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Dark n Stormy Knight

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Hometown: East Coast
Home country: USA
Current location: MidAtlantic US
Member since: Wed Oct 24, 2012, 09:05 PM
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I stand in solidarity with the world in disgust with and unwavering opposition to the 45th pResident. The misogynistic, racist, vengeful, volatile, lying, cheating, narcissistic bully is unfit to serve.

Journal Archives

Just donít get hoodwinked into believing that Curt Schilling is not one of them.

Curtís point that there are a lot of awful people on social media was a valid one as well, except he totally ignored the fact that he is among them.

Curt Schilling has both authored and shared some of the more alarming examples of hate speech Iíve ever seen a person of his profile make, and the response has been little more than a few eye rolls and a hope that maybe if we just ignore him heíll go away. Towards the end of 2014 Curt made three posts on his Facebook page that I feel need to be discussed before his hero tour picks up any more steam.

So why bring all this up? Because all weíre hearing about now is what a hero Curt Schilling is for standing up for his daughter and going after the trolls who said horrible things about her, but who goes after Curt when he shares a post calling black people n***ers or posts political memes of 9/11 jumpers?

Curt talks about accountability, but where was the accountability for him? I certainly didnít write to ESPN and demand that Curt get fired for the terrible things he shared, but according to pretty much everyone, that would have been the correct way to handle it, right? Accountability is a two way street, and Curt Schillingís social media postings have crossed that line several times.

So while you listen to masses laud him as a hero for going after the cyber-bullies who attacked his daughter, just keep in mind that most of the people he retweeted have/had just a small handful of followers. Curt Schilling has a vast audience. Tens of thousands of people were exposed to his hateful and wildly offensive postings and yet there has been no recourse. He still works for ESPN and I can guarantee you he doesnít think he did a single thing wrong by posting any of the three examples Iíve cited.

That post shares only a couple of examples of the sort of thing Schilling has frequently posted to his blog and other high traffic outlets.

And, I personally find it odd that, in light of the topic at hand, little has been said about Schilling's failure to speak out against similar reprehensible behavior in the GamerGate situation. Horrible as they were, the comments about his daughter were not made to her, but to him in a one-time situation. While in the case of GamerGate, the threats were made directly to the women and were ongoing.

So, while it's good to see misogynistic behavior denounced, before we jump on the Curt Schilling as feminist hero bandwagon, let's not forget that Schilling, deeply involved in the gamer world, did not and has not spoken out against the disgusting violent GamerGate threats made against women. In fact, I have a very strong suspicion that as long as such threats are made against liberal or feminist women, not only will he not speak out, he won't really mind at all.

More on Schilling's own personal brand of cyber-bullying here.
Posted by Dark n Stormy Knight | Sun Mar 8, 2015, 11:39 PM (41 replies)
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