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jimmy the one

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gunnut fearmongering at it again

Politifact: A reader recently sent us a realistic-looking document from the United Nations with a pretty explosive claim -- that the world body is moving forward with plans to help member nations disarm their civilian populations of "military grade," "concealable" and "hunting grade" firearms, and even "ammunition.."

text (I wonder if breitbart/dotcom got the 'scoop'): "The issue of military grade weaponry in the hands of civilians looms ever larger in the face of the global implementation of 22/Agenda 21 by member nations. In particular, the United States has an estimated 500 million weapons in the hands of its civilian population.. a massive dynamic problem for the process of confiscation as there will be those who refuse to surrender their firearms.

"Within the discussion framework, we have identified several problem areas that must be addressed, they are:
"1. Classification of military grade weapons to be made illegal for possession.
"2. Creation of programs to provide reasonable compensation for voluntary surrender of said arms.
"3. Codification of laws to begin the restricting and strict licensing of concealable firearms.
"4. Codification of laws to begin the restricting and strict licensing of hunting grade firearms.
"5. Codification of laws to restrict the sale of, and possession of ammunition and components to manufacture ammunition.
"6. Finally, codification of laws to completely makes (sic) any and all firearms illegal to own, possess or use outside of military and law enforcement usage.
"7. Creation of a United Nations Police Taskforce with the specific mission of assisting member nations with the collection of weaponry from civilian hands.

Posted by jimmy the one | Tue Aug 13, 2013, 06:47 AM (1 replies)
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