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Member since: Wed Oct 24, 2012, 05:14 PM
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Trump's visit to the CIA

He's done it again. Will he be able to keep his mouth shut at the Tomb of the Unknown? I was out there walking up 17th St. when his motorcade went out to the CIA. I later found out the reason for the motorcade. Then he disses the Hall of Stars.

It literally ticks me off that everything relates to his fabrication of fact and he has to say something.

BTW, the march around DC Saturday, was an eye opening event. I've been to other inaugural events and 4th of July celebrations, but NEVER was there this much freedom of movement or this many people.

One sign behind me for a portion of the march, said "its called treason". I agreed. You treat the Russians at arms length.

Once again, the Russians and their mob have him by the short hairs.

A loyal american in opposition, more than once in my life.
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