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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 10:29 AM
Number of posts: 11,915

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I read that Twitter employees are now having to bring in

their on TP. Might I suggest printing out Tesla Stock Certificates and put them to some use.

I am picking out what pair of tennis shoes I will wear to the

den for New Years Eve.


This explains MAGA Aides who can't remember anything. Heard on the news.

They must have been zapped by one of those "Men in Black" Neuralyzers.

Perhaps Tea Party/MAGA sycophant Meadows was

burning documents to indicate, with different colored smoke, to the insurrectionists Chump was still in charge.

Forget VIDEO, keep your eye on the chimney!!

Satire, I think.

I haven't seen an

Amazon Truck in our neighborhood over the last day or so.

Is Amazon OK, or has Musk taken that over also?

Shout out

to anyone who ever asks you what the opposite of in is.

As we all think past the wintry blasts of late it's never too late

to remember you can't plant flowers if you haven't botany.

My wife said what is about you and that old chair?

I said hold on there, me and my recliner go wayback.

Joe Morgan was my all time favorite ballplayer.

I love this story about him.

When he was playing for the Astros he returned to the dugout having struck out badly. A player approached him, in jest, using a bat handle as play microphone to "interview" him about what happened on that pitch. Here's the "interview."

Player: Hey Joe, you looked pretty bad on that pitch, can you tell the viewers what happened."

Morgan: (grabs the bat like it's a microphone):" I sure can tell you what happened. Do you know the difference between a curveball and a motherfucking curveball? Well, let me tell you. A curveball is a pitch you can pick up the spin on, seeing it clearly, and nail it for a hit. Now, your motherfucking curveball looks just like a fastball, you can't see the spin, and when it crosses the plate the ball drops off the table and it's a motherfucking strike three."

RIP Joe (2020). An all time great. Made the Big Red Machine go.

President Joe is giving an address a major theme of which is

kindness and empathy.

Great man.
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