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Religionists need better understanding of their own theologic beliefs

As I understand their POV, I suggest the souls of aborted beings return directly to God as they are never culpable of original sin or any other sinful behavior.
Going to God is said to be good.

Since they say God's hand gets involved human matters (like "God put me in the Capitol on 1/5", they ought also understand that God put the soul into that to-be-aborted body, knowing the soul would soon come home.
As they say the world around us is a temptingly dangerous, temporary place prior to Heaven, why do they insist so hard that souls must stay on this plane?

Altruism is highly regarded and doesn't seem to require premeditation or thinking or consideration of cause and effect, like the soldier instantly diving onto the grenade.
In this way we need to celebrate the altruism of the aborted souls and of the aborted-bodies' cellular descendants.

Religionists insult their own God by rejecting the God-given gifts of minds and knowledge and progress.

Or so it seems to this non-religionist.
Posted by sanatanadharma | Sat Mar 6, 2021, 01:14 PM (1 replies)

Nobody personally known by me in my small world

However, I know about each of the half-million dead in the USA.

Everyone used the personal pronoun "I" and everyone had the same sense of 'myself'.
Every self had experiences, knowledge, fears, hopes, plans and some (or more) existential angst.
Each was the center of a known universe, though for most their own universe ended at the epidermis.
All were certain in their knowing even when they did not know. All knew they lived in a real world even when they didn't.
All had desires, memories, non-verifiable beliefs and births from some form of family; they were known to others.
One perhaps (I am generous) did not fear death.

I hope to know that one personally.

Posted by sanatanadharma | Fri Mar 5, 2021, 07:39 PM (0 replies)
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