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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Georgia
Home country: US
Current location: Taiwan
Member since: Tue Oct 16, 2012, 11:22 PM
Number of posts: 617

Journal Archives

Wesley Clark on MSNBC!

Nice to see him again. Post-college, I loved him as candidate to go against W.

Southerner (to peel some Southern states off)
Military resume
Rhodes Scholar
1st in his class at West Point or something
Served in Vietnam in combat role.

too bad he couldn't give a speech.

I've never wanted to BEAT a Presidential candidate before as badly as Trump,

As I watch this lying sack of shit's stream-of-consciousness verbal diarrhea press conference.

Usually, I like Dems over Republicans, didn't like Bush, nor Romney, nor Dole. But with Trump, it's visceral.

Wouldn't it be something if someone got ahold of Donald's tax returns and they showed ...

1. Not a billionaire, or at least, not 10 billion

2. Doesn't ever pay taxes (or something like that)

3. Waist-deep in Bullshit involving Russia.

It would be like Christmas in August.

CBS Poll: Trump 44, Clinton 43. Don't get complacent! Donate, Volunteer, Microtarget, Register!

Let's not have a close game. We don't want edge-of-our-seat.

We want a blowout. Over at halftime. Headed for the parking lot before the 4th Quarter. Whatever, let's just get it done.

Ok. Tim Kaine is killing it

And love how he keeps interspersing his Spanish ....crowd seems to love it. Just seems like an all-around good guy.

This may be exactly the right branding for the Clinton campaign as a stark contrast to hum-Trump.
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