NOT a Rookie. She knows her patients, the woman and she is risking her life to save them.



Oh when the straight go marching in.

Oh when the straight go marching in. I will not be in that number. When the straight go marching in.


Boston has issued a permit for a ‘Straight Pride’ parade in August


Matt Sahady has strong-armed the city of Boston into giving him a permit for a Straight Pride parade in August.


So who is Matt Sahady. Oh, just your average Trump-loving, commie-hating extremist who wants to throw America’s enemies from a helicopter.

Sahady is a force behind the Boston chapter of a small far-right group called Resist Marxism. While Resist Marxism would like to have you think it’s all about protecting America from leftists, it traffics in anti-Semitism and white supremacism.


Sahady’s stunt is another reminder of the strong connection between the far right, white supremacy and anti-LGTBQ hatred. The Straight Pride movement is inextricably linked to the White Pride movement. The only saving grace: you just know those floats are going to be pathetic.



I will be there. No I will not be there in their number. I will stand with the protesters. Yes I am white, female and straight and I will protest the hell out of them.

Jaysus! What it is about guys, some guys not all guys, that feel their sex and color is more important that the rest of us. PATHETIC!

White supremacists can kiss my ass. There is no place for you in this world.


Bwahahaha. The Queen serves dinner to the WH Hillbillies!


Senator Tammy Duckworth Says Trump Has A 'Yellow Streak Down His Back'


When Morgan asked the president with a straight face if he would have liked to serve had his condition not prevented him, Trump explained that the Vietnam War just wasn’t big enough for him:

Well, I was never a fan of that war, I’ll be honest with you. I thought it was a terrible war, I thought it was very far away. Nobody ever, you know, you’re talking about Vietnam, and at that time, nobody ever heard of the country. Today they are doing very well, in fact, on trade, they are brutal. They are very brutal.



Then she went after Trump for taking money away from current military members and their families in order to pay for his pet projects.


Duckworth reminded the president that people aren’t supposed to treat wars like favorite TV shows or sports teams.


Then for all intents and purposes, she called the president a coward ― though not in those exact words.


More: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/tammy-duckworth-donald-trump-vietnam-war_n_5cf816c0e4b0e63eda94bb3d


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