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Ligyron's Journal
Ligyron's Journal
June 30, 2023

Hey, I have an idea!

Since the word "liberal" has pretty much been demonized beyond repair by the RW, I say we start using the term "The Woken" when referring to ourselves and I think it's a far better replacement

I say we should totally own that term in all it's forms and I think it sounds, not only like a group who's wide awake and aware, but also strong and even a bit ominous.

IDK, what do you guys think?

Personally, I'm going to start using it and spread it everywhere politics are discussed and even in a few places where it is not.

June 9, 2023

Had to go over and see how Fox was playing this.

Did you know that Joe Biden is personally in charge of prosecuting President Donald Trump just because he wants to eliminate his political opponent who will beat him really, really bad otherwise? Also, he's a great big mean poopie head who's also a major criminal along with his whole family and the entire state of Delaware. Besides, Joe Biden had just tons of Top Secret documents in his garage under his Corvette which is way more serious than what President Trump didn't even do in the first place, so there!

Poor, beleaguered President Trump had no idea those boxes of classified documents were there or weren't given back when asked. But apparently he declassified them anyway. Apparently, Joe Biden personally led an army of FBI agents to break into Mar a Lago like a gang of thugs, who all had it in for poor President Trump along with their entire evil organization. Also the DOJ and Joe Biden's meat puppet, Merick Garland, really hate Trump too and will do anything to bring him down.

Also, Hillary Clinton is involved in this witch hunt in some fashion even though she had millions of secret documents in a server she bleached. One guest didn't think the country would put up with them picking on poor President Trump and Democrats were just horrible monsters and enemies of the State.

Fox has manufactured a whole different universe for their viewers to live in totally divorced from reality.

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